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DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SETTLEMENTS. PRESENTATION TO THE PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE ON HUMAN SETTLEMENTS 05 MARCH 2010. Structure of the Presentation. Aim, Vision and Mission of the Department Our Values Our Mandates Housing Legislation and Regulations Strategic overview and policy shifts

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Department of human settlements



05 MARCH 2010

Structure of the presentation
Structure of the Presentation

  • Aim, Vision and Mission of the Department

  • Our Values

  • Our Mandates

  • Housing Legislation and Regulations

  • Strategic overview and policy shifts

    • Refined models for service delivery

    • Key Challenges and Trends

    • Key policy developments

    • Focus over the medium term

  • Programme Strategic Goals, Objectives and Planned Outputs

Department of human settlements1
Department of Human Settlements

  • Aim

    • The aim of the Department of Human Settlements is to determine, finance, promote, coordinate, communicate and monitor policy in respect of housing and human settlement.

  • Vision

    • A nation housed in sustainable human settlements

  • Mission

    • To facilitate an environment that provides sustainable Human Settlements.

Our values
Our Values

  • The Department’s core values based on the constitution are:

    • Accountability

    • Fairness and equity

    • Choice, quality and affordability

    • Sustainability

    • Innovation

    • Values as espoused in the Batho Pele principles.

Our mandate
Our Mandate

  • Constitution:

    • Section 26: Access to adequate housing a basic human right; Govt. to ensure environment conducive to the progressive realization of the right

    • Schedule 4: Housing is a concurrent national and provincial legislative function

  • Botshabelo Housing Accord (1994) Signed by all housing stakeholders

  • Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) - set out framework and principles for sustainable development


  • Our programmes continue to operate in the following legislative framework:

    • Housing Act 107 of 1997 (as amended);

    • Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act No. 19 of 1998;

    • Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act 95 of 1998;

    • Rental Housing Act 50 of 1999;

    • Home Loan Mortgage Disclosure Act 63 of 2000

    • Water Services Act of 1998 (Sanitation Mandate)

    • Housing Development Agency Act, 2008

    • Social Housing Act, 2008

Legislation cont
Legislation cont.

  • For processing during the current cycle:

    • Housing Amendment Bill, 2010

    • Sectional Titles Schemes Management Bill, 2010

    • Community Scheme Ombuds Service Bill, 2010

    • Rental Housing Bill, 2010

Regulations and guidelines
Regulations and Guidelines

  • The (New) National Housing Code

    • Sets out National Housing Policy in detail including a user friendly guide

    • Contains the detail prescripts pertaining to the National Human Settlements Programmes

    • Contains the Ministerial National Norms and Standards in respect of permanent residential structures

Regulations and guidelines1
Regulations and Guidelines

  • Guidelines For Human Settlement Planning And Design (“Red Book”)

    • Planning – movement networks, transport, open space, subdivision layouts, design to reduce crime

    • Engineering services - storm water, roads, water supply, sanitation, solid waste, energy

  • Guidelines For Environmentally Efficient Low Cost Housing

    • Energy and water efficient planning and design for low cost housing; and

    • Urban greening guidelines

Current human settlement conditions


Rapid urbanizing and migration (rural to urban)

Population growth

Household formation and diminishing size

Informal settlements growth

Lack of access to Basic services

Unbalanced property markets

Un-sustainable development choices

Current human settlement conditions

  • Context:

    • Rapid urbanizing and migration (rural to urban)

    • Population growth

    • Household formation and diminishing size

  • Informal settlements growth

  • Lack of access to Basic services

  • Unbalanced property markets

  • Un-sustainable development choices

Human Settlements Dept.


Settlement categorization 12 5 million households in rsa
Settlement Categorization(12,5 million Households in RSA)

Formal Settlements:

Formally proclaimed townships with secure tenure

Generally with formal houses – may also have (in)formal structures & backyard dwellings

Surveyed/ pegged/ formal & planned layout/ geotech

Access to one or more formal basic Services supply

Informal (free-standing) Settlements (1,2 mil hh)

Un-proclaimed land, therefore no secure tenure

Inhabitable ground in many cases (in-situ upgrading limitations)

Land not surveyed nor subject regulated use

Un-serviced (temporary services: e.g. chemical toilets etc)

Settlements on Tribal/ Communal Land

Settlements on Farms (farm-workers)




2.2 million

Human Settlements Dept.


