Training event university of roehampton 21 25 may 2012
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Training Event: University of Roehampton 21-25 May 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E QUAL ACCESS FOR ALL: STRENGTHENING THE SOCIAL DIMENSION FOR A STRONGER EUROPEAN HIGHER EDUCATION TEMPUS Project: University of Nis, Serbia. Training Event: University of Roehampton 21-25 May 2012. Monday 21 May Morning Session.

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Training event university of roehampton 21 25 may 2012


Training Event: University of Roehampton21-25 May 2012

Monday 21 may morning session
Monday 21 May Morning Session

  • What are your expectations for the week? Use of flip charts to record thoughts and ideas. Share these with the whole group.

  • Discussion/group work – making connections/identifying disconnections with concerns and needs in the Serbian context and report back; different perspectives on equal access and widening participation Questions/prompts: what is the existing situation in your country with respect to widening participation/equal access? What is the motivation to develop/improve on this situation? What are your views on ‘Equal Access’? What are other views on this? Is everyone in Serbia in favour of Equal Access? What are the arguments for and against?

  • Use flip charts to record your discussion

  • Feedback to the whole group - nominate a spokesperson from your group

Monday 21 may afternoon session
Monday 21 May Afternoon Session

  • Discussion/group work and feedback.

  • In small groups discuss the issues we have raised.

  • Identify one question or issue per group. Share your questions/issues with the whole group.

Tuesday 22 may morning activity
Tuesday 22 May, morning activity

  • Consider the timeline of WP Policy with PJB’s presentation.

  • Reflect in writing the issues that concern you in relation to the Serbian context – what are the connections/disconnections with the English context?

  • In small groups, share some of your reflections. As a group, identify some key policy issues that need to be carefully considered in the Serbian context. Record these points on the flip chart paper provided.

  • Plenary discussion, drawing on points from small groups.

Tuesday 22 may afternoon activity
Tuesday 22 May, afternoon activity

  • Following afternoon presentations:

  • In small groups of about 4-6, discuss the key issues emerging about the work of WP in the English context

  • Relate these points to considerations of the Serbian context

  • Identify some key points to note as you move forward to developing a WP framework in Serbia

  • Plenary – share key points and discuss implications for action planning

Wednesday 23 may morning session
Wednesday 23 May Morning Session

Discussion/group work- use of extracts from research as basis of discussion:- The quotations you have been given below come from: The socio-cultural and learning experiences of working class students in Higher Education ESRC (RES-139-25-0208) funded research project 2006-2008:Gill Crozier, University of Sunderland and Diane Reay, University of Cambridge

  • They are grouped under sub-headings. Please read the quotations under each sub-heading and use these questions to discuss the issues.

  • What are the problems or concerns that the student is expressing?

  • Why do you think this may have come about?

  • What could the university do to support the student?

  • What could the tutor do to support the student?

  • How can the student help her/himself?

  • Do you recognise these problems for students that you teach/have taught/or know/have known?

Wednesday 23 may afternoon session
Wednesday 23 May Afternoon Session

  • Questions and answers: break into small groups to briefly discuss the presentations. Identify some questions.

  • Raise questions with Clare and the Student Ambassadors

  • Tea

  • Discussion/group work- focus for discussion: would this system of Student Ambassadors work in Serbia/for you? What might be the problems and the possibilities? What kind of framework would you need to set this up? What kinds of support and/or training would the students need to carry out this work?

Thursday 24 may morning session
Thursday 24 May Morning Session

  • Small group discussions of 3 – 4 reflect on key issues and considerations emerging from morning presentations

  • Reflective writing – keep a note of key issues you want to hold on to emerging from the morning sessions

  • Plenary – share one key issue from each group

Friday 25 may morning session
Friday 25 May Morning Session

  • Group work discussions on issues raised throughout the week - identify three key issues that have been raised that you have learnt from and/or strongly relate to; what is the relevance for your situation in the Serbian context? What are the policy implications? Use flip chart paper to record your discussions.

  • Report back to whole group.