1950 s american culture
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1950’s American Culture . If only the Gov’t. came up with some dumb way to protect me. Fashion Women Dresses blouses Skirts Pants Hair Swimsuits Shoes Makeup Prom and Evening Dresses Teenagers Men Hair Suits Shirts Hats Shoes. Music of the 1950’s Houses Levittowns

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1950 s american culture

1950’s American Culture

If only the Gov’t. came up with some dumb way to protect me.

1950 s american culture1











Prom and Evening Dresses








Music of the 1950’s



Community Planning

House Styles

Floor Plans Plans



Notable 50’s Events




1950’s American Culture

Alan freed and sam phillips

Alan Freed Cleveland DJ coins the term Rock and Roll

Sam Phillips owner of Sun Records in Memphis

Alan Freed and Sam Phillips

Alan Freed

Sam Phillips

Sun records

Owned by Sam Phillips

Memphis, TN

Johnny Cash, Elvis, Sam Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis “The Million Dollar Quartet”

Sun Records

1950 1954 music

Coined Bubble Gum Music because of its sweet sound and nice lyrics

Light Melodies

Innocent Lyrics

Wholesome Singers

Music reflected the Post W.W.II good feelings

Artists such as Perry Como, Rosemary Clooney, and Pat Boone Dominated the charts

1950-1954 Music

Music of the 1950 s

1950-1954 Music Overview lyrics

Freed and Phillips

Sun Records


Influential Songs


American Bandstand

The Rat Pack




Music of the 1950’s

The rat pack

Frank Sinatra lyrics

Dean Martin

Lauren Bacall

Judy Garland

Humphrey Bogart

Sammy Davis Jr.

Peter Lawford

Joey Bishop

Cast in the 1960’s

The Rat Pack

American bandstand

Begin in 1952 as a local show in Philadelphia lyrics

1956 ABC picks it up as a national show Dick Clark becomes the host

Starts off as a daily show, then becomes weekly in 1963

American Bandstand Theme song

Moves to LA in 1964

Jerry Lee Lewis performs the first song on the national edition- “Whole Lotta Shaking Going On”

Dick Clark’s podium that he stood at, is now in the Smithsonian.

B.B. King is the only performer to not lip sync on American Bandstand

American Bandstand

American bandstand theme song
American Bandstand Theme Song lyrics

  • "Bandstand Boogie"Music by Charles Albertine Words by Barry Manilow and Bruse Sussman"We're goin' hoppin' (Hop!) We're goin' hopin' today Where things are poppin'(Pop!) The Philadelphia way We're goin' drop in (Drop!)On all the music they play On the Bandstand.! "

Elvis takes over lyrics

The Platters

Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

Johnny Cash

Little Richard


Buddy Holly lyrics

Everly Brothers

Fats Domino

Pat Boone

Chuck Berry

1957 was the last year in the history of Rock in which all of the year end Top Ten artists were American


Jerry Lee Lewis’ marriage lyrics

Danny and the Juniors


Connie Francis

Little Anthony

Elvis is in the Army


The day the music dies lyrics

Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper, and Buddy Holly all killed in a plane crash

Paul Anka

Bobby Darin


Chess Records in Chicago signs Chuck Berry lyrics

Leonard Chess is introduced to Berry by Muddy Waters

Bill Haley and His Comets have a hit with “Rock around the Clock”

Chuck Berry record Maybellene which was called Ida Red

Berry had been studying cosmetology before this song


1955 lyrics

  • 1955 spawned five titles considered by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to be among the 500 Most Influential - Ain't That a Shame (Fats Domino), Earth Angel (The Penguins), Mannish Boy (Muddy Waters), Maybellene (Chuck Berry), and Rock Around the Clock (Bill Haley and the Comets).

Inventions of the 1950 s

1950 lyrics










Inventions of the 1950’s

1950 lyrics

  • Zenith introduces "lazy bones" tuning - change all television stations from the comfort of your easy chair. Hand held device plugs into TV

  • Antihistamines enter popular use for treatment of allergies and head-colds.

  • Leo Fender's guitar company introduced their Broadcaster and Esquire models, the first mass-produced solid body electric guitars.

  • Telephone Answering Machine created by Bell Laboratories and Western Electric.

1951 lyrics

  • UNIVAC 1 First commercial computer.

  • A.E.C. (Atomic Energy Commission) produces electricity from atomic energy.

  • Super glue invented.

  • American automobile manufacturer Chrysler Corporation introduces power steering., which they called Hydraguide.

  • Charles Ginsburg invented the first videotape recorder (VTR).

  • J. Andre-Thomas invents the first heart-lung machine, allowing advanced life-support during open-heart surgery.

  • Still camera gets built-in flash units.

1952 lyrics

  • The first patent for bar code (US Patent #2,612,994) issued to inventors Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver

  • American automobile manufacturer Chrysler Corporation introduces power steering., which they called Hydraguide.

  • Sony, a brand new Japanese company, introduces the first pocket-sized transistor radio More

1953 lyrics

  • Radial tires invented.

