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Prom Data

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Prom Data

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  1. Prom Data My survey was about prom. I chose prom because its right around the corner and it’s the topic of the month everybody is talking about. So I decided that my survey would be questions that relate to prom to catch peoples attention.

  2. 1. How are you getting to prom?

  3. Explaining the Data • Most people put that they are getting there by car it was 39% of the people who said they are going by car. • Party bus was the second highest 32% of people are going by part bus. • Limo was the third 19% of the people are going by limo. • Last but not least the train had 8%. • I think most people picked car because it’s less money than getting a limo or party bus and train most people don’t like going on the train.

  4. 2. What kind of shoes are you wearing?

  5. Socres of the shoes • The highest was high heels 44% of the people are taking high heels • The second highest was dressing shoes 19% of the people are taking dressing shoes. • The third was vanes 14% of people are taking vanes. • There was a tie between nikeys and flats 10% of the people voted for nikeys and flats. • An no one voted for boots. • I think the reason why high heels was voted the most is because more girls took my survey than boys.

  6. 3.What color is your corsage/ boutineer?

  7. Data numbers • There was a tie between the highest 25% voted for white and pink as there color for there corsage/boutineer. • The second highest was red 19% are taking a red corsage or boutineer. • In third was blue 13% of people are taking blue. • 9% are taking purple. 5% are taking peach. 1% are taking yellow. • No one is taking orange. • I think the reason why the highest colors for the corsage and boutineer were white and pink because those colors are really common for a corsage and boutineer and most people usually get them.

  8. 4.What color is your prom dress/ tuxedo?

  9. Dress choices that won 26% of the people are taking a black dress/tuxedo. 16% of people are taking a pink dress or tuxedo. 13% are taking a purple dress/tuxedo. There was a tie between peach white and blue 9% voted for those colors. There was also a tie between red and green it was 7%. I think people picked black for the color of their dress and tuxedo because black is a very popular color.

  10. 5.What type of hairstyle are you getting?

  11. Hairstyle types The highest was curled hair 48% of the people are going to have curled hair. 18% had spikey hair. 8% voted for a fade. There was a tie of 7% between up do straight hair and greaser hair style that voted. 3% got a side do. I think people picked curl hair because it looks fancy and cute and most girls like to have their hair curled. I think most people picked spikey hair because most guys like their hair spikey and looks more fancy.