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Credits. Study of Mark: Chris Reeves Maps: History and Geography of the Bible Story General Information Compiled by Jack Wheeler – Clovis Ca

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Study of Mark: Chris Reeves


History and Geography of the Bible Story

General Information

Compiled by Jack Wheeler – Clovis Ca

the life of christ

The Life of Christ





geography of the gospels
Geography of the Gospels

Passages are from the book of Matthew

  • Where was Jesus born?
    • Bethlehem of Judea (2:1)
  • Where did Joseph take Jesus to escape Herod?
    • Egypt (2:19)
  • Where did Jesus grow up?
    • Nazareth (2:23)
  • Where did John the Baptist begin his preaching?
    • The wilderness of Judea (3:1)
geography of the gospels1
Geography of the Gospels
  • Where did Jesus come from to be baptized? Where was he baptized?
    • Galilee (3:13)
    • Jordan River
  • Where did the Spirit lead Jesus to be tempted?
    • The Wilderness (4:1)
  • Where did Jesus go when he heard John had been put into prison?
    • Galilee (4:12)
geography of the gospels2
Geography of the Gospels
  • Capernaum was in the borders of what two tribal territories?
    • Zebulun and Naphtali (4:13)
  • Peter, Andrew, James, and John made their living fishing where?
    • Sea of Galilee (4:18-21)
  • Jesus’ fame spread throughout where?
    • Syria (4:24)
geography of the gospels3
Geography of the Gospels
  • Multitudes followed Jesus from where?
    • Galilee, Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea, and beyond Jordan (4:25)
  • Jesus commended the faith of a Roman centurion where?
    • Capernaum (8:5-13)
  • Where did Jesus stop storms?
    • Sea of Galilee (8:23-27)
geography of the gospels4
Geography of the Gospels
  • Where did Jesus heal two demoniacs?
    • Country of Gergesa on the other side of Galilee (8:28)
  • On their first preaching tour where did Jesus send the disciples?
    • The lost sheep of Israel (10:6)
  • Where did Jesus tell them not to go?
    • The way of the Gentiles nor in the cities of the Samaritans (10:5)
geography of the gospels5
Geography of the Gospels
  • In what cities will it be better than for those cities that reject Christ’s disciples?
    • Sodom and Gomorrah (10:15)
  • What cities did Jesus pronounce his “woes” unto?
    • Chorazin, Bethsaida, (11:21)
  • What cities would have repented if they had seen the works that Jesus did around Galilee?
    • Tyre and Sidon (11:21)
geography of the gospels6
Geography of the Gospels
  • From what place did the scribes and Pharisees try to entrap Jesus concerning their traditions?
    • Jerusalem (15:1)
  • Jesus healed the daughter of a Canaanite woman where?
    • In the borders of Tyre and Sidon (15:21-22)
  • Where was Jesus and His disciples when Peter declared his faith in His deity?
    • Caesarea Philippi (16:13)
geography of the gospels7
Geography of the Gospels
  • Jesus told His disciples He must suffer and die where?
    • Jerusalem (16:21)
  • Peter found money for the temple tax in the mouth of a fish where?
    • Capernaum (17:24)
  • Jesus then departed from Galilee and went where?
    • Judea beyond Jordan (19:1)
geography of the gospels8
Geography of the Gospels
  • On the way to Jerusalem Jesus healed two blind men near where?
    • Jericho (20:17, 29-34)
  • Jesus rode a donkey from where to where?
    • Bethphage near the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem (21:1)
  • Jesus was said to be the prophet of where?
    • Nazareth of Galilee (21:11)
geography of the gospels9
Geography of the Gospels
  • Jesus spent the first night of that last week before His death in what village?
    • Bethany (21:17)
  • On what city did Jesus pronounce that they killed the prophets?
    • Jerusalem (23:37)
  • Where was Jesus when he predicted the destruction of the temple?
    • Mount of Olives (24:3)
geography of the gospels10
Geography of the Gospels
  • A woman anointed Jesus’ feet in what city?
    • Bethany (26:6)
  • Where did Jesus go after eating the Passover meal?
    • Mount of Olives to a place called Gethsemane (26:30, 36)
  • Where did Jesus say he would meet His disciples after His resurrection?
    • Galilee (26:32)
geography of the gospels11
Geography of the Gospels
  • Where was Simon from who carried the cross of Jesus?
    • Cyrene (27:32)
  • Where was Jesus crucified?
    • Golgotha (27:33)
  • Joseph, the one who buried Jesus, was from where? Arimathea (27:57-60)
geography of the gospels12
Geography of the Gospels
  • The angels told the women at the tomb that Jesus was going where?
    • Galilee (28:7)
  • The account of the great commission recorded in Matthew was given on a mountain where?
    • Galilee (28:16-20)
where did these events happen
Where Did These Events Happen?

________ Jesus’ first miracle performed here

___________ Jesus pronounced judgment on these three cities:



___________ Walking on the water

___________ Caesarea Philippi was the sight of what event that would unfold at Pentecost?

___________ The boyhood home of Jesus

___________ Woman at the well of Samaria (city)

___________ Country where Jesus taught on marriage

___________ Birthplace of Jesus and David

___________ Lazarus raised from the dead

___________ Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus

___________ Ascension





Sea of Galilee

Peter’s Conf







Mt. of Olives