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Wollongong High School of the P erforming Arts PowerPoint Presentation
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Wollongong High School of the P erforming Arts

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Wollongong High School of the P erforming Arts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wollongong High School of the P erforming Arts
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  1. Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts Year 7 2013 Parent Information Evening

  2. About Our School • Consistently outstanding HSC results: Callback, OnStage, Encore, ArtExpress, InTech • Warm and friendly atmosphere • School values – Safety, Tolerance, Achievement, Respect • Priorities: Engagement in the middle years/ lunchtime activities/boys’ mentoring, Quality Teaching, assessment, Moodle, ALARM.

  3. Meet our School leaders for 2013 • Captains and Vice Captains Nicholas Emily Jones Shane Radandt Rachael Jones Simoes da Silva

  4. Advice from some Year 7 students • Matthew Hearne Kennedy PatchHannah Billett

  5. A Day at WHSPA

  6. Monday is a Bit Different...

  7. Home Room Groups • New structure started in 2011 • Two teachers per roll call group (Years 7-9) • Aim is to promote our school values of safety, tolerance, achievement and respect through activities and mentoring • Extended roll call sessions each month

  8. Timetable • Each student will be given an individual timetable • Laminate it- you will need to keep it with you every day • Timetable goes for 2 weeks (cycle) • Week A and Week B • Day 1 to Day 10

  9. ROLL CLASS and ROOM Timetable Example LIST OF SUBJECTS and TEACHERS WEEK A WEEK B Example: Day 1 – Monday Period 1, 2, 3

  10. Recess and Lunch • Where can we go? • Library • Canteen • Ordering lunch - Visit the canteen in the morning to place a lunch order • Playing games-lunchtime comps on Mondays

  11. Communication with parents • Meet the Teachers afternoon tea in Term 1 (Thurs 7th March) • Parent Teacher Evening Term 1 (Wed 10th April) • Half Year Report late in Term 2 • Yearly Report in Term 4 • Reports from NAPLAN tests • Contact school/teacher at any time

  12. Welfare Coordinator Junior School:Mr Anthony KalsowStudent Advisor Junior School: Ms Donna Markham Junior School Team Do not copy or distribute without prior consent from Wollongong High School

  13. Junior School 2013 • Transition from Year 6 into 7 – programs, initiatives etc • Student welfare • 7E2 Class formation and curriculum • Meet the TeachersAfternoon (Thurs 7th March, Term 1) • Parent Teacher Evening (Wed 10th April, Term 1) • School Camp (29th – 31st May, Term 2) • Student and Parent Workshops e.g. Cybersafety, study skills • School Diary – Compulsory in all years (supplied by school) • Contact MrKalsowor Ms Markham at any time

  14. Only Year 7, 11, 12 and Peer Support Leaders Meet in the Main Quad at 8.50am Peer Support Activities Finding your way around Receive your timetable Period 2 and 3 as per timetable Home at 3.10pm Arrange for parents to pick you up or you can catch the bus Tip for parents: Please check with your bus company which bus your child should be catching, and from which of the 3 stops (Foleys Rd, Lysaght St, or Princes Hwy) The First Day- Wednesday 30th January

  15. Orientation Day – 5th December • Wednesday 5th December • 9.00am-2.00pm • Meet in the main quad • Students will organised in groups (with a buddy from the same primary school if possible) • Activities run by peer support leaders • - team building, getting to know you games, high school expectations, tour of the school etc. • Parents to pick up at 2.00pm • Lunch will be catered for (sausage sizzle) • Tip for parents:Dress in casual clothes, please provide your child with recess

  16. School Camp 2013 29th-31st May • YMCA Camp Yarramundi, Springwood • 3 days, 2 nights • Cost is $245 - Transport, all meals, activities, and equipment • A fantastic way to make new friends • Have fun, challenge yourself, try new activities! • $100 deposit can be paid at the front office this year -can pay off over time • Balance will be due Friday 5th April 2013 • Tip for parents: When paying for any excursion all money is paid to the front office. Permission notes are given to the organising teacher. Example:Camp money to office, note to Mr Kalsow

  17. Uniform • Tunic or black school shorts for girls (no skirts) • Grey shorts and green shirts for junior boys • PE uniform (not to be worn to school all day) • BLACK shoes (no other colour stripes etc) and white (or black) socks that you can see! • White T shirts only under school shirt

  18. Uniform Sales • Wednesday 5th December (Orientation Day) • 2.30pm-5.30pm • School Gym (EFTPOS ok) • Also book pack sales (cash or cheque) • Includes all books, diary, Mathematics set, dictionary, earphones

  19. Student Welfare - Who can I ask for help? • Welfare Coordinator Junior School • Student Advisor • HT Welfare • Welfare team has fortnightly welfare meetings • School counsellors • Peer support leaders • Principal • Deputy principals • Teachers • Roll call teachers • School learning support officers • Student Support Officer

  20. Bullying and Harassment Policy • Student reports incident of bullying to a member of the welfare team • Staff member records the report and arranges appointment with the counsellor if necessary • Staff member interviews alleged perpetrator • Perpetrator is warned of consequences of any further incidences of bullying: • after school detention and parents notified • parent interview and further detention • formal caution of suspension • short suspension from school • long suspension from school • The student must report subsequent incidences of bullying to the same staff member so that a history of the behaviour is known and understood. Serious cases of bullying will be reported to the welfare team at fortnightly meeting.

  21. School Counsellors • Who are they? • Ms Beer • Ms Cliff • Located in C Block (next to Performing Arts Staff Room) • How do I make an appointment?

  22. Welfare and Learning Support • Learning support – LST meets twice a term. Teachers refer students in need of help in class. Students may then receive SLSO / LAST support. Parents can nominate by phoning LAST (Mrs King). • Health concerns – Need to be communicated to school (HT Welfare or Mr Kalsow) • Vaccinations – chicken pox, hepatitis, cervical cancer, adult diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough. Permission notes will go home day 1.

  23. Parents and Citizens • Mr Stuart Wright • Ms Traybee McLean • P&C Committee meets the third Monday of every month in the common room • Everyone is welcome • Canteen helpers always needed and very welcome • Good way to keep up with what is going on