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Move Up to Luxury

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Move Up to Luxury - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Move Up to Luxury
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  1. Move Up to Luxury Kay Evans

  2. Kay Evans Move Up to Luxury Southeast and North Florida Regional Co-Owner KWU Master Faculty

  3. Please complete an evaluation form found in the back of your program guide. Move Up to Luxury

  4. “Affluent consumers typically have a very strong self-image, and they maintain their favorable self-image by accepting experiences that promote their self-image and by rejecting experiences that tarnish it.” - The Affluent Consumer Move Up to Luxury

  5. “High net-worth people like to deal with people they know or are known by someone they know.” - Jack Cotton Move Up to Luxury

  6. Move Up to Luxury

  7. Move Up to Luxury

  8. Luxury Defined Locally • Top 20% of the listing market Or • Top 10% of actual sales calculated by price Source: Jack Cotton, Selling Luxury Homes Move Up to Luxury

  9. Who Are Luxury Clients? • Corporate/Business Executives • Physicians • Lawyers • Financial Professionals • Entertainers/Entertainment Executives • Professional Athletes Move Up to Luxury

  10. Most Are College Graduates • Many on Social Media Move Up to Luxury

  11. To Find Them … • Go Where They Are! • Charity events • Health clubs, golf and tennis clubs • Concerts, auctions, lectures • Wine tastings, art galleries, fashion shows • Clubs and organizations Move Up to Luxury

  12. Mindset Gap … Yours: “I don’t operate in those circles.” Theirs: “I deal only with professionals.” Move Up to Luxury

  13. What Do They Expect Move Up to Luxury

  14. Commitment To Confidentiality Established Marketing Relationships Customized Everything Market and Pricing Expertise Move Up to Luxury

  15. What Skills Do You Need? • Negotiating • Writing • Presentation • Pricing • Creative Thinking • Marketing • Customer Service Move Up to Luxury

  16. How Do They Think? Move Up to Luxury

  17. The Wealthy Are … • Driven by their own self-image • Typically strong negotiators • Focused on their specific needs • Inquisitive about facts • Typically Internet-savvy • Into relationship marketing Move Up to Luxury

  18. The Affluent … How They Think!Millionaires Middle Class Millionaires • Long-term thinkers • Talk about ideas • Embrace change • Take calculated risks • Continue learning and growing • Work for profits Middle Class • Short-term thinkers • Talk about things and people • Threatened by change • Fear risks • Learning stopped after school • Work for wages Move Up to Luxury

  19. Establish Marketing Relationships Move Up to Luxury

  20. Great Marketing Resource Move Up to Luxury

  21. Move Up to Luxury Move Up to Luxury

  22. What to Do • Assess yourself • Assess your Market Center • Assess your marketing program • Build your relationships Move Up to Luxury

  23. “You are who you attract.” - John Maxwell Move Up to Luxury

  24. Move Up to Luxury What is your edge? What are your credentials? Do you have a group connection? What is your competition doing? Is it worth the investment to you?

  25. Meet Tom and Peggy Move Up to Luxury

  26. Move Up to Luxury In closing • Help the Toms / recruit more Peggys • Assess yourself and the Market Center • Take action • Educate yourself on the wealthy • Learn to think like they think • Go where they are • Take advantage of KW tools Move Up to Luxury

  27. Thank You! Please complete an evaluation form found in the back of your program guide. To download a free copy of this presentation, GO TO: