building a successful organization from the bottom up n.
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Building a Successful Organization from the Bottom Up PowerPoint Presentation
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Building a Successful Organization from the Bottom Up

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Building a Successful Organization from the Bottom Up - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building a Successful Organization from the Bottom Up. Mark Laret CEO UCSF Medical Center ABOG, April 5, 2005. My Undergraduate Experience at UCLA. MLK Holiday, 1994. Opportunity at UCI. UCSF Medical Center 2000. End of failed merger with Stanford

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Building a Successful Organization from the Bottom Up

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building a successful organization from the bottom up

Building a Successful Organization from the Bottom Up

Mark Laret


UCSF Medical Center

ABOG, April 5, 2005

ucsf medical center 2000
UCSF Medical Center 2000

End of failed merger with Stanford

Lead management positions held by Hunter Group

$60 million annualized operating loss

Low of $12 MM (6 days) cash on hand

“Reportable condition” on audit

IT, other infrastructure in poor condition

Lack of clear strategic direction

Low employee and faculty morale

Low patient satisfaction

ucsf medical center 2005
UCSF Medical Center 2005
  • Operating income will exceed $60 million
  • Cash approximately $120 million
  • Strong and increasing support of academic mission
  • Major investments in facilities and equipment underway
  • Long-term hospital replacement plan developed
  • Implementing strategic plan
  • Highest patient satisfaction of SF hospitals
  • Improved employee turnover and morale
  • UCSF Medical Center ranks 6th among top 10 hospitals in US
successful organizations
Successful Organizations

Are built from the bottom up


Rely on the top to empower the bottom

managing in bad times
Managing in Bad Times
  • Accept as a given that there are always problems in every organization
  • We only control the sail . . . and not the wind.
the importance of looking in the mirror
The Importance of Looking in the Mirror
  • Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee: Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • Leader’s mood and behaviors drive the moods and behaviors of everyone else.
  • Start in front of the mirror.
the mirror continued
The Mirror, continued
  • Tom Hopkins: How to Master the Art of Selling
  • To be something, act like something.
  • Accept: Leaders are in service to everyone else in the organization.
the importance of knowing where we are heading
The Importance of Knowing Where We are Heading
  • Douglas McGregor: The Human Side of Enterprise
  • Theory X: mushroom diet
  • Theory Y: ownership of work leads to creativity and commitment
ucsf medical center mission vision values
UCSF Medical CenterMission, Vision, Values
    • Caring, Healing, Teaching, Discovering
    • To be the best provider of healthcare,
    • The best place to work, and to have
    • The best environment for teaching and research
    • Embodied in PRIDE: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence
  • Roy Disney: “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”
  • Aaron Lohr: “Always err in favor of the patient.”
  • Widely accepted and practiced values help control behavior
the importance of people
The Importance of People
  • Jim Collins: Good to Great
  • People first, strategy second
  • The criteria:
    • Integrity
    • Attitude
    • Intelligence
  • Hire people who are better than you
the importance of communication
The Importance of Communication

“Communicate, communicate, communicate until you are sick of hearing yourself, then communicate some more.”

Jack Welch, former CEO General Electric

the importance of getting good advice
The Importance of Getting Good Advice
  • UCSF Executive Council:
    • Dick Rosenberg, former chair B of A
    • Mike Ullman, CEO JC Penney
    • Max Messmer, CEO Robert Half International
    • Toni Rembe, Pillsbury law firm
    • Howard Lester, Chairman Wm Sonoma
    • Doug Shorenstein, Shorenstein Real Estate
    • Bill Davidow, Mohr Davidow
  • Engaged in every major issue facing UCSF Medical Center
  • Every leader needs people who will tell you the truth
  • Every organization has challenges
  • Getting everyone, from the bottom up engaged is key to success
  • This begins with the leader him/herself
  • Clear and compelling mission, vision, values
  • The right people
  • Communicate often
  • Get advice