a surge in cosmetic surgery n.
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A Surge in Cosmetic Surgery

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A Surge in Cosmetic Surgery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Surge in Cosmetic Surgery. 第三組  呂芷君 鄭禾翊  王俊翰 梁菀芸  冬詠涵. Main Idea of First Paragraph. According to statistics gathered by American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American spent much money on cosmetic procedures, surgical procedures, and non surgical procedures.

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a surge in cosmetic surgery

A Surge in Cosmetic Surgery


 呂芷君 鄭禾翊

 王俊翰 梁菀芸


main idea of first paragraph
Main Idea of First Paragraph
  • According to statistics gathered by American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American spent much money on cosmetic procedures, surgical procedures, and non surgical procedures.
words of first paragraph
Words of First Paragraph
  • Statistic(s) (n.) 統計 -istic=full of  
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery整形手術 (ASAPS)
  • Cosmetic (a.) 整容的 -ic=relating to;resembling
  • surgical(a.) 外科的 sur=上; 超; 外 -ical=relating to ;resembling
  • Nonsurgical (a.)非外科的


words of first paragraph1
Words of First Paragraph
  • procedure(s) (n.) 程序

pro=向前,在前; 代理,代替; 擁護; 親; 贊成

  • breast enlargement 隆乳手術

  乳房(n.) 擴大(n.)

en-=make or cause to be; -ment=(n.)

  • liposuction抽脂手術 -ion=action of; process of
  • eyelid surgery眼皮手術
  • rhinoplasty鼻整形手術
main idea of second paragraph
Main Idea of Second Paragraph
  • Liposuction is an invasive therapy and it is not a cure for obesity.
  • To be on a diet is a healthier way to lose your weight.
words of second paragraph
Words of Second Paragraph
  • liposuction【醫】脂肪吸除手術
  • excess超越, 超過ex-=out; out of -cess=go; move
  • deposit放下, 放置; 寄存de-=down from
  • beneath在下; 向下be-=在
  • inserts插入; 嵌入in-=內、入
  • cannula 【醫】插管, 套管
  • vacuum真空
  • general一般的, 普遍的; 非專業性的
  • anesthesia 【醫】麻醉; 麻木
words of second paragraph1
Words of Second Paragraph
  • insist堅持; 堅決認為a-/an-=no;without;lack
  • obesity肥胖; 過胖-ty(n.)=condition of being
  • reduce減少; 縮小; 降低re-=相反,反對; duce=lead; take
  • certain確鑿的, 無疑的; 可靠的tain= hold
  • trouble spots 容易出故障處
  • candidate候選人; 候補者
  • physically身體上, 實際上; 完全地, 全然
  • regularly有規律地re-=再; 重復; 重新
  • areas面積
words of second paragraph2
Words of Second Paragraph
  • treated對待; 看待, 把...看作
  • procedure程序; 手續; 步驟pro-=代理; 代替
  • performed履行; 執行; 完成; 做per-=貫穿; 通; 透; 全; 遍; 自始至終
  • abdomen腹, 下腹; 腹部
  • thights股, 大腿
  • calve生(小牛等); 產(犢)
  • buttocks (常複數)屁股; 船尾
main idea of third paragraph
Main Idea of Third Paragraph
  • One nonsurgical procedure favored by both women and men is Botox injections. The injections are becoming increasingly popular.
words of third paragraph
Words of Third Paragraph
  • surgical 外科al=pertaining to
  • procedures 手術pro=forward

ur=pertaining to the physiological chemistry of urine

  • toxin 毒素tox=toxin, poison
  • bacteria 細菌act=do; move
  • botulism 肉毒中毒

ism=condition; disease

word of third paragraph
Word of Third Paragraph
  • temporarily 暫時por=pore, porousy: condition or process of
  • smoother 平滑的
  • participants 參與者;關係者tic=pertaining topant=denoting something as ‘complete’ or containing ‘everything
main idea of fourth paragraph
Main Idea of Fourth Paragraph
  • The number of cosmetic is increasing as the Baby Boomer generation ages and Baby Boomers think looking younger will be more competitive.
words of fourth paragraph
Words of Fourth Paragraph
  • Baby Boomer 嬰兒潮時代出生的人

baby boomer 戰後嬰兒潮

  • workplace職場
  • procedure程序; 手續; 步驟 pro-=向前; 在前
  • scarring疤; 傷痕; (物品等的)損傷痕
  • appealing 有魅力的; 動人的 appeal(v.)有吸引力 -ing=(adj.)
main idea of fifth paragraph
Main Idea of Fifth Paragraph
  • Customers become better inforemed about the procedures and precautions that their doctor is board-certified.
  • The before-and-after photos of people who have had surgeon make customer be confidence in the procedures.
words of fifth paragraph
Words of Fifth Paragraph
  • Informed(adj.) 消息靈通的 inform(v.)=通知

in-=加強意義, 或表示 “使...”; “作...”

  • precaution(n.)[U] 預防; 警惕; 謹慎 pre-=預先 caution=小心, 謹慎[U] ;(v.) 警告
  • board-certified(adj.) 有專業證照的

board=(政府的)部, 局, 會 certified=有保證的

  • risk(n.) 風險; 危險
  • confidence(n.) 信心, 把握 –ce=(n.) con-=加強或引伸意義
main idea of sixth paragraph
Main Idea of Sixth Paragraph
  • Because of cosmetic surgery’s cost have been decreased, more people can afford to have an operation.
words of sixth paragraph
Words of Sixth Paragraph
  • plastic(adj. )someone or something that seems to be artificial and man-made(外科)整形的
  • increase(n. )increasing; raise增加
  • cosmetic(adj.) improving the apperence美容的
  • surgery(n.) art of treating diseases外科手術
  • affordable(adj.) able to provide有能力負擔的


-able=inclined to be: likely to be done

  • financing→finance(v.) supply the monetaryesourcesfor operation處理財務
main idea of seventh paragraph
Main Idea of Seventh Paragraph
  • There are over half percent of Americans who can’t repel cosmetic surgery.
words of seventh paragraph
Words of Seventh Paragraph
  • approximately(adv.)about大概
  • approve(v.)agree to 贊成


  • prove(v.)證實
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