history of the bassett edgecomb and snyder families n.
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History of the Bassett, Edgecomb, and Snyder Families PowerPoint Presentation
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History of the Bassett, Edgecomb, and Snyder Families

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History of the Bassett, Edgecomb, and Snyder Families - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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History of the Bassett, Edgecomb, and Snyder Families. 100 th Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder Reunion - 2007. Why is it called the “ Bassett - Edgecomb - Snyder ” Reunion?. Philip Snyder. Peter Sharpsteen. Uriah Edgecomb 1781 - 1861. Betsey Doud 1792 - 1838. Samuel Bassitt

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History of the Bassett, Edgecomb, and Snyder Families

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history of the bassett edgecomb and snyder families

History of the Bassett, Edgecomb, and Snyder Families

100th Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder Reunion - 2007

why is it called the bassett edgecomb snyder reunion
Why is it called the “Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder” Reunion?







1781 - 1861



1792 - 1838



1795 - 1865



1795 - 1876






1820 - 1900



1822 - 1866



1819 - 1893



1824 - 1904



1831 - 1891



1825 - 1902

what do the three families have in common
What do the three families have in common?
  • They settled and lived in the vicinity of northeastern Bath Township, Allen Co., Ohio.
  • They came from Trumbull Co. in northeastern Ohio in the 1830’s.
  • They lived in New York before coming to Ohio.
about the edgecomb family
About the Edgecomb family
  • Uriah Edgecomb (aged about 27) married Betsey Doud (aged about 16) in Canton, Connecticut about 1808.
  • Son Uriah born about 1809.
  • They moved with her brother Alva to Town of Preston, Chenango Co., NY about 1811.
in the town of preston
In the “Town” of Preston
  • Most of Betsey’s family moved there with them.
  • Marilla, Ezra, Lansil, and Robert born there.
uriah and betsey moved to paris twp portage co oh about 1818
Uriah and Betsey moved to Paris Twp., Portage Co., OH about 1818
  • Alva Doud moved with the
  • Betsey’s parents and several siblings followed
connecticut western reserve
Connecticut Western Reserve
  • Originally, Connecticut claimed all land to the west
  • “Reserved” land in Ohio for Revolutionary War veterans. Uriah’s brother, John claimed pension in 1831.
  • Portage and Trumbull Counties included.
in the western reserve
In the Western Reserve
  • Moved to Braceville, Trumbull Co. in 1820’s.
  • Walter, Clarinda, Lydia, Marquis, Amy, Anna, and Sarah born there.
edgecomb family moved to bath twp in 1831 or 32
Edgecomb family moved to Bath Twp. in 1831 or 32
  • The trip took 21 days. They drove their stock with them.
  • Betsey’s sister, Chloe, and her husband George Olmstead may have came at the same time.
bath township 1831
Bath Township, 1831
  • White settlement for seven years, Lima founded that year
  • Native Americans forced out fall of 1832
early days in bath twp
Early days in Bath Twp.
  • Ezra, Lansil, and Robert buy land nearby
  • Betsey’s sister, Fanny, and her husband John Lewis buy land in 1835
  • Betsey dies 11 Jan 1838
  • Robert marries Elsie Lewis on 16 Jan
  • Older sons move northeast
lordstown 1850
“Lordstown”, 1850

Walter and Robert

  • Uriah moves to corner of Dixie Hwy and Bluelick Rd.
  • Followed by Ezra, Walter, Robert, Clarinda Snyder, and Marquis.
  • George Olmstead dies.
  • Uriah’s nephew, Phineas buys John and Fanny Lewis farm.

Phineas Edgecomb


1850 Census

Bath Twp.

Allen Co., OH

what happened in the 1850 s
What happened in the 1850’s???
  • Lansil moved to Wisconsin
  • Clarinda and Peter Snyder moved to Shawnee
  • Uriah and Marquis moved to Beaverdam, as did Ezra
  • Robert joined the German Baptist Brethren (later called the Church of the Brethren). Moved to Illinois in 1860’s and Kansas in 1870’s.
uriah s death
Uriah’s death
  • Uriah died in 1861.
  • Buried near Betsey in Sproat (Wolfe Rd.) Cemetery
walter and laura bassitt edgecomb
Walter and Laura (Bassitt) Edgecomb

Lewis Alfred

Edgecomb –

Killed in Civil


Laura (center) and daughter

Ann White at her left with Simons, Wetherill, and Fetter descendants

Walter and Laura

walter edgecomb descendants
Walter Edgecomb Descendants

Rett Barber, “Pet” ?, Alba Edgecomb, ?