Basic services
Basic Services

Household Access to water

Remaining needs = 3.95mill Households

Household access to Sanitation

Current needs = 3,2mill households

Household access to Electricity (energy)

Current needs =2,6mill households

Refuse Removal (once a week)

Current need= 4,56 mill households unserved

December 2009

Human Settlements Dept.


Urbanization demographic trends
Urbanization & Demographic Trends…

Human Settlements Dept.


The “dual residence” of some households (who maintain a rural base while sojourning in urban areas) is a deeply entrenched feature of many households

Migration to Urban areas is increasingly permanent

Urbanisation is irreversible and GROWING

Urban consolidation since the 1960s

Informal settlements residents are largely address-less: this is another shackle in the residents’ exclusion

NOTE: Phenomenon of “shifting target” in the delivery

of services

Macro conditions impacting on human settlements

Rapid urbanization and Migration to cities

Structural unemployment and informality

Economic down-turn: diminishing access to housing finance (credit)

More households falling in subsidy income band

Diminishing bulk infrastructure spare capacity

Social and geographical disparities - inequality

Inputs: costs| construction materials| capacity

Built environment governance nexus…

Sustainability: climate change and related

Macro conditions impacting on Human Settlements

Human Settlements Dept.


Pillars of the human settlements development strategy
Pillars of the Human Settlements Development Strategy

Pillars 1: Statement of Outcomes (expectations)

  • Prevailing reality

  • Mandate (manifesto/ SoNA/ Budget Speech)

  • Sustainability considerations (today’s choices for a better future)

    Pillars 2: Macro Co-ordination & Alignment

    Pillars 3: Urbanization & Spatial Management

    Pillars 4: Key priorities

  • Residential Property development Governance (2009/10)

  • Shelter development: (2009 – 2014) – “Core mandate period”

  • Long term (2009 – 2025)

    Pillars 5: Transformation: Paradigm shift

    Pillars 6: Institutional Re-alignment for Implementation

Service delivery priorities 2014
Service Delivery Priorities (2014)

  • Accelerate Upgrading of Informal Settlements

    • Objective: To upgrade well located informal settlements and provide proper services and land tenure to 500 000 households by 2014

  • Upscale development of Affordable Rental Housing Stock (Urban focus)

    • Objective: Increase the rate of affordable rental housing delivery of at least 20 000 units per year

  • Land Assembly for Human Settlements

    • Objective: To set aside 6 250 hectares (net)of well located public land for low income and affordable housing (accomodating approximately 400 000 units by 2014 which is at 60 units per ha on average)

Service delivery priorities 2014 cont
Service Delivery Priorities (2014) cont.

  • National Settlement Infrastructure Development

    • Objective: Accelerated provision and upgrade of bulk infrastructure networks to prioritised settlements by 2014

  • Facilitate increased supply of affordable housing finance

    • Objective: To accommodate people whose salaries are too high to get a government subsidies, but who earn too little to qualify for a normal bank mortgage.

Translating programmes into actions programme of action annual plans targets 2010 2014
Translating Programmes into Actions(Programme of Action) Annual Plans/ Targets - 2010-2014

  • Subject of Delivery agreements

  • Further directive(s) awaited from Presidency

Human settlements basic services delivery forum
Human Settlements & Basic ServicesDelivery Forum


DG Human Settlements


Substance Coordination & Administration

(Links to FOSAD & Cabinet Secretariat)

Supporting Members:





Agriculture, Forestry


Partners Entities:

HDA – Land Assembly

NHFC – Finance/ R1bn HLG

DBSA - Infrastructure

IDT – CSI Partnership

Core Members:

DoHS (Lead on Housing & HS/ Policy)

CoGTA (LG/ Services/ Infrastructure)

DWA (Service & Infrastructure)

DoEnergy - (Service & Infrastructure)

DoEnviron - (Service & Infrastructure)

Transport (Infrastructure)

NT (Finance)

RD & LR – (Land)

DPW – (Land)

Provincial human settlements basic services delivery forum
Provincial Human Settlements & Basic Services Delivery Forum


HoD: Human Settlements

Secretariat: (Premier’s Office/ HOD’s own)

Substance Coordination & Administration

Supporting Members:

National Secretariat

Premiers Office


Partners Entities:

HDA – Land Assembly

DBSA – Infrastructure

Core Members:

DoHS (Lead on Housing & HS/ Policy)

CoGTA (LG/ Services/ Infrastructure)

Reg DWA (Service & Infrastructure)

RegDoEnergy - (Service & Infrastruc)

DoEnviron - (Service & Infrastructure)

Transport (Infrastructure)




