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Cultural Nuanced Learning

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Cultural Nuanced Learning. Yvette G. Flores, Ph.D . Chicana/ Studies U.C . Davis. Where are we on the road to increased cultural attunement ?. We have explored the learning experiences of EL students We have learned about the 5 E’s

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cultural nuanced learning

Cultural NuancedLearning

Yvette G. Flores, Ph.D.

Chicana/ Studies U.C. Davis

where are we on the road to increased cultural attunement
Where are weontheroadtoincreased cultural attunement?
  • Wehaveexploredthelearningexperiencesof EL students
  • Wehavelearnedaboutthe 5 E’s
  • Wehavebegunto explore how culture influenceschildren’slearning
      • Theimportanceofcontext
      • Learningstyledifferences
      • Issuesof “faceandshame”
      • Helpseekingpatterns
      • The role ofmicroaggresionsonstudents’ academicdisengagement
      • Roles ofacculturative stress
migration and its impact on children
  • Migration and changes in meaning systems-
    • the culture of the school, the home and the community
the context of immigrant children and the children of immigrant parents
The context of immigrant children and the children of immigrant parents
  • ELL students typically are first or second generation United Statians
  • Often they straddle multiple worlds – the cultural world of the home and the school, the parents and the peers, the family and the community
  • Often these worlds conflict and/or contradictory meanings
  • For optimal learning, children and youth need bridges to these worlds
    • educators can provide or serve as those bridges
journey of migration and culture change
JourneyofMigrationand culture change
  • Migrations are massive ecological transitions in time and space
  • Long term experience
  • Full of loss and disarray
  • Propitiates vulnerability, physical and mental distress, including substance abuse
  • Opportunity for change and adaptation
group activity
Group activity
  • Discuss in yourtablewhatyourecallaboutyourlastmigration?
  • Whatstorieshaveyouheardaboutyourparents’ orgrandparent’smigrations?
  • Whatstorieshaveyourstudentsshared?
migration and acculturation crisis points
Migrationandacculturation crisis points
  • Negotiating “cultural borderlands”~ the zones of similarity and differences between and within cultures
  • Negotiating the cultural meaning systems and cultural expectations which can be disrupted by a migration
  • Acculturation implies adoption of new behaviors, attitudes and sometimes values which can cause conflict within the family and between student and school system
how migration affects families
How migrationaffectsfamilies
  • Changes in the meaning systems (Falicov, 1998)
    • Geographic
    • Social
    • Cultural
      • Changes in value systems
        • Role changes
        • Role strain
        • Transgenerational changes
migration and meaning system changes
  • Migration involves the uprooting of at least 3 meaning systems: physical, social, cultural
  • Physical meaning system:
    • geographic change with loss of familiar places, people, things, often results in the need to create a metaphoric home and/or in psychological homelessness
    • Creates a vulnerability to alcohol and other drug use, misuse and abuse
cultural meaning systems
Cultural meaningsystems
  • Cultural uprooting leads to changes in meanings as these are changed or lost
  • Uprooting of established ways of thinking and doing, and the abrupt and massive exposure to a new language and way of life can precipitate psychological distress or culture shock
    • Culture shock: reactive process resulting from the simultaneous exposure to the new and the loss of grieving of the old and familiar
family school relationships
  • In Latin America and Asia teachers are highly respected
    • Viewed as the authority who educate by imparting knowledge
    • The family educates for life: values, morals, traditions
    • Parents defer to the expertise of the teacher
    • Parental involvement may take a different form than PTA participation
  • Studentobedienceanddeferenceisexpected
social meaning system
Social meaningsystem
  • Social uprooting compounds sense of physical alienation and intrapsychic confusion
  • Social marginality and social isolation leads to reduced self esteem, depression, anxiety
  • It is critical to connect or reconnect with compatriots or create new systems of support
  • Can contribute to the creation of adolescent peer groups that disengage from school if the school is not perceived as relevant
    • Or if the youth experience subtractive teaching
group activity1
Group activity
  • Reflecting on the information presented over the past four days, discuss your observations of your own EL students
    • How are these students coping with the changes in their meaning systems?
    • How may your teaching assist or support them through that journey of culture change and adaptation?
    • In what ways are parents involved?