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First Year Seminar PowerPoint Presentation
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First Year Seminar

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First Year Seminar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First Year Seminar
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  1. First Year Seminar RAP Sheets, Checklists, Advisers and Scheduling

  2. Academic Advisers • Every incoming student at Behrend is assigned an academic adviser • Help you explore majors, schedule, complete graduation requirements and activate intent to graduate

  3. Advisers, continued • Your academic adviser can be found on eLion: • You should meet with your adviser at least twice a year (October/November and March)-for scheduling • If you are unsatisfied with your adviser, you can switch

  4. Scheduling-When? • Scheduling normally takes place in October/November (for Spring) and March (for Fall) • Based on number of credits: • • Schedule of Courses is available online for browsing: • • Consult with your adviser to make sure you’re taking classes that count toward your graduation requirement! • RAP Sheets and Checklists are helpful tools

  5. RAP Sheets • Recommended Academic Plan Sheet • Provides a recommended outline of: • Which classes to take • In which order to take classes • Roughly how many credits to take per semester • Can be found on the Math homepage •

  6. Checksheets • Used in addition to RAPs • Not used by all departments • More helpful in keeping track of graduation requirements than RAPs • Broken up into two sections • General education requirements • Major requirements • Can be found on the same page as RAP sheets: •

  7. Checksheet-General Education Requirements • Every Penn State student is required to take a minimum of 45 general education requirements • Broken up by subcategories: • GWS-General Writing and Speaking (9) • GQ-General Quantification (6) • GN-Natural Sciences (9) • GA-General Arts (6) • GH-General Humanities (6) • GS-General Sciences (6) • GHA-General Health and Physical Activity (3) • FYS (1 credit)

  8. General Education Requirements-GWS • 9 credits required • Must include at least one Writing Across the Curriculum course (signified by a W on the schedule) • For Math and Math Ed majors, these credits are satisfied by Engl015 (or 030), Engl202, and Math311W

  9. General Education Requirements-GQ • Most majors require 6 credits • Math Majors (of any option) requires 8 credits • Generally speaking, these are a student’s math courses • Students that intend to be MATH MAJORS must take and pass MATH 140 and MATH 141 (Calc I and II) WITH A C OR BETTER to satisfy these credits

  10. General Education Requirements-GN Non-Education Majors Education Majors Can take any 9 credits of science; no stipulation on the level of the course OR area of the coursework Must take at least one, 4-credit course (ie: at least one science course with a lab) • Have 3 options to complete Science requirements: Chemistry, Biology, or Physics • 9 credits are required • At least 8 credits must be from the same field (ie: two, four credit Chem courses and one miscellaneous course)

  11. General Education Requirements-GA-GH-GS Math Majors-Non-Business and Non-Education Majors Business and Education Majors Business Option: You MUST take Econ 102 and Econ 104 to satisfy your GS credits Education option: You MUST take Psych 100 and EdThyp115A to fulfill your GS requirements • These credits are yours to fulfill using any appropriate electives in which you’re interested

  12. General Education Requirements-GHA • Requires 3 credits • Typically, these are a student’s gym classes • Lots of options: • Nutrition classes (3 credits each) • Skiing • Bowling • Ballroom dancing

  13. General Education Miscellaneous • Rather than doing 6 GA credits, 6 GH credits, and 6 GS credits, a student can do a 3-6-9 course substitution • At least 3 Gen Ed credits must be designated as an IL (International Cultures)class • At least 3 Gen Ed credits must be designated as a US (United States Cultures) class • YOU CANNOT USE THE SAME CLASS TO FULFILL BOTH REQUIREMENTS!

  14. Requirements for Declaring a Major • In order to formally declare yourself as a MATHmajor you must meet the following requirements: • 2.00 CGPA* • Have taken and passed Math 140 and 141 with a C or better • Have completed at least 45 general education credits

  15. Major Coursework Other Scheduling Stuff: Examples: Every Fall – MATH 312, MATH 455 Every Spring – STAT 401 Fall of Even Years – MATH 427, MATH 428, MATH 455, MATH 465, STAT 462 Spring of Odd Years - MATH 421, MATH 436, MATH 449, STAT 461, one of either MATH 426 or MATH 497 Fall of Odd Years - MATH 412, MATH 435, MATH 455, STAT 414 Spring of Even Years – MATH 310, MATH 429, MATH 456, MATH 482, one of either STAT 464 or STAT 466 • Once you declare your major, MOST math options take the same upper level math courses • Please note, some courses are only offered during certain semesters! Plan your schedule accordingly!

  16. Noteworthy Coursework Business Option AND Actuarial Certificate: • You must complete ACCTG 211 OR your ECON sequence before you are permitted to take FIN 301 (not concurrently) • Enroll in ENGL202C as a junior Math Education Majors: • You must complete PSYCH 100 and EDPSY014 in the falls prior to entrance to major. • You must complete EdThyp115A, CI280, and CI295 in the springs prior to entrance to major. • Enroll in ENGL202 A or B

  17. Ready to Graduate? • How can you be sure you have the right number of credits and the right combination of credits to graduate? • A degree audit • Can be found on eLion • All credits must be in correct location (otherwise, see advisor and department head) • Minus signs will turn into plus signs when requirements are met

  18. Assignment-Stuff to do Now • Log into eLion and look up your adviser’s name • Email your adviser to schedule an appointment (do this NOW!) • During your appointment: • Introduce yourself! • Ask for a copy of your major option’s RAP sheet and/or checksheet (this MUST be signed by your adviser to receive full credit)

  19. Assignment-Stuff to do Later(ish) • Prior to the end of class on Thursday, September 25th, you must submit the following to Dr. Mastroberardino: • The copy of your RAP and/or Checksheet that has been signed by your adviser • A copy of your schedule • A classification of each one of your current courses (example: If you’re enrolled in Math 140, you’d tell me that Math 140 satisfies 4 credits of your GQ General Education Requirement) • Consult the schedule of courses if you’re not sure: • This assignment is worth 15 points

  20. Questions?