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Question Round

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Question Round. Brought to you By. Pradeep D C. Question 1 Which organization's name can be abbreviated to 'MOSt'?. Motilal Oswal Securities. Question 2

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Question Round

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    1. Question Round Brought to you By Pradeep D C

    2. Question 1 Which organization's name can be abbreviated to 'MOSt'? Motilal Oswal Securities

    3. Question 2 • It started off as Software Development Laboratories. Its name was then changed to Relational Software. How is the company known today? Oracle Corporation

    4. Question 3 It was first named the Pittsburgh Reduction Company. Later, it came to be known as the Aluminium Company of America. What's it now? Alcoa (Pittsburgh Reduction Company, and later Aluminium Company of America)

    5. Question 4 The company started by Kasturbhai, Narottambhai and Chimanbhai called its strategy in the mid-'80s ‘Renovision,' or a new way of looking at issues. Which company? Arvind Mills (‘Renovision’ Strategy)

    6. Question 5 What connects Alexa Internet, and Internet Movie Database? All companies (Alexa, Joyo and Internet Movie Database)

    7. Question 6 If the International Air Transport Association (IATA) code for Air India is AI, what's it for Indian Airlines? IC (IATA code for Indian Airlines)

    8. Question 7 The first make of this toothbrush, patented by Dr Robert Hutson, had the number 60 in addition to its brand name, "because it had 60 tufts." Which famous brand is it Oral-B

    9. Question 8 Complete the name of this technocrat: Satyanarayan Gangaram ... Pitroda (Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda, famous as Sam Pitroda)

    10. Question 9 The name of which national airliner means 'united' in Arabic? Etihad Airways (Etihad means 'united' in Arabic)

    11. Question 10 The first issue of this magazine, published in December 1953, was undated as its owner was not sure if there would be a second one. Which magazine are we referring to? Playboy (the first issue was undated)

    12. Question 11 If the NYSE code WMT stands for Wal-Mart, what does WIT stand for? Wipro (The code's WIT)

    13. Question 12 Fabia, Favorit and Felicia. Which auto brand's models? Skoda

    14. Question 13 In the late 1960s, Kim Woo Choong founded this company, and gave it a name that was a combination of the local words for 'big' and 'universe.' Can you name the company? Daewoo, from Dae and woo.

    15. Question 14 Before it became one of the leading players in the market, this company says, it was, "like anything else, a dream ... a dream realised by Mr Ramachandra N. Galla, an NRI who incorporated the company in 1985." Which is it? Amara Raja Batteries

    16. Question 15 When we refer to WTO negotiations on NAMA, what do we mean by NAMA? Non-Agricultural Market Access

    17. THANK YOU