Programme 1 administration
Programme 1: Administration Programme


    • To provide strategic leadership, administrative and management support services to the Department


    • Executive Support: To provide Executive Support services to the Director-General

    • Internal Audit, Risk Management and Special Investigations: To provide independent assurance on the system of internal control and corporate governance

Programme 1 administration cont
Programme 1: Administration cont. Programme


    • Human Resources Management: Facilitation of strategic human resource management practices and processes in the Department

    • Corporate Services: To render responsive corporate support function to the department

    • Information Technology and Systems: To provide IT services and solutions for internal departmental operations

    • Legal Services: To provide legal services to the Department

Programme 2 housing policy research and monitoring
Programme 2: Housing Policy, Research and Monitoring Programme


    • To manage the development, promotion, monitoring and evaluation of sustainable human settlements policies and programmes supported by responsive research


    • Policy: To develop and promote national sustainable human settlement and housing policies

    • Research: To manage and coordinate responsive research

    • Monitoring and Evaluation: To monitor the performance and evaluate the impact of policies and programmes

Planned outputs
Planned Outputs Programme

  • Policy

    • Maintain and promote the National Housing Code

    • Develop contract documents and application forms for Farm Residents programme

    • Review and finalise Inclusionary Housing Programme

    • Finalise Finance Linked Subsidy Programme (FLISP)

    • Conduct structured workshops with stakeholders on National Housing Code and Regional Policy Model

Planned outputs cont
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Research

    • Produce four research reports on the following themes: Sustainable human settlements, demand, supply and land tenure

    • Produce number of research reports on the identified themes in the research agenda.

    • Produce four research reports on trends in the broader macro and micro environment and determine the impact thereof

Planned outputs cont1
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Implement monitoring and evaluation impact assessment policy guidelines.

    • Produce four monitoring and evaluation reports on performance of national housing.

    • Produce four technical construction reports

    • Produce two occupancy audit findings reports.

    • Produce two impact evaluation reports.

Programme 3 housing planning and delivery support
Programme 3: Housing Planning and Delivery Support Programme


    • Provide implementation and delivery support, build capacity, liaise and communicate with stakeholders and manage intergovernmental and international relations for housing and human settlement programmes


    • Human Settlement Planning: Manage human settlement programmatic planning frameworks and support the implementation of human settlement development design and spatial planning

    • Stakeholder Mobilisation: To manage relations, engage and collaborate with sector stakeholders

Programme 3 housing planning and delivery support cont
Programme 3: Housing Planning and Delivery Support cont. Programme


    • Programme Implementation Support: The provision of support to provinces and municipalities to unblock stalled projects

    • Rental Housing and PHP: To manage the implementation of the PHP and rental / social housing programmes and to provide regulatory support and oversight over the rental/ social housing and PHP sectors

    • Capacity Building: To develop & secure capacity in the sector

    • Priority Projects: To coordinate the achievement of sustainable human settlements in identified national priority projects

    • Sanitation: Ensure sanitation delivery through policies and regulations

Planned outputs1
Planned Outputs Programme

  • Capacity Development

    • To manage training and skills development programme

    • Training and Skills Development programmes implemented for:

      • Government officials (500)

      • Beneficiaries (500 000)

      • Emerging contractors (50)

      • Councilors (300-600)

      • Sector institutional policies and strategies developed and implemented.

    • Sector professional development programme developed and implemented.

Planned outputs cont2
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Capacity Development cont.

    • To support professional development within the sector.

    • Scholarship awarded to qualifying applicants (120).

    • Professionalization strategy developed and implemented by 2010/11 financial year

    • Business Plan for Professional Body developed and approved by 2010/11 financial year

    • Streamlining of Human Settlements qualifications to create a career path in preparation for the Human Settlements practitioners.

    • To develop a Centre of Excellence by 2011/12, in collaboration with NHBRC).

Planned outputs cont3
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Human Settlement Planning

    • Develop & maintain human settlement planning frameworks & instruments.

    • Support the implementation of human settlement development design and spatial planning at provincial level.

    • Support the implementation of human settlement and housing development planning frameworks at municipal level.

    • Support rendered to municipalities in the preparation of human settlements sector plans.

Planned outputs cont4
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Human Settlement Planning cont.

    • Appropriate Human Settlements sector officials & Municipal Councilors, adequately skilled and trained to facilitate compilation of human settlements chapter of IDPs.

    • Participation and annual review of Municipal IDPs.

    • Promote the institutional alignment of planning with other sectors.

