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First Aid

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First Aid. Group Number : II Group Leader : Priya Agnihotri Group Members : Madhu, Manju, Sandeep, Suraj, Nitish, Sushant, Dhruv, Gaurav Sharma and Rishi Group Topic : First Aid Project Submitted To: Mrs. Ratna Pathak. What is first aid?.

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first aid
First Aid

Group Number :II

GroupLeader : Priya Agnihotri

Group Members: Madhu, Manju, Sandeep, Suraj, Nitish, Sushant, Dhruv, Gaurav Sharma and Rishi

GroupTopic : First Aid

Project Submitted To:

Mrs. Ratna Pathak

what is first aid
What is first aid?

Aid means to help and “First Aid means the first help given to some one immediately after an accident or to disease suffering person”. First aid is given to some one to protect him or her from infection or to stop increasing disease.

why first aid is important
Why First Aid is Important?

First aid is very important because it prevents further harm being done. It give some relief to the suffering person. Some time if it is a serious accident and if first aid is given in right time may be the life of the person is saved. So, it is very important to have knowledgefirst aid.

first aid given in certain cases
FirstAid given in certain cases


If there is headache to someone usually we give a pain killer or a head massage.

2)Electric Shock

First we should turn off the source of electricity and if possible lay the person down but be careful that his or her head should slightly lower than the trunk, with the legs elevated.

3) Gastroenteritis

If someone have gastroenteritis he or she should stop eating drinking for few hours. He or she should rest and we should prevent dehydration in the suffering person.


If someone is suffering from fever we should cold water wet cloth on person head and temperature should checked timely.


5)Cough and Cold

If someone is suffering from cough and cold then the person should not exposed himself in cold and cough should be allowed to come out. Hot food should be given to the person.

6)Some Injury

First injury should washed by water then by detol water then some antiseptic cream should allow on the wound and it should covered by sterile dressing.


7) Heart Attack

If someone gets heart attack he or she should chew an swallow an aspirin or nitroglycerin if prescribed by doctor.

8) Burn

We should immediately immerse the burnt area in cool water or by applying clothes soaked in cool water. We should remove jewellery and constrictive clothing before swelling or blister occurs.



We should catch the person before he or she falls. Tilt head back and keep arms at right angle to body. We should raise the legs 8-12 inches and loosen any tight clothing.

10) Bleeding

If bleeding is from a limb doesn’t stop, apply pressure with hand to pressure point. We should wear gloves, if possible to guard against infection.


11)Fracturesand Sprains

Place sufficient padding to support fracture site and immobilize fracture sites. Don’t force bones back into the wounds. Apply ice pack on the affected area to reduce pain and swelling.

12)Snake Bite

Keep the bitten limb the level of the heart. Allow the affected area to bleed freely for 50 to 30 secs. If the bite is on the limb, apply a firm roller bandage 2 inches away from the wound.



Check the danger, response, air way, breathing and the blood circulation of the victim. Give milk or water to dilute down the poison.


goals of first aid
  • To restore an maintain vital functions. The ABC of basic life support (airway, breathing and circulation) are always the first priority.
  • To preserve life.
  • To prevent further injury.
  • To promote recovery.
first aid kit

A first-aid kitis a collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid. First-aid kits contain a variety of equipment. It generally consist of following Cotton wool things:-

  • Adhesive tape
  • Crap bandage
  • Sterile dressing
  • Triangular bandage
  • Thermometer
F) Scissors

G) Gloves

H) Medicine (paracitamol, bruefine, ethromicine etc.)

I) ORS packed

J) Antacid

K) Soap


Above project help us to draw the knowledge of First Aid. It shows importance of first aid and focuses on the following points:-

  • Roll of first aid
  • Goal of first aid
  • About first aid kit

By this we are able to impart the knowledge to illiterate people about the steps to be taken at critical time.