Station-wide Marketing Strategies:  Unwrapped
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Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped. How to Create a Marketing Plan. Julie Irby Marketing and Outreach Director Arkansas Educational Television Network. Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped. The Value of having a Marketing Plan.

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Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped

How to Create a Marketing Plan

Julie Irby

Marketing and Outreach Director

Arkansas Educational Television Network

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Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped

The Value of having a Marketing Plan

  • Forces you to identify WHO you are and what you NEED to promote

  • Provides a timeline for the year

  • Allows you to budget for your projects

  • You now have a document to share with leadership and decision

  • makers for buy-in, partnership, inclusion

  • You can now carry out marketing campaigns that are consistent ,

  • coordinated and truly further your brand

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Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped

A Marketing Plan has two purposes

  • To guide marketing strategies that promote your OVERALL brand

  • (the big stuff YOU want to push)

  • To guide marketing strategies that promote SPECIFIC needs of your ‘clients’

  • (the support required for what your CLIENTS want to push)

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Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped

Planning process: planning your plan

  • Determine station-wide needs for the FY with management

  • (target audiences, niche to push, what’s new to promote)

  • Determine what National programs to support

  • Determine with ‘clients’ what their goals are for the year

  • (review their strategic plans)

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Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped

How to organize your plan

  • By campaign (What YOU want to push)

  • By marketing method

  • (helpful for Marketing Staff to see their responsibilities)

  • By client

  • (Production/programming, Education, Development) and then

  • create mini-plans for each client’s major project.

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Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped

Pieces of a Marketing Plan

  • State the top 3 or 4 Marketing objectives (what every part of your

  • plan should be based on)

  • Clearly list the Marketing Team who will carry out the plan and what

  • they are accountable for

  • Strategies/tactics for each campaign, project (using the multi-platform

  • method)

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Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped

Pieces of a Marketing Plan (continued)

  • Include messaging, boilerplates

  • State the goal of your Marketing Division

  • Calendar and timeline

  • Budget

  • Sign-off by management

  • Create any mini-plans for large campaigns, projects

    (see Parks Initiative mini-plan, place to have tactics)

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Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped


  • Clients don’t have a plan, therefore hard for you to plan how to support them

  • Clients can’t support what YOU want to push

  • Clients don’t include you in their planning or try to do their own Marketing

  • Other pieces of marketing/support need to be in place:

    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

    • Graphic Standards/style sheets for projects/Branding

    • Station-wide Strategic Plan

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Station-wide Marketing Strategies: Unwrapped

Review AETN plan (see handout)

  • Method: Review multi-platform strategy

  • (see handout/next slide). Next plan will be

  • organized by multi-platform method –

  • by project, then fill in mp methods

  • Mini-plan: Review Parks plan

  • (see handout)


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Multiplatform Strategy: Sample Activities






-Screening & discussion events with community partners (a short series of 3 to 5 events planned in “underserved” areas)

-Feature community-based partners in My Source-branded on-air spots, and leverage for trade (web / newsletter placements, etc)

-Enlist local community partners to speak with station reps at government, media, and local events

-Pitch feature stories on work with local community-based orgs

-Place My Source spots on websites of community partners or others outside pubcasting system

-Letters to the editor

-Station management / board / ambassadors appear and speak at City Council meetings

-Include prominent My Source messaging on all pages of station websites

-Paid or trade radio ads or PSAs featuring ambassadors and community members

-Print Advertising (paid or trade)

-Enhance partnerships with community-based organizations around My Source branded sponsorships

-Wire Releases: MarketWire or other to garner broad visibility among journalists and public including embedded video and live Web links

-Online chats, interviews, and other content featuring My Source ambassadors and station management / board to explain pubcasting’s value

-Station management / board / ambassadors speak at luncheons and community events around town

-Leverage local programming to include segments on public broadcasters (interviews with management / board or ambassadors)

-Teach-Ins (station professionals teach basics of video production, pod casting, journalism, etc.)—putting resources in the hands of the community

-Station Management / board / ambassadors undertake higher-profile visits to state capitol / county seat

-Pitch feature stories on tangible contributions station makes in the community

-UGC My Source Testimonials available on station website (contest idea)

-Recruit locally-based ambassadors (community leaders, celebrities, etc.) to appear in My Source testimonials

-Enlist local My Source ambassadors to speak at government, media, and local events

-Community events with ambassadors that showcase pubcasting and solicit testimonials from attendees at “camera stations”

-Editorial Board Meetings (station management / board / ambassadors)

-Online marketing campaign includes enhanced content on station homepage coupled with external promotional drivers to increase traffic

-Feature best UGC My Source spots on-air, as prize for contest winners

-Enlist winners of UGC testimonial contest to speak as “authentic local voice” at government, community, and media events

-Op-Ed Piece in daily paper

-Pitch stories to business / technology / media writers about online initiatives

-Community contest for best “homemade” My Source testimonial