      • Institutional alignment with other sector departments maintained.

      • Participation at quarterly performance reviews of PHD’s.

      • Render advisory services and assistance in respect of human settlement design and spatial planning

Planned outputs cont5
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Programme Implementation Support

    • Produce a report on number of information sessions conducted with Provinces on the strategy to unblocked stalled projects.

    • Agreement concluded and finalized with Provinces on strategy to unblock stalled projects.

    • Introduce an Early Warning System to identify slowly moving projects.

    • Provide support for informal settlement upgrading projects.


Planned outputs cont6
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Programme Implementation Support cont.

    • Manage the National Upgrading Support Programme (NUSP).

    • Produce report on the reasons for projects being blocked.

    • Compile a priority list of blocked projects to be undertaken by Provinces.

    • Produce a report on recovery plans/ intervention undertaken in respect of identified blocked projects.

Planned outputs cont7
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Priority Projects

    • To manage the identified national priority projects.

    • To represent the Department at monthly project steering committee meetings.

    • To provide technical support and policy interpretations to the implementers of the projects to ensure that the projects meet the national minimum norms and standards.

    • To manage the administrative processes as set out in the inter-governmental agreements to facilitate delivery.


Planned outputs cont8
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Rental Housing and PHP

    • Facilitate, support and manage the development of 100 000 public and private rental housing units in provinces in line with the National Rental Housing Strategy.

    • Nine Provincial Human Settlements departments supported in the delivery of at least 20 000 units by 2013 pending Provinces allocation to implement People’s Housing Process based on the approved Growth and Implementation Strategy for People’s Housing Process.

Planned outputs cont9
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Rental Housing and PHP cont.

    • Provide regulatory support and oversight on the performance of institutions in the rental housing sector:

      • Provide support in the establishment of the Social Housing Regulatory Authority;

      • Oversight of Social Housing Regulatory Authority activities and functions;

      • Update and maintain a database of Social Housing Institutions and projects;

      • Provide technical support and information to the Rental Housing Tribunals; and

      • Turnaround distressed institutions.

    • Develop guidelines on accessing of housing assistance for housing cooperative sector

Planned outputs cont10
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Stakeholder Mobilisation

    • Manage the liaison and involvement of Sector Stakeholders for the delivery of human settlements by re-tooling the Social Contract for human settlements

      • ensuring the alignment of norms and standards across sectors to improve intergovernmental coordination.

      • Implementation of the Framework of engagement of the Social Contract


Planned outputs cont11
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Stakeholder Mobilisation cont.

    • Manage the engagement and signed Memorandum of Understanding’s in partnership projects and collaborate on Human Settlements projects with sector stakeholders.

      • Targeted agreements signed with stakeholders.

      • Engage provincial departments in supporting the implementation process on identified projects.

      • Implementation of Partnership agreements.

      • Cooperation with National and Provincial Departments on National Govan Mbeki Human Settlements Awards

    • Manage the mobilisation for empowerment and support to Women and Youth in Human Settlements programmes

      • Implementation of Women in Human Settlements programme.

      • Women in Human Settlements Mentorship programme model approved.  

      • Support to National and Provincial Women in Human Settlements initiatives.

      • Implementation of Youth in Human Settlements (YHS) Framework.


Planned outputs cont12
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Sanitation Unit/programme

    • Policies strategies, norms and standards for provision of sanitation developed

    • Municipalities and sector departments supported in planning and implentation of sanitation

    • Skills development and capacity building coordination in the sanitation sector

    • Health and Hygiene activity plans developed and reviewed

    • Programmes to improve citizens and stakeholders awareness understanding and prioritization of sanitation implemented

Planned outputs cont13
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Sanitation Unit cont.

    • Desktop analysis to establish baseline information to inform targeted advocacy programmes conducted

    • Support municipalities to identify and register sanitation projects in the EPWP

    • Supporting SMMEs to register cooperative with DTI

    • Participating in Global Forums and support sanitation programme in Africa

Programme 4 housing development finance
Programme 4: Housing Development Finance Programme


    • Provision and administration of funding for the development of sustainable human settlement programmes and the creation of an enabling environment for access to affordable finance


    • Financial Services : To provide financial administration and supply chain management services and provincial debtors support

    • Funds Management : To provide overall Budgetary and Grant Management services

    • Housing Equity : Promote investment in sustainable human settlements and administer HLAMDA

