organ and tissue donation n.
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Organ and Tissue Donation PowerPoint Presentation
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Organ and Tissue Donation

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Organ and Tissue Donation

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Organ and Tissue Donation

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  1. Organ and Tissue Donation

  2. Donor Network of Arizona • Federally designated, nonprofit, organ procurement organization (OPO) • OPOs - Responsible for two main functions within their designated service area: • 1) Increasing the number of registered donors • 2) Coordinating the donation process

  3. Donation facts On average 22 people die each day while waiting for a transplant. Every 10 minutes, someone is added to the national transplant waiting list. * As of January 2018

  4. What is donation? • Lifesaving gift to others in need • Comfort to donor families

  5. Donation Overview • Four types of donors Organ Donors Tissue Donors Living Donors Birth Tissue Donation

  6. Organ donation • One organ donor can save eight lives. 1:8

  7. What organs can be donated? • Lungs (2) • Liver • Intestines • Heart • Kidneys (2) • Pancreas

  8. The paths to organ donation

  9. Organ preservation times* *Information from

  10. Sunni, Mark and Traci • Sunni was just 17 years old when she passed away in a tragic car accident. • Because of her decision to register as an organ donor, four people are alive today. • The man who received her heart, Mark, was able to meet Sunni’s mom, Traci, and thank her for her daughter’s gift of life. • Registering gives hope to people like Mark and allows you to live on through others.

  11. “The doctors will not try as hard to save me if they know I’m an organ donor.” True or False?

  12. FALSE Donation is not an option until someone has passed away. Until that time, doctors and nurses do everything in their power to save the person in their care. The doctors who are involved in caring for patients at the hospital are not the same doctors involved in the donation and transplantation process.

  13. Tissue donation • One tissue donor can restore health and heal the lives of more than 75 people.

  14. What tissues can be donated?

  15. What is the cornea? • The clear, contact-like tissue covering the front of the eye that is the main focusing element. • Vision is dramatically reduced if the cornea becomes cloudy from disease, injury or infection. • A cornea transplant can repair or restore the vision of the recipient.

  16. Bone donation • Bone donation is another aspect of tissue donation. • This person’s femur had a tumor, and a donor bone was able to replace the diseased area to repair the femur. Before transplant After transplant

  17. Nathan • Nathan suffered a sports injury that required him to have surgery on his knee. • Thanks to a generous tissue donor, his ACL was repaired and he was able to go back to playing baseball for his high school.

  18. Living donation • A person can donate one kidney or part of the liver • Who can donate? • Good health • Must be 18 years or older • Directed or non-directed donation • Living donation is facilitated through transplant centers Kylie Wright and Spencer Giles, kidney donor and kidney recipient; sisters

  19. Who can be a donor? • Anyone 15 ½+ can express their wishes to be an organ and tissue donor by joining the DonateLifeAZ Registry. • Until the age of 18, the final decision still falls to a parent. • Doctors determine medical suitability for donation at the time of a patient’s passing. • There is no age limit on registering to be a donor. • People with existing medical conditions can register and potentially donate.

  20. Why register? • Sign up, save lives!

  21. Ways to register DONOR

  22. Share your decision! • Talk to your friends and family about your decision to register to save & heal lives. • Share on social media and encourage your social networks to register as well. Follow us! @DonateLifeAZ