proverbs everyday phrases and phrases for special occasions l.
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Proverbs, Everyday Phrases and Phrases for Special Occasions PowerPoint Presentation
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Proverbs, Everyday Phrases and Phrases for Special Occasions

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Proverbs, Everyday Phrases and Phrases for Special Occasions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Proverbs, Everyday Phrases and Phrases for Special Occasions. Whaktauaki - Proverb. Ko taku Reo, te raukura mo taku Māori , te pounamu mo taku mana motuhake , te mauri mo taku rangatiratanga

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whaktauaki proverb
Whaktauaki - Proverb
  • Kotaku Reo, teraukura mo takuMāori, te pounamu mo taku mana motuhake, temauri mo takurangatiratanga
  • My language is the plume for my identity, the jewel for my destiny, the soul for my very beginning
another whakatauaki
Another whakatauaki…
  • "Nau te rourou, naku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi“
  • With your contribution, with my contribution, we will sustain the people.
everyday conversation
Everyday Conversation
  • Ka pai- good, thats good, fine
  • Heikona- goodbye when you are speaking to someone on the phone
  • Ka kite ano - See you again - used when you are talking to someone in person
aroha mai
  • Arohamai- is a polite way of saying sorry or please excuse me.  For example you can use it if you're late, you make a mistake or you need to interrupt someone/something.  
  • Arohamaifor taking this long to respond
  • ArohamaiI forgot to send the attachment
  • ArohamaiI have to leave as I have another meetingHowever you shouldn't use it too much as people can get hoha (annoyed) with you!
phrases for special occasions
Phrases for Special Occasions
  • Kotewawatakua ora akekoeHope you are feeling better
  • TinokoaanaiterongopaikuahaumaiThrilled with your news
  • Me tewhakaaronuiWith kind thoughts
  • NgāmihinuiWith best wishes
  • Ngāmihinuiki a kōruatahiWith best wishes to you both
special occasions
Special Occasions
  • NgāmihirāmōngārākeimuaitearoaroAll the best for the future
  • KiakahaBe strong
  • KiapaitehaereBest wishes for a happy trip
  • Haerepaiatu, hokipaimaiTravel safely
  • Haerepaiatu, hokipaimaiHave a wonderful trip
special occasions8
Special Occasions
  • Me tearohanuiWith all my love
  • Takuarohanuimōu / Takuarohanuiki a koe
  • Love ya heaps
  • TēnārāwāatukoeThank you
  • TēnārāwāatukoeMany thanks
special occasions9
Special Occasions
  • NgāmihinuiitōrāwhānauWishing you many happy returns of the day
  • Naumai, e tama/e hine, kiteaotūroaWelcome to your new baby boy/girl
  • Me tearohaWith love
  • Me tewhakaaronuiatuWith loving thoughts
more special occasions
More Special Occasions
  • Ngāmihi o tewā me te Tau HouA Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  • Kei konākei a koe/kōrua/koutoungāwhakaaroOur thoughts are with you
  • Kei konātewhakaaroThinking of you
  • Kiapikite ora ki a koe/kōrua/koutouGet well soon