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MURG/ WHEB workshop Brussels, 11 November 2013 Alan Cross PowerPoint Presentation
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MURG/ WHEB workshop Brussels, 11 November 2013 Alan Cross

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MURG/ WHEB workshop Brussels, 11 November 2013 Alan Cross - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Horizon 2020: overview of opportunities and practicalities; and outline of Societal challenges under pillar 3. MURG/ WHEB workshop Brussels, 11 November 2013 Alan Cross. Horizon 2020, in brief…. An instrument for growth and jobs A real break from the past:

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Horizon 2020: overview of opportunities and practicalities; and outline of Societal challenges under pillar 3

MURG/ WHEB workshop

Brussels, 11 November 2013

Alan Cross

horizon 2020 in brief
Horizon 2020, in brief…
  • An instrument for growth and jobs
  • A real break from the past:
    • bringing together three separate programmes/initiatives into a single programme;
    • coupling research to innovation – from research to retail, all forms of innovation;
    • focusing on societal challenges facing EU society, e.g. health, clean energy and transport;
    • providing simplified access, for all companies, universities, institutes in all EU countries and beyond.
three priorities
Three priorities
  • Excellent science
  • Industrial leadership
  • Societal challenges
Proposed funding (million euro, 2014-2020)*

*All funding figures in this presentation are subject to the pending Multiannual Financial Framework Regulation by the EP and the Council

Proposed funding (million euro, 2014-2020)

*Additional funding for nuclear safety and security from the Euratom Treaty activities (2014-2018)

timeline towards adoption and publication of work programmes
Timeline towards adoption and publication of work programmes

(Subject to inter-institutional decisions on MFF, and H2020)

  • Informal consultation of Member States : Sept to mid-Nov 2013
  • (opinion at or afterthird meeting,
  • Adoption of (provisional) work programme: 10 December 2013
  • Publication of first calls for proposals: 11 December 2013
horizon 2020 is different
Horizon 2020 is different
  • A strong challenge-based approach, allowing applicants to have considerable freedom to come up with innovative solutions
  • Simplified list of possible types of action (e.g. research and innovation -100%; innovation actions - 70%,…)
  • Less prescription, strong emphasis on expected impact
  • Broader topics
  • Cross-cutting issues mainstreamed (e.g. social sciences, gender, international…)
a strategic programming approach
A strategic programming approach
  • Work programme preparation based on guidance obtained from a strategic programming exercise
  • To increase impact of the funding, and a more integrated approach – where should resources be focused in first 2 years?
  • Boosting growth & jobs remains the leitmotif - Horizon 2020 can make a significant contribution to this effort
  • 12 focus areas identified, each covered by a specific call
    • Cutting across sectors; supporting full innovation chain; portfolio approach
  • But many other important calls outside the focus areas
focus area calls
Focus area calls
  • Personalising health and care
  • Sustainable food security
  • Blue growth: unlocking the potential of the oceans and seas
  • Smart cities and communities
  • Competitive low-carbon energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Mobility for growth
  • Waste: a resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw materials
  • Water innovation: boosting its value for Europe
  • Overcoming the crisis: new ideas, strategies and governance structures for Europe
  • Disaster-resilience: safeguarding and securing society, including adapting to climate change
  • Digital security
work programme structure
Work programme structure
  • General introduction
    • Strategic Programming, cross-cutting aspects
  • Excellent Science (not ERC)
  • Industrial Leadership
  • Societal Challenges
  • Science with and for Society
  • Widening Participation
  • General Annexes
    • Status of countries; eligibility & evaluation criteria; types of action etc.
  • NB: Distinct WPs for: ERC, Euratom, JRC
  • Series of calls:
  • scene-setter
  • topics
  • call conditions
work programme topics
Work Programme topics
  • Structure reflects the challenge based approach
  • – 3 elements:
  • Specific Challenge
        • sets the context, the problem to be addressed, why intervention is necessary
      • Scope
        • delineates the problem, specifies the focus and the boundaries of the potential action BUT without overly describing specific approaches
      • Expected Impact
        • describes the key elements of what is expected to be achieved in relation to the specific challenge
but adapting to horizon 2020
…but adapting to Horizon 2020
  • New types of call; new types of proposal
    • multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral; more emphasis on innovation and close-to-market;
  • Simplification, for applicants, experts, and for streamlined operations;
  • Coherence across the progamme
award criteria research and innovation innovation actions
Award criteria: Research and Innovation; Innovation Actions

Very important!

  • Excellence
    • Progress beyond state-of-the-art (e.g. ambitious ground-breaking objectives; novel approach; … )
    • Clarity of conception (e.g. rigour; credibility; trans-disciplinarity…)
  • 2. Impact: […] contribution to:
    • The expected impacts listed in the work programme
    • Enhancing innovation capacity and integration of new knowledge;
    • Strengthening the competitiveness and growth of companies by developing innovations meeting the needs of European and global markets;
    • …measures to, disseminate and exploit the project results,… communication.
  • 3. Quality and efficiency of implementation
    • Coherence and effectiveness of work plan, … allocation of tasks, resources;
    • Competences, experience and complementarity of the individual participants, as well as of the consortium as a whole;
    • Appropriateness of the management structures and procedures….risk management.
scoring weights thresholds
  • As in FP7 each criterion scored out of 5; individual threshold of 3; overall threshold of 10
  • Unlike FP7, for Innovation Actions and SME instrument…
    • impact criterion weighted by factor of 1.5
    • Impact considered first when scores equal
evaluation process
Evaluation Process

Chain of individual, consensus and panel review maintained. But changes w.r.t. FP7:

  • Dealing with multi-disciplinary/sectoral proposals
    • New expert profiles, new blood;
      • Call for experts planned for November
    • Robust rules on expert turnover;
    • More experts per proposal;
    • Clear procedures for cases where experts disagree
  • Dealing with 8 month TTG
    • Proposals strictly evaluated on their own merit
      • No recommendations for substantial changes
    • More multi-step (stopping evaluation when threshold failed)
    • Fast and simplified procedure for SME instrument (i.a.)
  • Full use if pre-registered data (PIC etc)
  • Self check for SME status, financial viability
  • Proposal “part B” structure closely matching criteria
  • Aligned with Grant Agreement “Description of Work”
  • Simpler but tougher page limits
  • “warn and watermark” in first round of calls
  • More 2-stage procedure; with simplified approaches for short proposals
proposal structure
Proposal structure

Based around evaluation criteria:

  • Excellence
    • Eg. Objectives, concept, progress beyond state-of-art..
  • Impact
    • Eg. Potential impact (incl. with reference to WP); measures to maximise impact (dissemination, communication, exploitation)
  • Implementation
    • Including work packages descriptions

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Topic: SFS 7 - 2014: Optimising external nutrient inputs in intensive crop production systems in Europe

European crop production is facing more and more difficulties in remaining competitive in the global market for many reasons. One of these reasons is certainly the high cost of external nutrient inputs necessary More…

Call title: Sustainable Food Security Status:Open

Call identifier:H2020-SFS-2014/2015 Deadline: 2014-03-18

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Developing countries, especially in Africa, are facing serious challenges for sustaining its development. Sustainable water supply and sanitation is fundamental to the food security, health, survivalMore…

Call title: Water Innovation: Boosting its value for Europe Status: Open

Call identifier:H2020-WATER-2014/2015 Deadline: 2014-03-18

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