Hiram and Loretta “Rett” (Edgecomb) Barber

Lansil “Jack” Edgecomb and family

about the bassett bassitt family
About the Bassett/Bassitt family
  • Samuel Bassitt (age 25) and Elsie Lewis (age 25) married about 1820, probably in Solon, Cortland Co., New York
  • Laura born 1824, Lewis born 1825.
in lordstown
In Lordstown
  • Lived near Elsie’s brothers Peleg, David, and John Lewis.
  • Joined the Disciples church
  • Mary born about 1828, Lavisa born 1832
samuel and elsie moved to bath twp allen co oh in 1836
Samuel and Elsie moved to Bath Twp., Allen Co., OH in 1836

Jonathan Lewis, Elsie’s brother came at about the same time.

early days in bath twp1
Early days in Bath Twp.
  • Bought farm in 1834
  • Lost mortgage in 1842
  • Mary died about 1845
  • Lewis bought farm in 1848
  • Samuel regained his farm in1849
  • In 1850, Lavisa married Thomas Ward. Moved to Iowa where she died in childbirth in 1862
civil war
Civil War
  • Grandson Samuel H. enlists in 1864 at age of 15
  • Engaged in Alabama and Georgia, Sherman’s March to the Sea, and skirmishes in the Carolinas.
  • Lincoln assassinated 14 April 1865, Samuel Sr. dies two days later.
Samuel buried in Sproat (Wolfe Rd.) Cemetery
  • Elsie died 1876, buried in Old Beaverdam Cemetery
lewis and sarah bassitt s family
Lewis and Sarah Bassitt’s family








Lewis Ezra



Samuel H.




Philo Bassett

(refused to have his picture taken that day)

bassett vs bassitt
Bassett vs. Bassitt
  • Neither Samuel nor Elsa could write their names.
  • Spelled Bassit, Basset, Bassitt, Bassett (by sound)
ett itt cont
-ett/-itt, cont.
  • Predominant spelling from 1840-1915 was “-itt”
  • But no one seemed to care much
ett itt cont1
-ett/-itt cont.

Before about 1918, the minutes of the B-E-S Reunion predominantly spelled Bassitt with an “i”.

However, between 1918 and 1920, the spelling changed to “-ett”, even though the secretary, Edythe Bassett remained the same.

ett itt cont2
-ett/-itt cont.

What happened in 1919? Lottie Bassitt got a letter from Frank G. Lewis …

about the snyder family
About the Snyder family
  • Philip Snyder was a blacksmith.
  • His father Philip was from Germany
  • Married Mary Sharpsteen
  • Lived in Livingston Co., New York
  • Had 12 children
move to ohio
Move to Ohio
  • After Philip died, two sons, Lorenzo and Peter (age 12) moved to Trumbull County, OH in about 1832.
  • Lorenzo and wife Julian move to Bath Twp. 1834-38
peter moves to bath township
Peter moves to Bath Township
  • In 1839, Peter (age 19) moves to Allen Co.
  • May have lived with Lorenzo.
  • Married Clarinda Edgecomb in 1840.
  • Lorenzo moves to Michigan with other family members
  • Who were Peter and Betsy Snyder???
  • Peter moved to corner of Bluelick Rd. and Dixie Hwy. by 1850
peter and clarinda move to shawnee
Peter and Clarinda move to Shawnee
  • Buy farm on banks of Ottawa River in 1856.
  • Had 11 children:


Marilla Reed Mason













the toll of the civil war
The toll of the Civil War
  • In 1861 William enlists at age 17, dies in 1862
  • Josiah marries Clarissa Reed in 1862. Enlists and dies later that year leaving fatherless daughter.
  • Marilla’s first husband, named “Reed” may have also been killed in the war.
move back to bath
Move back to Bath
  • Peter and Clarinda bought brick house on Sugar Creek Rd. in 1862
  • Clarinda died in 1866, buried in Shawnee
  • Peter married Ellen Baker Kollar, a widow, in about 1868.
  • In 1875 they moved to Dixie Hwy. and Thayer Rd.



children of peter and ellen snyder
Children of Peter and Ellen Snyder

They had 7 children:




Ida May











death of peter snyder
Death of Peter Snyder
  • Peter died in 1900 and was buried in old Beaverdam Cemetery
  • Ellen died in 1906

Peter’s grave in Beaverdam

Clarinda’s grave in Shawnee

george snyder
George Snyder

George and Barbara

(Roeder) Snyder

Children of George and Barbara

Moved to Peter Snyder’s brick home in 1875
  • Barbara died in 1898 and George died in 1901.
  • Older children cared for younger (Alma age 3)
amy and m d doc mason
Amy and M.D. “Doc” Mason
  • Lived in Bath Township
where did the bassetts come from
Where did the Bassetts come from?
  • Our line originates from William the Pilgrim who came in 1621.
  • Supported by Y chromosome DNA analysis
where did the edgecombs come from
Where did the Edgecombs come from?
  • Uriah and John’s parents: Uriah and Amy (Read) Edgecomb
  • Uriah, Sr.’s father Lieut. John Edgecomb
  • Connections to 1300 through New London, CT Edgecombs???? DNA testing???