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5 Yoga Exercises to Increase Sperm Count

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5 Yoga Exercises to Increase Sperm Count - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are several exercises to increase sperm count and among them 5 best yoga exercises are mentioned which are really helpful and easy to follow.

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When person face an issue on sexual life then it is considered as serious medical problem. In this situation, person gets depressed and look for an immediate way to cure it. Nowadays low sperm count is one of the common problems occurs to many men and this is due to both psychological and physical reasons but there are several medications available to cure low sperm count. This is basically caused when men ejaculate semen less than normal level. Normal quantity of sperm should be 40 million/milliliter to 120 million/ml and if it decreases from this level then it can harmful and known as low sperm count or oligospermia.
Low sperm count can be cured with many natural ways and effective one is by doing Yoga exercises. Yoga is really helpful for people in several ways and also useful in treating low level. So here are best 5 yoga exercises which can really help to boost sperm count

Types of Yoga Exercises


This yoga exercises is really helpful in curing low sperm count. This is also known as the best exercises to treat sperm count. In this you have to stand erect with your feet a foot apart. Then put your hands on your knees and lose your belly. Hold your breath out after exhaling, then pull stomach as much you can so that it touches your back. And again lose and release the stomach. Repeat this process 2-3 times but this exercise is not for people suffering from heart diseases, intestinal swelling or suffering from high blood pressure.


Kandasana is also beneficial exercise which cures impotency, boost your sperm count along with it improves other sexual infection. It also helpful in strengthening legs, muscles and thighs. In this, you have to sit on the ground and then stretch your legs in front of you by keeping legs apart. Now fold both legs at knee and then hold the front part of legs with your hands and after that pull your legs towards the body by twisting both ankles. Maintain this position for few seconds and do this exercise for two times a day

If you want to boost your sperm count then Halasana is also one of the beneficial exercises to do it. In this method, you have to lie on your back and stretch your body. Put your hands beside your thighs, palms facing down. Now breathe in and then rise your both legs until they become 90 degrees to your waist. Lift your waist and stretch your legs beyond your heads by using your hands as pivots, just try to touch the ground behind your feet. Don’t move from this position as long you can hold it and keep your knees straight. Now come back to your original position slowly. You should do this exercise one or two times a day.
  • Halasana
This essential exercise is used to increase metabolism rate to decrease body fat. It removes any kind of waste material from body. This exercise can be done by sitting in padmasana posture with eyes closed and back straight. Do Gyan mudra and place your hands on knees. Then exhale with both nostrils as much you can and then inhale forcefully with both the nostrils. Do this process until you get tired. Just remember that you have to begin slowly and then increase the speed to exhale and inhale. Don’t let your belly to expand while breathing, only lungs should expand and do this exercise according to your capacity.


This position includes benefits like help to get rid of urogenital diseases and also boost the health of abdomen and pelvis area which includes pelvis and reproductive organs. It helps in improving sexual health. In this, first relax yourself and sit in padmasana position. Then close your eyes and breathe gently. Pull your anus and lower abdominal muscles upside and relax. Juts pay attention in contracting and relaxing movement of muscles and you should continue this for 200 times in 100 slots every time.
  • Ashwanimudra
Other Ways to Improve Sperm Count
  • Don’t masturbate too much and maintain a gap of minimum 3 days between ejaculations
  • You can eat oysters as it is helpful in boosting testosterone level and also improves the quality of sperms
  • Morning and afternoon time is the best time for love making as your level of sperms are high during this period.
  • Increase intake of whole grains and vegetables and try to have a balanced diet which is low in fat and high in protein. Drink water as much you can.
  • Take some nuts or avocados or celery as it increases sexual desire and also improves semen quality
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