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Silly String Crime

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Silly String Crime

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  1. Silly String Crime FBI-Team-E5G1 Carly Yashinsky, ArshonAfrakteh, and Sam Weed Next

  2. Part 1The Suspects Next

  3. The Crime Scene • Date: Friday April 3rd 2010, 8:30 pm • Place: Front Office of BCS • Crime: Someone silly stringed it • Description: • Silly String covering the office • When the felon was in the office he hit the clock which stop at 8:30 pm • There was a thank you note signed by Mrs. George but said it could be forged • Empty Silly String cans Next

  4. Suspect #1- Ms. George- Teacher Important information on Mrs. George: Evidence against her Motive Alibi- ‘Always walks her dog at 8:30 pm every night, then called her mom at 9:00 pm’ Next

  5. The detective’s found out the Ms. George has a paycut of $2,000 this upcoming school year. And had to get revenge on the people who took her money from her. Back

  6. Here is a picture of a note that was left in the crime scene, signed by Mrs. George. Back

  7. Suspect #2- Rick- 8th Grade Bully Important information on Rick: 3 reasons Rick’s a suspect Motive Alibi- ‘Grounded, but his parents were at dinner.’ Next

  8. March 26th, 2010: Silly Stringed his 7th grade buddies locker. Coincidence? March 27th , 2010: Got detention for the week when Mrs. George found out about Rick silly stringing his 7th grade buddies locker. April 1st, 2010: Grounded on Wednesday for the weekend when his parents found out that he was ditching his week long detention. Back

  9. Video of one of the cop’s saying what they believe his motive was Back

  10. Suspect #3- Sarah- 8th Grade Prankster Important information on Sarah: Proof she could have snuck into the school Motive Alibi- ‘Babysitting her two younger sisters’ Next

  11. The detectives have no real reason to believe Sam did it. Only the fact the she has been behind 8 pranks since the start of the school year. Back

  12. Sarah has left the school and climbed the fence to her house skipping school. If she could leave the school without being seen then she can enter the school being seen. Back

  13. Suspect #4- Janitor- 32 year old male Important information on Janitor: Janitor’s Shift Schedule Motive Alibi- ‘Was out sick but it was his shift’ Next

  14. The detective’s believe that the reason that the Janitor did the crime was because he hated Mrs. George because her room was always super messy. Now he wanted her to clean up the mess. Back

  15. Covington Janitors Shift*Our suspect Back

  16. Suspect #5- Ryan- 8th Grade Jock Important information on Ryan: Gossip Motive Alibi- ‘Went to the movies with his girlfriend’ Next

  17. The cops believe that the reason Ryan would do it because his grades were to bad in Mrs. George’s class so he couldn’t play his sport anymore. They believe he tried to frame her for revenge. Back

  18. Ryan broke up with his girlfriend the day before the crime! (Thursday April 2nd, 2010) Back

  19. Handwriting testMatch the signature to the suspects handwriting Mrs. George Sarah Rick Janitor Once you find out who’s signature it is you’ll know who did it! Ryan


  21. YOUR RIGHT! The Janitor Committed the crime!