interreg iv b north sea project vital rural area n.
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Interreg IV B North Sea Project Vital Rural Area PowerPoint Presentation
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Interreg IV B North Sea Project Vital Rural Area

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Interreg IV B North Sea Project Vital Rural Area - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interreg IV B North Sea Project Vital Rural Area
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  1. Interreg IV B North Sea Project Vital Rural Area An overview

  2. Project organisation 13 partner regions from 6 North Sea countries (N, NL, B, DK, D, UK) Lead partner: Region Northeast Fryslan (NL) Scientific team and scientific group University of South Denmark (DK) Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (NL) University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK) Project management Peter Laan / Wietse Hermanns

  3. Project finances Budget (2009-2014) • Total funding € 7,7 Mio • ERDF funding € 3,85 Mio • Cofinancing partners € 3,85 Mio

  4. Scope of the project and content basis • To find strategies to fortify rural areas by: • Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs • by empowerment of SME’s towards new economical prospects and innovations • 2) Improving the overall perception of the region • by branding towards a professional exposure of regions • 3) Delivering more and better services • by optimizing services, towards more and better accessible services and amenities

  5. Outcome of the project 43 ‘best practice’ project cases Fitting into one of the 7 Vital themes

  6. The Rural Power Pack • Based on the project results and scientific knowledge the Rural Power Pack was developed: • A general working method/standard for tackling rural problems commonly encountered in rural areas • Tested transnationally on its transferability to other regions • Offering tools and instruments to be used in other regions

  7. The Rural Power Pack

  8. Example Rural Power Pack methodology

  9. Dissemination of projectresults • Dissemination of results (2013-2014) over a web-based structure by: • appealing presentation of results (uniform project format, “story telling” form) • connecting to networks and projects throughout EU 27 • aiming for interactive growth of knowledge by sharing project results and experiences • adding results from other projects and programmes

  10. Dissemination in UK • Vital partner Norfolk County Council connecting to other UK regions (i.a. Suffolk) and other EU regions • UK Country page on Vital website • Themes: SME Empowerment and Education • Output: • - addition of new projects, new partners, new insights into themes chosen plus new themes to be developed • - by Master classes, webinars, conferences, events • - presentation of Vital dissemination results on Annual • Conference Interreg North Sea of 25-26 June 2014

  11. Dissemination as precursor of new programming and theme development • Combining themes into a new theme -> Healthy Ageing, Welfare and Lifestyle • Searching for new partnerships using the existing ones • Heading for a new project either within the Interreg North Sea programme 2014-2020 or another program

  12. Welfare, lifestyle and ‘healthy ageing’ project themes Personel and offer to market demand Obese Poverty Employment young-old Physical activity Nutrition and mal-nutrition Social cohesion / exclusion, Community building and Good governance Food quality and life style Care: organization and financing Prevention of care Technology Smart medicines, domotics and ICT-applications Workforce Care and housing, multifunctional use