  • The first musical synthesizer invented by RCA

  • The first 3-D movie is shown: Arch Oboler's Bwana Devil, starring Robert Stack. Learn More

  • Francis Crick and James Watson discover the ``double helix'' of DNA.

  • Con-Tact paper debuts

  • Dr. Jonas Salk announces discovery of the vaccine for poliomyelitis

  • White Rose Redi-tea is the world's first instant iced tea

  • Dow Chemical creates Saran Wrap

  • TV color broadcasting began in 1953

1954 lyrics

  • Oral contraceptives invented.

  • The first nonstick pan produced.

  • The solar cell invented by Chaplin, Fuller and Pearson.

  • The first successful kidney transplant is performed in the U.S. by Harvard physicians. The patient will survive for seven more years.

  • General Electric introduces colored kitchen appliances. Bye, bye white!

1955 lyrics

  • Tetracycline invented.

  • Optic fiber invented Zenith engineer Eugene Polley invented the "Flashmatic," which represented the industry's first wireless TV remote.

  • Gregory Pincus develops the first oral contraceptive

1956 lyrics

  • The first computer hard disk used.

  • As a result of the joint research of Sherman and Smith, the Scotchgard™ Protector was launched in the marketplace

  • Secretary Bette Nesmith Graham invented "Mistake Out" later renamed, Liquid Paper

  • The first commercial videotape recorder is introduced. The device is intended for industrial applications, and it quickly revolutionizes the way television programming is produced.

1957 lyrics

  • Fortran (computer language) invented.

  • Velcro is patented by George de Mestral of Switzerland.

  • Eveready produces "AA" size alkaline batteries

1958 lyrics

  • The modem invented.

  • Gordon Gould invents the laser.

  • The integrated circuit invented by Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce.

  • Sterophonic recordings, which use two separately recorded channels of sound to recreate a sense of space, come into commercial use.

1959 lyrics

  • The internal pacemaker invented by Wilson Greatbatch.

  • In 1959, Joseph-Armand Bombardier of Valcourt, Quebec, Canada patented the Ski-Doo, originally christened the Ski-Dog, but renamed because of a typographical error that Bombardier decided not to change. You know it as a snowmobile.

Notable 50 s
Notable 50’s lyrics

  • 19501956

  • 19511957

  • 19521958

  • 19531959

  • 1954

  • 1955

1959 lyrics

  • The Day the Music Dies

  • One word: Barbie

  • Jiffy Pop

  • Last Confederate soldier dies(the South will not rise again)

  • Bonanza debuts

  • The Guggenheim

  • Sleeping Beauty

  • Vince Lombardi starts in Green Bay

  • Metrecal is introduced

1950 lyrics

  • Silly Putty is introduced

  • Smokey the Bear starts

  • Peanuts starts

  • 23% Divorce Rate

  • Average age of marriage is 22 years old

  • Kraft Cheese Slices are introduced

1951 lyrics

  • Topps sells it first complete Baseball Card set

  • Catcher in the Rye is published

  • S and H green stamps are started in Denver

  • Dennis the Menace is in over 750,000 newspapers

  • Alice in Wonderland released

  • First Jack in the Box opens in San Diego

1952 lyrics

  • Old Man and the Sea is published

  • Mr. Potato Head

  • 50,000 stricken with Polio and 3,300 die

  • Sugar Frosted Flakes

  • The Power of Positive Thinking comes out.

  • Gibson introduces the Les Paul guitar

  • Sony comes out with a transistor radio

1953 lyrics

  • Playboy first published; first pictorials were of Marilyn Monroe.

  • Jonas Salk comes up with discovery for polio

  • Kraft Cheese Whiz

  • Fahrenheit 451 is published

1954 lyrics

  • Sports Illustrated is Born

  • Burger King Opens

  • M & M’s come out

  • Lord of the Rings is published

  • Play Doh

  • Bazooka Joe Comics

  • Bannister breaks the 4 minute mile

  • TV dinner is born

1955 lyrics

  • Ann Landers columns starts in Chicago

  • Home microwave sales start $1300

  • KFC starts

  • McDonalds starts

  • Disneyland opens

  • Ford Thunderbird debuts

1956 lyrics

  • Yahtzee is Born

  • Certs save the world from bad breath

  • Wizard of Oz appears on TV

  • Last Union soldier dies from the Civil War

  • Marilyn Monroe marries Arthur Miller

1957 lyrics

  • 47 million tv sets

  • Tang is introduced

  • West Side Story hits Broadway

  • Jackie Robinson

  • Frisbee is nationally marketed

  • American Bandstand Goes National: Dick Clark is the Host

  • On the Road is published

  • Ed Gein’s killing spree stops

  • Barry Gordy starts MoTown Records

1958 lyrics

  • Dr. Zhivago is published in the US. Banned in the USSR

  • American Express and Visa are born

  • HULA Hoop rolls out

  • Grammy Award comes out

  • 4,063 Drive Ins

  • Rice a Roni

  • Cocoa Krispies comes out(43% sugar)

1950 s fads
1950’s Fads lyrics

  • 3-D Movies

  • Chlorophyll

  • Coonskin Caps

  • Think Pink

  • Poodles

  • Telephone Cramming

  • Burma Shave

Burma shave

Altho insured lyricsRemember, kiddoThey don't pay you They payYour widow Burma-Shave

SpringHas sprungThe grass has rizWhere last year'sCareless drivers is Burma-Shave

Burma Shave

Burma shave cont d

Proper lyricsDistanceTo him was bunk They pulled him outOf some guy's trunkBurma-Shave

A beardThat's roughAnd overgrown Is better thanA chaperone Burma-Shave

Burma Shave Cont’d.

