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What is Aevidum ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Aevidum ?.

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What is aevidum
What is Aevidum?

Aevidum’sgoal is to create a positive mental health environment, a culture of “I Got Your Back” in schools and communities across the nation by forming Aevidum chapters and by empowering youth. The Aevidum message is delivered creatively through a series of student-generated materials, interactive displays, high-energy assemblies, community events, etc.

What is aevidum1
What is Aevidum?

In addition to appearing on TV, radio and in newspapers across Pa, Aevidum has appeared on Good Morning America.

How did aevidum start
How did aevidum start?

Joe Vulopas believes in empowering students and educators. Joe, a McCaskey graduate, is the Executive Director of Aevidum. He is on a leave of absence from teaching English at Cocalico High School in Lancaster PA, where he taught for 15 years. In 2003, following the suicide of a sophomore at his school, Joe rallied students to raise awareness about depression and suicide. Under his guidance, the students formed Aevidum, an award-winning education initiative that empowers students to be advocates for themselves and for their peers.

Aevidum is
Aevidum is:

  • an attitude

  • an “include everyone” movement

  • a culture of care

  • an inspire all mission

  • an opportunity to teach advocacy skills

  • promote “team and community building”

    …remember, we’ve got your back!

Aevidum 2013 2014 school year goal

~ To transform schools by creating an “I’ve got your back” atmosphere, providing a universal sense of security and a chance for students to realize their full potential.

~ The Aevidum experience will raise awareness of the main issues facing young people and develop a culture of “I’ve got your back!” through a series of actions, large and small.

~ Advisors empower students to take the information from the experts and to use their gifts and talents to get the facts across to their friends, giving young people the opportunity to educate, empower, and inspire their peers.

Aevidum s themes for 2013 2014
Aevidum’s themes for 2013-2014

  • Educating peers (mental health awareness)

  • Using gifts

  • Embracing powerful voices of youth

  • Being grateful

  • Being resilient

  • Being a friend

  • Being a leader

  • Thinking big

What is the aevidum goal for our mccaskey family
What is the Aevidum goal for our McCaskey family?

For students to create an “I’ve got your back” community, to be provided with resources to combat personal issues including suicide, depression, anxiety, abuse, bullying, eating disorders, etc.

The beginnings at mccaskey
The beginnings at McCaskey…

  • A McCaskey Aevidum club will take place on the first and third Wednesday of each month, beginning September 18th (third Wednesday of September), from 3:15-4:15.

  • More details will arrive on the WMCC, so stay tuned…

  • We need your support. Let’s build as a staff and encourage all to participate!

  • Please contact Larry Bopp (JPM 116) or Susan Helfand (East C111). Thank you in advance!!! =)