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STIS Status. TIPS July 16, 2009. STIS Status. STIS MIE anomaly What is known STIS CCD status before the anomaly STIS MAMA SMOV status. STIS MIE Anomaly. STIS currently suspended

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stis status

STIS Status


July 16, 2009

stis status1
STIS Status
  • STIS MIE anomaly
    • What is known
  • STIS CCD status before the anomaly
  • STIS MAMA SMOV status
stis mie anomaly
STIS MIE Anomaly
  • STIS currently suspended
  • Original suspend (day 187): Main STIS CS computer unable to get timecode update from MIE (MAMA Interface Electronics) that was needed to populate the header of a CCD exposure.
    • Originally suspected that single event upset had hung up the MIE 486.
  • 2nd suspend (day 190): Suspended while attempting to copy MIE memory to CS. Done before full reset in attempt to preserve MIE memory
    • Theorized that problem with MIE dump was caused by lack of full reset, and hoped a full reset would clear the problem.
    • About 1/2 of MIE memory was successfully copied.
  • 3rd suspend (191): Did full reset and successfully recovered STIS to operate, but suspended while attempting to copy MIE memory to CS.
    • MIE copy to CS seems to have succeeded, but still suspended
    • Recovery included successful queries of MIE for time code update (I.e., the original problem from day 187 did not recur).
    • Observed events suggest transient failure on MIE FIFO Flags interface between CS and MIE?

STIS MIE Anomaly - cont

  • What we know:
    • The three anomalies occurred during three different circumstances and have three different and - in some aspects - inconsistent signatures
    • Observed events suggest transient failure on MIE FIFO Flags interface between CS and MIE
  • Investigation is continuing
    • Perhaps MIE dump problem is separate from original time code update problem?
    • STIS still suspended
  • Hope to allow resumption of CCD operations soon, while analysis continues.
    • See if original anomaly reoccurs.
    • CCD observations could, in principle work around MIE problems
    • Since anomalies are not yet understood, implications for MAMA observations are not yet known
stis ccd read noise
STIS CCD Read Noise
  • STIS CCD read noise slightly increased from ~ 5.4 e- in 2004 to ~ 5.7 e- now
  • Side 2 read-noise includes ~ 1 DN of semi-coherent 17 kHz pattern noise
    • This pattern noise appears to be unchanged after SM4
stis ccd dark current
STIS CCD Dark Current
  • CCD housing temperature (OCCDHT) surrogate for CCD chip T
  • For comparison these plots scale darks to housing temperature of 18 C
  • Dark rate increases by 7%/degree of housing temperature
  • 2009 aft-shroud hotter than 2004
    • When MAMAs on, OCCDHT 22-25 C
    • With MAMAs off, OCCDHT 16-18 C
  • RN between 0.009 and 0.013 e-/s, fluctuating with temperature
tds cte effects
TDS & CTE effects
  • Standard monitor target AGK+81o266 (*’s) shows large scatter at low flux levels (right panel), even in 2004 - correlates with T
  • Need to separate T dependence of CTE before deriving final throughput estimates
CTE extrapolated to zero background as a function of flux level
  • 2009 points are at colder T than older data
    • Expect reduced CTE losses at lower T
mama smov status
    • FUV MAMA HV ramped to full values
    • Fold test & flat look as expected
    • Dark current perhaps lower than expected
    • Initial steps of NUV MAMA HV recovery completed
    • Have not yet ramped NUV HV to level where tube generates real counts.
  • Still need to do initial internal lamp exposures and external exposures with both MAMAs
  • Once MAMAs cleared for operations, most SMOV activities for either or both could be completed in a week if time available.