name of volunteer 1 name of volunteer 2 n.
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  1. Name of Volunteer 1 Name of Volunteer 2 Date:

  2. Introduction: • Volunteers: Background • [#] Lessons, each [#] hours long, [TIME] • [DATE] • Learn & have fun: activities & games • Help each other; work in groups • Participate in the class; raise your hands • Be respectful • Take turns

  3. Volunteer is a person who chooses to donate their time to help another person or business, but receives no pay.

  4. My Name

  5. What do you know – Pre? 5 minutes

  6. What is Cha-Ching? Cha-Ching Money-Smart Kids is a financial literacy programme that helps instill money-smart skills in children. • Goals and Objectives • To provide an engaging hands-on learning on economic education • Discover four choices in using money: Earn, Save, Spend and Donate • Be aware of cost of different items • Understand the benefits of savings. • Understand difference between needs and wants • Understand various kinds of donation

  7. Meet the Band Cha-Ching is a musical band

  8. Lesson 1 Earn, Save, Spend, Donate (1)

  9. Objectives • Learn about the Money Flow and 4 money concepts: Earn, Save, Spend and Donate • Understand spending is not your only option: There are four choices that you can do with your money • Learn when and how to make these choices to reach your goals

  10. When it comes to money, what choices do you have? • Earn, Save, Spend and Donate • Where does money come from? • Mint • What is Mint? • Mint is a place where money notes and coins are made by the government • Once it is printed at the printing press, where does money go? • After the money goes to the bank, it will be available for people to Earn, Save, Spend and Donate

  11. What does Earn / Save / Spend / Donate mean?

  12. What happened in the video? Bobby then buys a magazine and gets the same banknote as change Prudence spent a money note on lunch He uses to buy some food in the canteen

  13. What happened in the video? Until he buys the book Zul then buys a meal and gets the note as change He saves the money The bookstore owner, Pepper’s dad, earns the note and gives it to Pepper Pepper later donates it to the Charity

  14. What happened in the video? The driver who is delivering the grain earns the money note from Charity Justin then earns the money note by selling the driver a lemonade When Justin’s bass guitar string breaks He buys a new string using the money note

  15. What happened in the video? Finally, the manager goes to the music store to rent a speaker for the show and gets the money note in his change The same money note is then given to Cha-Ching as part of their pay That’s where the money note has been!

  16. Where did the money come from? • Printing Press / Mint • What did you see the money do?

  17. What does EARN mean? • Receive income for work • What does SAVE mean? • Keep money now for later use so as to realize short-term goals (e.g. buy a candy) or long term goal (e.g. go to university) • What does SPEND mean? • Use of money to buy things or services • What does DONATE mean? • Give time, items and / or money away freely in order to help others • Is Spend our only money option? • No. We can also earn, save and donate • Why is it important to know that these are the four choices you have with your money? • We can reach our goals

  18. Activity There are 4 money-earning stations and they are all team activities: Words Formation – by means of bodily movement, each team member makes the shape of a letter to spell one of the following words: “EARN, SAVE, SPEND and DONATE” Drawing – draw a picture of an item the team wants to buy Physical activities – perform 10 times of the same physical activity such as squat-down, stand-ups, jumping, etc Musical performance – sing the first 3 lines of their favourite song

  19. Activity Each team EARN $200 after completing each station activities. May EARN less if not performed properly. After all 4 activities have been completed, calculate your earnings and discuss as a team what to do with your money.

  20. Money Flow Activities

  21. Summary When it comes to money, what choices do you have? What does EARN mean? What does SPEND mean? What does SAVE mean? What does DONATE mean?

  22. Take – Home Activities