Poodles lyrics

  • Poodles become very popular. Poodles influence everything from skirts to lamps, even hair influenced by the poodles.


Beat odor. I figured your first question would be - what is that supposed to do for you? And the answer is that it was widely believed that chlorophyll eliminated bad smells.So they added it to every kind of product imaginable. The picture at left just suggests the variety and number of items to which chlorophyll became a promotable ingredient.Yes, chlorophyll is the stuff that makes plants green. Today many people still tout the benefits of it for health. No, I don't think you can just go out and eat a shrub and get the same result.While not engaging in the debate of chlorophyll's therapeutic properties, suffice it to say that it sold well. Until "The Journal of the American Medical Association" pointed out grazing goats virtually live on chlorophyll and they smell bad just the same.


Coonskin caps

Davy Crockett was a big influence on kids. These hats were very popular with the kids who liked anything to do with the West, or cowboys or indians.

100 million dollars worth of coonskin caps were sold in a year.

Coonskin Caps

Telephone cramming

Starts in South Africa, goes to England, and then comes to California in 1959.

Record of 25 people set in S.Africa 22 in America

VW Beetle cramming also was a short-lived fad.

Telephone Cramming

Pink California in 1959.

  • Formerly considered a "girlish" color, pink invaded men's wear. Yessir, pilgrims, even real tough hombres were donning pink ties, shirts, and bathrobes. Serious corporate types could be seen wearing pink under their grey flannel suits. This display of sartorial splendor was a radical departure from the drab neutral colors that once limited men's clothing choices.Pink was everywhere. There were pink bathrooms with accessories to match, pink cosmetics and of course, the ubiquitous pink poodle. And then there was Elvis with his famous pink Cadillacs.

3 d movies
3-D Movies California in 1959.

  • Reemerge during the 1950’s

  • Images appear to be coming out at you

  • Moviegoers are giving the 3-D glasses

  • Most films were sci-fi or monster movies

The misunderstood creature
The misunderstood Creature California in 1959.

Hi kids. Wanna go for a swim?

Kitchen California in 1959.

Levittowns models
Levittowns Models California in 1959.

Apartment living 50 s style
Apartment Living 50’s Style California in 1959.

Levittowner floor plan
Levittowner Floor Plan California in 1959.

Planning the community
Planning the Community California in 1959.

The Community “Plan” included schools, places of worship, recreation areas and shopping facilities as well as houses. This comprehensive approach is analogous Levitt's house planning which, for example, included landscaping as well as providing a washer, stove and refrigerator in each house. Levitt’s approach to community planning and design created a full-service community with "built-in" features—just like its houses. For example, elementary schools were centered inside each master block of sections so that, in Levitt's words, "no child will have to walk more than one half mile to school or cross any major road."

The Community Plan and design included:    41 Sections with 17,311 single family houses    171 miles of roads    5 Olympic-sized community swimming pools    Little League baseball fields    Lots of green space and neighborhood parks    Large, multi-purpose Community Hall    Two large, centralized Shopping Centers    Sites set aside & donated for churches & schools

Teenage girls

Should I play Pantera or RATT? California in 1959.

I’ve got mad hops.

Teenage Girls

They should intern her dress.

Did you see what Suzie was wearing? Hello, it is not 1945, the war is over.

Shoes California in 1959.

Shirts California in 1959.

Hats California in 1959.

1950 s hair
1950’s Hair California in 1959.

I can’t even have my own shake.

Yes, I am this cool.


Men s suits
Men’s Suits California in 1959.

Women s shoes
Women’s Shoes California in 1959.

Evening and prom dresses
Evening and Prom Dresses California in 1959.

1950 s makeup
1950’s Makeup California in 1959.

Lilac Pastel, Apricot Pastel, Honey Pastel, Pink Pastel, Peach Pastel, Strawberry Pastel. See what I mean? And across, Snow Ball of Fire.

1950 s pants outfits
1950’s Pants/Outfits California in 1959.

1950 s swimsuits
1950’s Swimsuits California in 1959.

Technically, any two piece suit is a bikini. But do you know where the name comes from? Originally created by Parisian designer Louis Reard in 1946, he named it after the Bikini Atoll, where the atomic bomb was tested!

1950 s women s dresses
1950’s Women’s Dresses California in 1959.

Women s hairstyles
Women’s Hairstyles California in 1959.

Women s skirts
Women’s Skirts California in 1959.

Blouses California in 1959.