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On the Road to Sustainability PowerPoint Presentation
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On the Road to Sustainability

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On the Road to Sustainability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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On the Road to Sustainability
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  1. On the Road to Sustainability By Christina Graves

  2. Background of Sustainability My background of knowledge of being sustainable is very minimal. I have been working for UT Arlington for approximately 6 years and this is where the interest of being sustainable caught my interest. When the University announced that they were going “Green” I did not understand what that meant. Eventually, my office began to recycle.

  3. Background of Sustainability Cont. We recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, batteries, cellphones, printing cartridges, etc. We buy recycled office supplies and also offer made from recycled content gear in our Maverick Market. All of these initiatives gave me the drive and need to want to learn more about what sustainability really is.

  4. Interests in Sustainability I have many interests in Sustainability besides the recycling aspect of it. I would like to learn more about how to build a sustainable house, how to become more sustainable in my current house, also how to utilize sustainability with my everyday cooking.

  5. Becoming a Master in Sustainability I want to become a Master in Sustainability to help improve not only the earth, but to help empower people with the same knowledge I have received to live a sustainable, happy, healthy life. The earlier someone learns about being sustainable in every aspect the better it will be for our future resources to be conserved.

  6. Becoming a Master in Sustainability means a more than mastering in Sustainability, it also means being the first person in my family to receive a Masters degree. I knew I was going to further my education but never thought I would choose this particular area of interest. Thanks to my job, I not only have the interest of sustainability but the interest to live a sustainable life.