The independence debate
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The Independence Debate. What do you think?. What do you think about the referendum debate so far?. I’ve made my mind up I’ve not thought about it yet I need more information. The Big Eck Needs Your Help Song. What is a referendum. What do you think a referendum is?

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The independence debate

The Independence Debate

What do you think?

What do you think about the referendum debate so far
What do you think about the referendum debate so far?

  • I’ve made my mind up

  • I’ve not thought about it yet

  • I need more information

What is a referendum
What is a referendum

  • What do you think a referendum is?

  • A referendum is where everyone in Scotland gets to say what they think about a particular question by post or by going to polling station and making their choice on a piece of paper.

What is the question
What is the question?

Should Scotland be an independent country?


When will you have to decide by
When will you have to decide by?

  • The vote will be on September 18th 2014.

  • If you have a postal vote you will be able to vote a few weeks earlier.

What do you think
What do you think?

  • Have you been following the debate?

  • Will you vote next year?

  • What do you think the issues are that matter most to you?

Who do you like
Who do you like?

  • David Cameron

  • Alex Salmond

  • Neither of them

Which music do you like
Which music do you like?

  • God Save the Queen

  • Flower of Scotland

  • Neither of them

Which flag do you like
Which Flag Do You Like?

  • Union Jack

  • The Saltire

  • Neither of them

Reason 1 for staying together losing the pound
Reason 1 For Staying TogetherLosing the Pound

If we were independent we might not get to keep the pound as the rest of Britain might not want to work with us

But we could still use the Pound but we wouldn’t have any say over interest rates.

Reason 1 for independence choosing for ourselves
Reason 1 For IndependenceChoosing for ourselves

Scotland could make its own decision on being in Europe or spending cuts

In the UK, Scotland is always linked to the other countries

Reason 2 for staying together border controls
Reason 2 For Staying TogetherBorder Controls

England could introduce passport controls to keep migrants out

There are no passport controls between the Republic of Ireland and the UK

Reason 2 for independence scotland is rich
Reason 2 For IndependenceScotland is rich

There are lots of oil reserves in the North Sea that could help Scotland get richer

No one really knows how much oil Scotland could get out of the sea.

What did you think
What did you think?

  • Was Jackie right when she said that the answer was a new Labour government in 2015?

  • Was Joan right when she said we will be able to get rid of the cuts if Scotland is Independent?

  • What did you think when Jackie said we were all one family?

  • What did you think when Joan said the budget for Scotland was like getting pocket money?

What other reasons do you think are important
What other reasons do you think are important?

  • Have a think about why you would vote YES or NO.

  • Or maybe there is something you would like more information on.

  • Put your hand up and we’ll get you the microphone.