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The Dictatorship of Genetopia PowerPoint Presentation
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The Dictatorship of Genetopia

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The Dictatorship of Genetopia
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The Dictatorship of Genetopia

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  1. The Dictatorship of Genetopia The hammer of Hephaestus, representing industry, and the spear of Athena, representing wisdom

  2. Genetopia: A Brighter Tomorrow, For All Genetopia, currently the most powerful nation in the world, makes its living through eugenics. Our nation is the greatest because we, the people, are the greatest.

  3. Genetopia: Paving the Way Forward Each Genetopian citizen is engineered at birth for optimum performance. This results in an almost perfect society. Each citizen knows their place.

  4. The Genetopian Way

  5. Genetopia: The Facts Prior to admittance to Genetopia, each applicant must swear to abide by the Genetopian Constitution. Under this Constitution, only inhabitants generation D2 or above are considered citizens. All persons residing within the borders of Genetopia are fully answerable to the Government for their actions.

  6. Genetopia: The Facts, cont.. • Population: 450,000,000 • Citizens (D2+’s, 16 years of age or older): 150,000,000 • Size: 4,000,000 square miles • National Debt: 0 • Government: Those citizens which the Control judges to be politically skilled are brought to the Capitol to serve a life term in the Senate. These Senators decide how to rule the other citizens. • Oligarchic Dictatorship

  7. The Control The Control governs the life of every Genetopian citizen. It analyzes each individual, beginning at birth, and assigns them to a field that they are suited for, in ability and temperament.

  8. The Genetopian Constitution We, the founders of the Dictatorship of Genetopia, do establish this constitution for the betterment of its people through genetic enhancement, that all may enjoy heightened prosperity, peace, physical and mental power, and comfort, and to use our heightened power to defend the absolute sovereignty of our state and to better mankind.

  9. Genetopia’s National Anthem A haiku, because songs are too mainstream Genetopia Supremacy comes standard There are no weak links We better ourselves To better humanity This is our glory

  10. Genetopian Economy The primary export of Genetopia is our expertise in eugenics. Security companies, militaries, think tanks, etc., all seek to enhance their productivity by enhancing their employees. They pay handsomely for it.

  11. Genetopian Economy, cont. Due to the genetic enhancements given at birth, and the fact that only citizens (D2 or higher) can own a business, the government has no need to interfere with the private economy. Citizens manage all commerce, utilizing the National Digital Currency, which has eliminated the need for hard money by providing Personal Account Managing Devices.

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