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Available Technology

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Available Technology. MP3 Players – 25 – Oral Testing, Audio Texts / Books Presenter Mice – 3 – Oral Presentations Head Phone Extension Kits – 2 – Play Audio Texts Through Computer

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Presentation Transcript
available technology
Available Technology
  • MP3 Players – 25 – Oral Testing, Audio Texts / Books
  • Presenter Mice – 3 – Oral Presentations
  • Head Phone Extension Kits – 2 – Play Audio Texts Through Computer
  • PlayAways – Audio Books – 6 - Individual Use by students needing extra time with a text – Whole class listening
    • Pride and Prejudice
    • The Outsiders
    • The Scarlet Letter
    • Lord of the Flies
    • Romeo and Juliet
    • American Short Stories
  • Video Camera Set: Camera, lapel microphone, tripod – 1 – Video Taping Presentations, etc.
mp3 players the basics
MP3 Players The Basics
  • To Turn On – use play button
  • To Charge – remove cap and plug into the computer
  • To Chose Modes – click on directional arrows and push center button
  • Other Options
    • Volume – on top
    • Home – on bottom
    • Hold (Maintains current Mode) – on bottom
the uses
The Uses
  • Radio
  • Podcasts
    • (iPOD broadCAST) An audio broadcast that has been converted to an MP3 file or other audio file format for playback in a digital music player. Even though many podcasts are playable on a regular computer, the original idea was to listen on a portable device. Although podcasts are mostly verbal, they may contain music, images and video.“Definition of: Podcast.” The Computer Language Company Inc.http://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia_term/0,2542,t=podcast&i=49433,00.asp. 1981- 2008.
  • Audio Books
  • Teacher Created MPEG Files
the equipment needed to record
The Equipment Needed To Record
  • Install Audacity (follow directions on Warehaus)
  • MP3 Player (found in Media Center)
  • Microphone (found in Media Center)
downloading audacity
Downloading Audacity
  • This must be done first!
  • Go to the share drive, select the podcast folder, you will see an icon labeled audacity-win-unicode-1.36.
  • Click through the Wizard. Always select OK or Yes. When finished, an Audacity icon will be visible on your desktop.
to record on audacity
To Record on Audacity
  • Once Audacity is loaded, plug in your microphone and press the record button, indicated by the red circle.
  • When you have finished recording, press the stop button, indicated by the brown square.
  • It’s a simple as that!
simple editing
Simple Editing
  • To delete a section of the recording, click on the Selection Tool (looks like an I) and highlight the section you wish to delete. Click on the Edit tab and choose “delete” or simply press the Delete key on the keyboard.
directions for saving mp3 files continued
Directions for Saving MP3 Files Continued
  • A screen will tell you to “Locate Lame”. Select the Browse button.
  • Go back to the Share drive and open the podcast folder. Click on lame_enc.dll then click Open. Then click “OK” and it will convert and save.
  • Close this window, and don’t save the changes.
transfer the mp3 file to the player
Transfer the MP3 File to the Player
  • Insert the MP3 Player into the USB port of your computer.
  • Cancel the MTP window that may appear.
  • Click on My Computer, open the W:Warehaus, select Podcasts, then Final Exams.
  • Move this open window off to the side.
transfer direction continued
Transfer direction continued
  • Open My Computer again.
  • Look for the Walkman icon – double click it.
  • Then double click on Media or Storage Media icon, then the Music icon.
  • Now go and click, hold and drag the MP3 file from the Final Exam folder into the Music folder.
  • Close out all your windows.
double check your work
Double Check Your Work
  • To make sure the transfer is complete, disconnect the MP3 player from the USB port.
  • On the player, choose Music Library, scroll down to all songs and locate your files.
  • Once you find it, select the file you saved and press the center button to play it.