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federalism n.
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  1. FEDERALISM • Turn to the next clean page in your notebook. • Write FEDERALISM at the top. • Take notes from the following slides. • You don’t have to write what is in italics.

  2. FEDERALISM • The framers of the Constitution wanted a strong national government, but wanted the states to keep important powers too. • They solved this problem with division of powers, called Federalism. • Federalism: The constitutional system that divides power between the national and state governments. (Identified in the 10th Amendment)

  3. FEDERALISM: DELEGATED POWERS • Some powers are given solely to the national government; these are called Delegated Powers.

  4. FEDERALISM: DELEGATED POWERS • Declare war and peace • Standardize weights and measures • Admit new states • Create post offices • Coin money • Maintain armed services • Issue patents • Establish foreign policy • Regulate interstate and foreign trade • Set immigration laws

  5. FEDERALISM: RESERVED POWERS • Some powers are kept by the states; these are called Reserved Powers.

  6. FEDERALISM: RESERVED POWERS • Issue licenses (driving, hunting, marriage, professional, etc) • Conduct elections • Set sales tax • Maintaining schools • Establish traffic laws • Ratify amendments • Regulate business in states • Establish local government

  7. FEDERALISM: Concurrent powers • Some concurrent powers are shared between the national government and the states.

  8. FEDERALISM: Concurrent powers • Build roads • Set up courts • Charter banks • Borrow money • Set and collect taxes • Provide public services and welfare • Maintain law and order

  9. FEDERALISM: LOCAL GOVERNMENTS • Some governmental powers are held at the local level.

  10. FEDERALISM: LOCAL GOVERNMENTS • County governments: make and enforce laws; provide local county services • City governments: make and enforce laws; provide local city services • Local school boards: make and maintain school curriculum and policy

  11. Federalism: Who has the power? • Turn to the next available page • Label it Federalism: Who has the power? • Divide your paper into 4 equal parts (columns or boxes) • Label your sections: Delegated powers, Reserved powers, Concurrent powers, Local government powers • We’re going to read short scenarios and determine who has the power… • Write the words in parenthesis under the correct responsible power

  12. Who has the power:Delegated, Reserved, Concurrent or Local? 1. In Oldham County, a student earns an A if s/he earns between 90-100%. (GRADING SCALE) 2. The Louisville Metro Council is considering charging owners of pit bulls a “dangerous dog fee.” (DOG LICENSE/FEE) 3. In Kentucky, consumers pay an extra 6% on their purchases. (SALES TAX) 4. Following the 2001 terrorist attack, Joanne decided to join the U.S. Marines. (PROVIDE MILITARY) 5. In the United States, there are coins and paper bills for our money. (COIN MONEY)

  13. Who has the power:Delegated, Reserved, Concurrent or Local? 6. In both KY and OH you have to be 18 to get married. However, if you are 16-17 you can get married in KY if your parents agree. In OH if you are 16-17, your parents must agree AND you have to attend counseling. (MARRIAGE LICENSE) 7. Smoking has been banned in all area bars and restaurants. The only exception is Churchill Downs. (SMOKING BAN) 8. Jason wants to hunt deer, but first he must get a license. (HUNTING LICENSE) 9. For a person to immigrate to the United States from another country s/he must first obtain a visa. (ESTABLISH IMMIGRATION LAW) 10. All students in 8th grade in Kentucky will study American History. (EDUCATIONAL CURRICULUM)

  14. Who has the power:Delegated, Reserved, Concurrent or Local? 11. A new freeway, Interstate 201 (or I-201), will go through Kentucky among other states. (BUILD ROADS) 12. In April, your parents must report their income and pay taxes on two forms: the State tax form and the Federal tax form. (COLLECT TAXES) 13. The speed limit on I-75 in Ohio is 65 mph and in Michigan it is 70 mph. (TRAFFIC LAWS) 14. Traffic signs in the United States state the speed limit in “miles per hour”. (SET STANDARD WEIGHTS & MEASURES) 15. The cost to mail a letter is 44 cents. (ESTABLISH POST OFFICE)

  15. Who has the power:Delegated, Reserved, Concurrent or Local? 16. In order for the 28th Amendment to be added to the Constitution ¾ of all the states must ratify it. (RATIFY AMENDMENTS) 17. My garbage is collected on Mondays as is my curbside recycling. (GARBAGE COLLECTION) 18. Currently, Puerto Rico is not a state in the US but it is a “protectorate” of the US. In your lifetime, Puerto Rico may seek to become the 51st state in the US. (ADMIT NEW STATES) • The New Jersey v. TLO case was first heard in a state court and eventually in the US Supreme Court. (SET UP COURTS) 20. Beginning this year, there will be more $1 coins in circulation. (COIN MONEY)

  16. Who has the power:Delegated, Reserved, Concurrent or Local? 21. In Kentucky you have to be at least 16 to get your driving permit, while in Michigan the age is 15. (DRIVERS LICENSE) 22. John is currently a lawyer in Florida, but when his family moved to Kentucky, he had to pass the Kentucky Bar Exam to practice law. (PROFESSIONAL LICENSE) 23. The Louisville Free Public Library is open daily until 9pm except on Saturdays. (LIBRARIES)