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Media A2 Evaluation.

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Media A2 Evaluation. By James Lakey. Introduction.

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media a2 evaluation

Media A2 Evaluation.

By James Lakey.


Three’s a Crowd is a short film that falls into the genre of a Rom Com, the storyline is not your typical Rom Com storyline and has a few twists installed. In Three’s a Crowd there could be seen to be three types of characters; good, neutral and bad. Throughout the film camera shots, editing (such as fades, jump shots and shot reverse shots.) and dialogue help create the scene and help define the characters. For example, the audience theory of the hypodermic syringe is the idea that through the media a certain image or opinion is given to the audience, this relates to Three’s a Crowd because we try give the image of the good, neutral and bad character.


Three’s a Crowd falls into the category of a Rom Com. In this production piece I wanted to conform to some of the conventions of the Rom Com genre such as there being a typical comedic fight for love. The way in which we showed there to be a comedic aspect to the film was through a range of camera shots, angles and dialogue.

our establishing shot
Our establishing shot.

This is the Three’s a Crowd establishing shot, I decided to use a door handle as the establishing shot as the audience would not know what to expect from the film and will lead to them making assumptions which would keep the audience intrigued.

how camera angles shots and dialogue set the scene
How camera angles, shots and dialogue set the scene.

In this scene the bad character deceives the good character, the way in which we portrayed this was by using a variety of shots, angles and dialogue. The dialogue in which the bad character used implied that he was plotting something mischievous, accompanied with a zooming shot that focussed on the bad character winking at the audience, implying that he was being mischievous.

how camera angles shots and dialogue set the scene cont
How camera angles, shots and dialogue set the scene cont.

In this scene the good character is waiting for the date, he speaks to himself reminding himself to stick to the rules that his ‘friend’ gave him (rules that are to sabotage the date). The over the shoulder shot shows him to be too keen for the date as he is fidgeting and impatient. The long shot over the should of the good character shows the girl to be of importance as it shows her walking into the scene from the distance.

mise en scene

We created certain moods and feelings in this short film in many different ways. For example, in the ‘McDonalds date scene’, this unique camera shot focuses the audience’s attention to the reflection of the mirror which then tells the audience they are in a vehicle and the McDonalds logo on the cup establishes that they have been to McDonalds. The fact that the McDonalds logo is on the cup gives the impression to the audience that the date is not a success as well as the dialogue in this scene.

Look of disappointment.

McDonalds logo.

In the car park for the date.

three s a crowd poster evaluation

There is only one main image on the poster which could be seen as the main hook point that grabs the audiences eye, the picture itself shows the audience that there is a battle over the girl in the film, the faces of the characters imply that this is done in a comedic way. Another way in which this poster shows the film to be romantic is that of the pink heart, which cannotes with love. The fact that the heart is cartoon could represent the film to be quite immature.

The colour of the surnames of the actors can link with the heart which of course represents love. The font itself is from the romantic category from ‘daFont’

On this poster I have tried to keep things as simple as possible as I didn’t want to clutter the page

‘Three’s a Crowd’ poster evaluation.
does my poster comply with the forms and conventions of other rom com posters cont
Does my poster comply with the forms and conventions of other Rom Com posters? cont.

As you can see the two posters are very similar;

  • the main images, although different sizes, are alike. The image on each of the posters help to set the mood for the audience.
  • Also, on both posters there is just on hook point which I feel doesn’t clutter the poster and put off the target audience.
  • The two films are similar and I feel both posters give of a similar representation of the storyline.
three s a crowd article evaluation
‘Three’s a Crowd’ article evaluation.

The title and subtitle use a different font to the rest of the page which helps it stand out and grab the readers eye.

Revolving text has been used to link the columns together.

A small thumbnail photo with a sentence underneath linking it to the column of text below.

This photo is spread across both pages of the article to help link the pages together.

does my poster comply with the forms and conventions of other articles cont
Does my poster comply with the forms and conventions of other articles? Cont.

My article complies with other articles in many ways:

  • Both articles have a main image that spreads across both pages linking them together.
  • Also, they both have a second image that links to the text.
  • Finally, they both use columns for the text to be written in which helps give it an article feel.
what i learnt from audience feedback
What I learnt from audience feedback.

When showing out final piece to our audience they fed us back some constructive criticism, such as;

  • Firstly, the film could use more non-diagetic sounds to help create a better feel for the scene.
  • Secondly, the locations of the scenes are very similar and they would suggest finding new locations to film.
  • Lastly, the types of shots used could have been varied for example, using over the shoulder shots more or shot reverse shots etc.
does three s a crowd follow the forms and conventions of a traditional rom com film
Does Three’s a Crowd follow the forms and conventions of a traditional Rom Com film?
  • We tried to follow as many forms and conventions of a traditional Rom Com film, however, we felt that subverting from some of the more lenient conventions may make our film more of a success to the audience.
  • An example to how our film breaks away from some of the conventions is that in Three’s a Crowd the ‘bad’ character gets the girl and that the ‘good’ character messes up his opportunity which create the comedic aspect to the film.
technologies used
Technologies used.

In the making of the short film I used many technologies,

some known to me and some new.

  • Video Camera- to film Three’s a Crowd
  • I movie- to edit Three’s a crowd, upload clips from the camera, delete and alter certain scenes
  • Photoshop- to create photo’s and posters advertising Three’s a Crowd
  • InDesign- to create the double page spread for Three’s a Crowd
  • Wordpress- to upload weekly posts that follow my progress through the making of Three’s a Crowd