Planned outputs2
Planned Outputs Programme

  • Financial Services

    • To manage Financial Support, Internal control and compliance checking

    • To manage the provision of Supply Chain Management Services

    • Provide Debtor System Support to Provinces

  • Funds Management

    • Provide budget management services

    • Provide grant management services

Planned outputs cont14
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Housing Equity

    • Provide secretariat function for Office of Disclosure in terms of the Act

    • Manage and promote private sector partnership engagements for investments for human settlements and infrastructural development

    • Facilitate, monitor and report on performance of investments in human settlements

Programme 5 strategic relations and governance
Programme 5: Strategic Relations and Governance Programme


    • To co-ordinate the department’s mandate within the inter governmental relations framework, manage international relations, and promote good governance practices within the department and its public entities. Provide timely and integrated business information to the department.


    • Entities Governance and Oversight: Provide oversight management of housing institutions, including monitoring, analyzing and reporting on financial and non-financial performance and corporate governance

Programme 5 strategic relations and governance1
Programme 5: Strategic Relations and Governance Programme


    • Management Information Services: To provide solution driven management information services to the Department

    • Intergovernmental Relations and International Relations: Develop and manage intergovernmental programme for coordination, alignment and integration in the development of human settlements

    • Strategic Management: To manage the development of Departmental Strategic and Performance Plans

    • Transformation: To develop and manage transformation programme in compliance with the national policy frameworks, international human rights instruments and directives

    • Communication Services: To manage the communication and public relations functions.

Planned outputs3
Planned Outputs Programme

  • Entities Governance and Oversight

    • Approved Entities strategic, business plans by the Minister.

    • Annual Report on Entities Performance (financial /Non Financial ).

    • Number of established/ dissolved Entities.

    • Annual Report on performance of Board of Entities.

    • Annual Report on contribution of housing entities contribution to government priorities

Planned outputs cont15
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • International Relations

    • Develop and implement the programme of international engagements

    • Implementation of agreements, action plans and project plans with key strategic countries/partners:

      • Angola (Support to Human Settlements development in Angola)

      • DRC (Revise co-operation agreement for practical outcomes)

      • IBSA (collaboration through learning networks, interactive platforms etc between practitioners)

      • Netherlands (Support for SHRA establishment, capacity development, and retooling of social rental housing

      • Denmark (finalise energy efficiency pilot project)

      • Cuba (Cuban Technical Support Programme)

      • China (fast track the Thabachweu 170 unit housing project)

      • World Bank and Cities Alliance (Support for Informal Settlements Upgrading Knowledge networks, syndicated learning groups for finance, planning and social cohesion)

Planned outputs cont16
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • International Relations cont.

    • Implementation of agreements, action plans and project plans with key strategic countries/partners: cont.

      • UN Habitat (Human Settlements indicators/index)

      • AMCHUD (conclude the Secretariat Work for final hand over)

    • Participate in strategic international forums to articulate South Africa’s position vis a vis human settlements issues:

      • UN Habitat Governing Council

      • World Urban Forum

      • Cities Alliance

      • African Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development (AMCHUD)

      • UN General Assembly

Planned outputs cont17
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Intergovernmental Relations

    • Develop and implement an IGR framework

    • Facilitate and provide support to the municipalities prioritized for accreditation to perform human settlements/housing functions

    • Conduct municipal accreditation capacity and compliance assessment to determine state of readiness for accreditation

    • Co-ordinate and manage the work of the accreditation capacity and compliance assessment panel

    • Support government initiatives to improve state of local government

    • Coordinate the provincial housing/human settlements department quarterly performance and delivery reviews

    • Coordinate national department quarterly visits in various provinces

Planned outputs cont18
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Intergovernmental Relations cont.

    • Coordinate the departmental annual IGR Human settlements planning, alignment, coordination with sectors, provinces and key municipalities

    • Coordinate convergence of mandates in support of sustainable human settlements development through implementation of the Macro-coordinating and Alignment Framework

    • Participation and compliance in forums and activities related to implementation of the government’s Programme of Action and other government strategic priorities

Planned outputs cont19
Planned Outputs cont. Programme

  • Management Information Services

    • Maintain the data contained in the data warehouse to ensure accessibility to information

    • Provide an effective database administration function & provide Integrated Business Information

    • Publish Housing & Human Settlement Journal to ensure simpler, faster and targeted access to business information reports

    • Provide a GIS environment to support spatial analysis and products & Develop information products and tools

    • Provide effective library & Knowledge services to the department

    • Provide a collaborative online environment via intranet & provide a PAIA service

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THANK YOU Programme