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“The 7 things Your Doctor Forgot to tell You” Why Preventative Health Care is a far better option than Sickness Care PowerPoint Presentation
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“The 7 things Your Doctor Forgot to tell You” Why Preventative Health Care is a far better option than Sickness Care

“The 7 things Your Doctor Forgot to tell You” Why Preventative Health Care is a far better option than Sickness Care

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“The 7 things Your Doctor Forgot to tell You” Why Preventative Health Care is a far better option than Sickness Care

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  1. “The 7 things Your Doctor Forgot to tell You” Why Preventative Health Care is a far better option than Sickness Care By Wayne Gard Gard Chiropractic Clinic 1 Secant St Liverpool

  2. Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me? • Wayne Gard is a qualified Chiropractor, Naturopath, and Acupuncturist • He has been serving Liverpool residents for 22 years. • Served as a Sports Chiropractor at the 2009 World Masters Games. • Examiner and Tutor at Macquarie University • He is a keen amateur athlete, enjoys swimming, running and bike riding.

  3. 1. Health is a Sliding Scale • Strength • Flexibility • Fitness • Positive Mental Attitude • Posture • Immunity • Digestion • Sleep • Pain Free • Good Skin and Hair • Fertility • Energetic • Ease of breathing • All tests normal • Loss of Strength • Loss of Flexibility • Loss of Fitness • Negative Mental Attitude • Poor Posture • Lowered Immunity • Decreased Digestion • Sleep Problems • Frequent pain • Skin & hair problems • Fertility problems • Fatigue • Poor breathing • Chiropractic/Naturopathic tests positive • Medical tests normal • Arthritis • Bulging Spinal Discs • Pinched Nerves • Depression & Anxiety • Cancer, Colds & Flu’s • Reflux. Ulcers, constipation • Insomnia • Pain • Heart Disease • Eczema, Psoriasis • Infertility • Asthma • Chiropractic/Naturopathic/ Medical tests all positive

  4. 2. Natural Healing • Your body is self-healing and self-regulating. • Self-Healing= Your body will try to heal itself from trauma and injury. • Self-Regulating = Things like temperature, blood pressure, sweating and breathing are all regulated automatically. • Given the right natural treatments and lifestyle modifications your body will be able to enjoy optimal health.

  5. The Top 5 Reasons Why Most People’s Health Fails 1. Reduced Nerve Flow from the Spine- Benefits of Chiropractic Care 2. Lack of Fitness 3. Nutrition- Poor Diet 4. Side Effects from Medical Drugs 5. Positive Mental Attitude

  6. 3. Reduced Nerve Flow from The Spine- Benefits of Chiropractic Care

  7. Spinal Facts • Did you know that your Brain and Spine control every other part of the body? • Your Spine is easily misaligned from birth trauma, falls, injuries, bumps, poor posture, incorrect sporting technique, car accidents etc. • Most spinal problems do not cause pain - waiting for pain is waiting too long. We only feel 10% of our misalignments. It is a great idea to have your spine checked by a chiropractor. • Chiropractors use X-rays, computer scanning, and physical examination to find nerve pressure • Modern Chiropractic Care is safe, gentle and effective

  8. Posture Check

  9. Computer Spinal Scan

  10. Spinal X-Ray Analysis

  11. 4. Lack Of Fitness • Fitness doesn’t come in a tablet - you have to work at it. • Fitness activities need to be Structurally Sound – they don’t throw you out of alignment. Poor exercises include tennis, golf and contact sports such as soccer, rugby league/union and AFL. • Fitness activities need to be performed with correct technique • What are good exercises? Running, swimming, bike riding, weight training, Pilates and yoga. • How much exercise is enough? 4-10 hrs per week. Your training program should have a variety of exercises i.e. a balance of strength, cardiovascular, balance and flexibility

  12. 5. Nutrition- You are what you eat • Everyone knows they should eat healthily, but what does that really mean? • Macronutrients- Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat • Micronutrients- Vitamins, minerals, fibre • Simple Rule- Eat Fresh Food • Avoid pre-packaged foods from the supermarket, takeaway foods and deep fried foods. • 60% fruit &vegetables, 30% lean meats/seafood & grains, 10% whatever you want. • Drink plenty of fresh water- 2 litres a day • Reduce coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol • Avoid toxins - artificial sweeteners, preservatives, food dyes, beauty products. E.g. Creams , shampoos, conditioners (always read the label)

  13. 6. Side effects from Medical Drugs • All medical drugs have side-effects i.e.- they have a negative effect on parts of your body that aren’t sick. • The goal is to reduce or eliminate medications. Why? Aren’t medications more good than bad? • What is a medication? It is a highly concentrated chemical often thousands of times stronger than found in food. • It creates toxicity in your body which accumulates over time and creates health problems. E.g. liver & kidney disease, stomach ulcers.

  14. 7: Positive Mental Attitude • Did you that 94% of Human thought is negative? • It takes a daily conscious effort to think positively To do this— • Have a positive environment. Plenty of natural light, fresh air, reduce clutter, peaceful music, quietness • Positive friends/family- If someone is emotional draining try to limit your time with them. • Garbage in, garbage out – Be careful about what you watch and read. Today’s media sell advertising based on negative news stories. Try to read and watch things that make you feel inspired and peaceful. • Laugh a lot, especially at yourself.

  15. “So, what is the next step?” Have a look at the sliding scale of health and decide where you currently are. If your health is not as good as it could be “ Make a decision to do something about it TODAY!” Do Not Procrastinate! The 6 most common words I hear in my practice are “I thought it would go away.”

  16. Paralysis by Analysis – Most people would agree that the seven steps outline sound like a great idea BUT it is very difficult to self analyse and diagnose! My Recommendation... • Consult a Natural Health Care Practitioner (such as a chiropractor or naturopath) for a complete health assessment and treatment plan.

  17. The goal of a natural health care practitioner is to restore your health back to the optimal state, such that you will become self healing and self regulating and therefore will no longer require constant treatment. Make the effort to look after your health and you will get the most out of your life.

  18. "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his/her patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.“ Thomas Edison

  19. References: “7 Things Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You” Dr. Warren Sipser.

  20. Special Offer!!! • There will be a ‘special offer’ handout from myself at your table. • Please take the time to fill this in and we will contact you to organise an appointment. • My contact details are on this form and I am happy to talk with you via phone or email about your health care needs or to answer any questions.