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Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust PowerPoint Presentation
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Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust

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Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust
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Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust

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  1. Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust Is that a dream? It’s not impossible,As it may seem Plant more nectar and host plants too,And flowers that fly,Will come to you

  2. Some plants provide more nectar for birds, bees and butterflies than others. • Plant a wide range of flowering plants including bottlebrush (Callistemon species) and poinsetta (Euphorbia pulcherrima). • Overwintering butterflies need flowers in winter. Nectar Plants

  3. 90mm wingspan To encourage the Monarch (Danaus plexippus), use plants in the Asclepiadoideae subfamily Swan Plant is the best known • Gomphocarpus • Asclepias

  4. 90mm wingspan The Swan plant is a welcome addition to your garden • It is known for its swan-like shaped seedpods • When the seedpods burst open, the seeds are scattered on kapok like-parachutes

  5. 55mm wingspan New Zealanders say they are seeing less Admirals each year • Once common all over the country • Are we to lose our Admirals? Gone forever?

  6. 55mm wingspan The Red Admiral, (Vanessa gonerilla gonerilla) (Kahukura) is endemic to our country (foundonly here) • UK lepidopterist Nigel Venters says NZ’s Red Admiral is the most beautiful in the world

  7. 50mm wingspan The Yellow Admiral (Vanessa itea)(Kahukowhai) we share with Australia • Stinging nettles (Urtica species) feed Admiral larvae • When we remove stinging nettle from our garden, we lose this beautiful insect

  8. 50mm wingspan With nettle planted in a remote corner of your garden • the Admiral can breed • and the butterflies will soon be flying in your garden

  9. 20-30mm wingspan Copper & Boulder (Lycaena species) breed on Muehlenbeckia in many parts of NZ • Muehlenbeckia is a native plant ─ especially M. complexa─ and a perfect addition to your NZ plantings • Zigzag branches form a compact, springy plant, especially suited to coastal sites • GladeCopper • Rauparaha’sCopper • Common Copper • Boulder

  10. 25-30mm wingspan The Blues (Zizina spp.) • Some breed on the native broom, others breed on clover, medicks and trefoils • A good reason not to mow the lawns too short! • Southern Blue • Long Tailed Blue • Common Blue

  11. 40-45mm wingspan Tussock butterflies (Argyrophenga spp.) • If you have a mountain garden, plant tussocks (Chionochloa spp.) and encourage these striking butterflies • Nelson Tussock • Common Tussock • Eastern Tussock

  12. 45mm wingspan Moths are important Can be colourful too Pollinating plants Or controlling them for you

  13. 30mm wingspan Bright Cinnabar Mothsand Magpies, they say • Lay their eggs on ragwort,Keep that pest at bay