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Info on cool animals

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Info on cool animals. By: Kiley Osteen 5 th grade. Cool facts about bears.

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info on cool animals

Info on cool animals

By: Kiley Osteen

5th grade

cool facts about bears
Cool facts about bears

As you guys well know, Grizzly bears often eat fish. Like I often eat chicken, yum. And when They hibernate their heart rate goes down to 40. Weird, right? Before they hibernate they eat 90 pounds. So they don’t have wake up during their hibernation and have to find some nice fish to chow down on!!!

amazing horses
Amazing Horses

There’s a bunch you don’t know about horses. Like, by horses flicking their tale is a sign that the coats is clear. Isn’t that cool. And that horses use their sharp hooves to get water out of the ground when they walk. Horses are very graceful animals. You would never think that they weigh up to 440 or 750 pounds. Interesting stuff, uh?

lion info
Lion info

Lions mostly live in groups of 15. Or more. But isn’t it hard to think that these strong and fast adorable animals usually only score one kill each day of several tries. And a male lions roar can travel five miles. That’s amazing. Imagine if your screams could travel that far. WOW


Young dolphins are very attached to their mother. They are so attached that the mimic every thing his or her mother does. And that is how young dolphins learn. Grown dolphins can leap as high as 20 feet out of the water. I wish I can jump that high!!!

adorable polar bears
Adorable polar bears

Could you imagine sleeping for 5 months. That's how long polar bears hibernate. And after they are done hibernating they wake up, so their new born polar bears can see what their home looks like and then they go back to sleep for ten more days. After the extra ten days they never go back in that same hole that they hibernated in that year. They must be starving after 5 months of sleeping and no food. So right when the wake up they go find food. They find there food in the water. They eat new born seals. Polar bears dry of by rolling in the snow. But mom has some trouble getting her cubs from out of the water.

the ending
The Ending

And that’s all the facts. But did you enjoy it? I hope you did. I serenely enjoyed making. But if you want to look at it again you can go to and go to Kiley Osteen and there is my page and look for facts about animals. And there are more there to. But for now, Bye!!!!