minimally invasive spine surgery in tempe your answer to higher productivity l.
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Arizona Spine Center is a state of the art Outpatient Surgery Center located in Tempe, AZ. Our Spine Surgeons uses the most advanced minimally invasive back surgery, spine treatments and spine surgery for relieving back pain and spine problems. /n Arizona Surgical Specialists Center 1984 E Baseline Road Tempe, AZ 85283 Phone: (480) 491-5505/n

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Spine Doctor

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minimally invasive spine surgery in tempe your answer to higher productivity

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery In Tempe, Your Answer To Higher Productivity?


the answer to higher

If you are a business owner or executive you may find that minimally invasive spine surgery in Tempe is

productivity and a better bottom line!


This is true of minimally invasive spine surgery in Tempe whether you are the one suffering or your staff members. Governments around the globe have identified back pain as one

of the leading factors

sapping productivity in the work force.


As with anywhere else many companies in Tempe find back pain the cause for many absences as well as lack of production and effectiveness while employees are on the job.


Minimally invasive spine surgery in Tempe may be something that you need to consider not only for yourself if you suffer from

  • back pain but in order to keep

the wheels of your business moving and remain competitive.


Back pain problems are the top reason for limited activity by those under 45, the number 2

  • reason patients visit

doctors and among the top 5 causes for people to require hospitalization.


What tangible difference can minimally invasive

  • spine surgery in

Tempe have on your profit margins?


Consider that one survey has estimated 10% or

workers take 36 days of off

work per year due to back pain and who have been avoiding spine surgery. For those with more than 200 employees the cost has been estimate at over $1 million per year!


Some of your staff may be struggling on and

  • trying to deal with it without

seeking spine surgery because they fear for their jobs and cannot afford the time off. However, sleepless nights and a loss of focus at work could cost you a lot more. 


Consider that many of these workers could see relief from minimally invasive spine surgery in Tempe, AZ on an outpatient basis that could provide them with a permanent solution and in many cases have them back on their feet the same day. Perhaps recommending or letting them know that

minimally invasive spine

surgery in Tempe may be an option could do wonders for your operations?