empowering the family as the first line of support caregiver support and financial security n.
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Presented By Poongkodi , Khairunnisah,,Widyawati , NoorAzha and Shirley PowerPoint Presentation
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Presented By Poongkodi , Khairunnisah,,Widyawati , NoorAzha and Shirley

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Presented By Poongkodi , Khairunnisah,,Widyawati , NoorAzha and Shirley - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Empowering the Family as the First Line of Support – Caregiver Support and Financial Security. Presented By Poongkodi , Khairunnisah,,Widyawati , NoorAzha and Shirley. Efforts over the last 5 years….

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empowering the family as the first line of support caregiver support and financial security

Empowering the Family as the First Line of Support – Caregiver Support and Financial Security

Presented By

Poongkodi, Khairunnisah,,Widyawati,

NoorAzha and Shirley


2004 – Information portal DIRC (launch by NCSS)Aim: Provide updated information on disability to the general public and to link PWDS and the caregiver to the relevant services through its referral service.Services: Online, telephone and face to face information to the public and home visits


2005 – MCYS piloted the Family Support Group Programme AWWA FSGP, Down Syndrome, Rainbow CentreAim: Provide social and emotional support through peer encouragement.Programme: Caregiver support group, sibling camps and parent volunteer training.In the same year ‘A First Step’ programme initiated by NUH was scrapped due to lack of resources.


2006 – AWWA piloted a 2 year Caregivers Centre (for the elderly and disability sectors)Aim: To raise general awareness and develop support services.Services: Services are the same as the previous year, in addition training for caregivers and service providers, promotion of networking and collaboration and public education.


CONSULTATION WITH VARIOUS STAKEHOLDERS (in order to better understand the needs of caregivers)Caregivers Service Providers Parents WorkgroupConcerns: Need to ensure continuity and more services to be provided in order for caregivers to be empowered as the first line of support.


RECOMMENDATIONSFOR NEXT 5 YEARS2 Main thrusts 7 strategiesThrust 1: Caregiver centreThrust 2: Enhance Existing Programme and Services


7 StrategiesStrategy 1: Set up a disability caregiver centre. (thrust 1 – caregiver centre)In 2030, 20% of population will be above the age of 65 and there will be a rise in PWDs, thus the need to set up different sector with different skills to meet the needs of the abovementioned. At present there is only 1 caregiver centre run by AWWA. However, due to increasing needs of both group, specialisation would be needed.


Strategy 2: Build Caregiver Support into Existing Programme (thrust 2)1. Caregiver wanted more support to address the emotional needs and behavioral challenges of their dependants. 2. Over reliance of caregivers on the professionals.Strategy 3: Provide Caregiver Training GrantSince parents need parenting and family life skills for special needs situation thus a training grant for caregivers is provided.


Strategy 4: Increase Access to Information and Referral ServicesIncrease in the number of people seeking help –Job matching and financial help. With that additional support to be provided to DIRC to meet increasing demand.Strategy 5: Extend Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Levy ConcessionReduce financial burden of caregivers.


Strategy 6:Ensure Services are Affordable to Families of Persons with DisabilitiesA review and update was recommended by the committee.Strategy 7:Enhance the Financial Security of Persons with Disabilities


Presentation of Parent’s Workgroup revealed low awareness and application of financial planning and discipline among the respondents. Committee supports that the report is a good indication of the realities of concern of every parent with child with special needs.

The Government is looking into setting up a one-stop umbrella body to focus on financial security of PWDs. The committee supports the call for the Government to review the current health schemes such as Medishield and ElderShield.


ConclusionThe committee hopes that the caregivers of PWDs would build better coping capabilities and be more resilient to take care of their dependants as well as their own needs.

job allocation
Job Allocation

Each of us read up and summarize each of our part.

Azaha:- Type

Poongkodiand Shirley:- Editing of power point

Khairunnisahand Widyawati:- Elaboration and parting of information and printing