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  1. ExploringFeminism

  2. Learning objectives: • To understand the meaning of Patriarchy. • To relate feminist thinking to range of social issues (and consolidate our understanding) • To develop paragraph style in sociology writing (illustrating points with examples)

  3. Patriarchy is.. Power held by men Patriarchal ideology is.. A set of ideas that benefit men and keep women oppressed Patriarchal Society is... they mean that men hold the positions of power: head of the family unit, leaders of social groups, boss in the workplace and heads of government.

  4. In today’s lesson we are going to examine how men try to control women. We will consider how women are encouraged to behave in certain ways – which benefit men. We will consider how ideas about ‘being a woman’ are a form of ideology and created to benefit men in society.

  5. Jot down ideas in your groups Social control of women Gender role socialisation • Things to consider: • Ways men control women • Women and the home • Judgements by men • Women and employment • Relationship rules • Public spaces • Things to consider: • Stereotypes • Parental expectations • Role models • How women behave and why • Relationships • Media images

  6. Nails/lips – attractive for man Man in suit - breadwinner Promoting idea of marriage Servant of a man Clinging onto him - protector Domestic role

  7. Task • Summarise the following points in your notes and add an example and then a counter point.

  8. Synoptic thinking • How can we relate patriarchy to false class consciousness in Marxism? • What happens when class consciousness emerges ? • How can we relate this idea to feminism? • The idea that rape/violence controls women is radical feminist. What concept of Louis Althusser’s could we relate this to? (When ideological control fails, what is used to keep up level of control)?

  9. Task • Write a paragraph explaining • A definition of patriarchy • The ways in which patriarchy is perpetuated in society • The consequences of patriarchy for both men and women.

  10. Explanations of gender inequality • You will need to discuss: • Patriarchy • Types of Feminism – use booklet to summarise each type with criticism • Other explanations of particular inequalities i.e workplace. Use mindmap sheets to describe and evaluate:- • Marxist – Reserve army of labour and Deskilling • Weberian – Dual Labour Market • Liberal Feminist – Rational Choice Theory/Hakim

  11. Essay Plan – Critically discuss feminist explanations of gender inequalities. (30) • Intro – outline Feminist thinking and define patriarchy. • Describe 3 types of feminism each with a criticism or comparison to another perspective which does not place importance on gender issues e.g functionalism • Outline inequalities which occur in society (repeated from part a) – focus on patriarchy and continuance of inequalities i.e in the workplace (glass ceiling, Horizontal and Vertical Segregation) • Describe explanations of inequalities in the workplace, Weber, Marxist Feminism with a criticism or comparison for each one. • Conclude with summary and acknowledgement of progress made by women in 21st C but that inequality still exists.