web based human resource management a success story of government n.
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Web-based Human Resource Management- A Success Story of Government

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Web-based Human Resource Management- A Success Story of Government - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web-based Human Resource Management- A Success Story of Government. Anil K Sharma, Director (P), PWD, Govt of NCT of Delhi. R Subramanian, Engineer-in-Chief, PWD, Govt of NCT of Delhi. Personnel Information & Management System (PIMS).

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web based human resource management a success story of government

Web-based Human Resource Management-A Success Story of Government

Anil K Sharma, Director (P),

PWD, Govt of NCT of Delhi

R Subramanian, Engineer-in-Chief,

PWD, Govt of NCT of Delhi

personnel information management system pims
Personnel Information & Management System (PIMS)
  • It is an e-Governance of Human Resource, which has been successfully implemented in Delhi State in PWD and also extended to Central Government in CPWD
  • It is needed to be extended to the whole Government for the benefit of
    • Common citizen,
    • Employee(s),
    • Administrators and
    • the Government as a whole.
personnel information management system pims1
Personnel Information & Management System (PIMS)
  • It is already having 35,000 plus employees’ data base of State and Central Govt.
  • It is being used for implementing uniform e-Governance in personnel administration.
implementation of e governance
Implementation of e-Governance
  • Stages of an e-Governance Project
    • Conceiving
      • by many
    • Formulation
      • by few
    • Implementation
      • by the fewest
    • Sustenance
      • still lesser than the fewest
  • Implementation & Sustenance
    • are the most important and Challenging.
implementation sustenance
Implementation & Sustenance
  • It needs:
    • Commitment and Involvement of each Stakeholder
      • Top Executive
      • Users
      • The Visionary of the Project
        • To continuously remain
          • Creative to Generate Interest of Users
          • Responsive to Renewed Demands,
          • Innovative to Find Solutions
          • Prompt to incorporate the renewed requirements
for success story in large establishments i e government
For Success Story-In Large Establishments i.e. Government
  • Centralised Initiative & Decentralised Implementation
for success story data reliability is important
For Success Story – Data Reliability is Important
  • Those who possess the data are made responsible for
    • Data entry
    • Its Correctness
    • Certificate of its correctness
for success story data reliability is important1
For Success Story – Data Reliability is Important
  • ‘Employee’ and ‘Head of Office’ owe joint responsibility for correctness of data:
    • Employee to give ‘Self Certified Data’ in the Data-Sheet downloadable from the Website
    • Data is verified by the Head of Office from employee’s Service Records.
    • The Verified Data is added in PIMS by Head of Office
    • Printout of data as entered in PIMS is given back to each of the employee and also kept in Official Record.
  • A Certificate is given by ‘Head of Office’ to next Higher Authority about correctness of data of all employees under his charge.
for reliability of online data key functions to be only online
For Reliability of Online data Key functions to be only ‘Online’
  • To ensure reliability PIMS based ‘online operations’ have to be made Compulsary for
    • Salary Bills,
    • ‘Online’ Issue of Orders of
      • Transfer,
      • Relieving
      • Joining
      • Retirement
      • Placement on Deputation
    • ‘Online’ Formulation of Proposal for
      • Transfer/Posting Committee
      • Departmental Promotion Committee,
    • ‘Online’ Nominations for Training Courses/ Seminars/ Foreign Training and
    • ‘Online’ Leave Sanction Orders
for success story key functions to be only online
For Success Story – Key functions to be only ‘Online’
  • Basic Mandatory Key Functions are:
    • Salary Payment to entire Govt Staff
    • Transfer/ Relieving/ Joining
pims empowerment
  • It is citizen-centric. It empowers
    • Common citizen,
    • Employee(s),
    • Administrators and
    • the Government as a whole.
empowers government
Empowers Government
  • Entire employees database available at click of a mouse
  • Ease of accurate analysis for long term policy.
  • No paper based correspondence for
    • Establishment related information.
  • Centralised Transfer/Posting Policy can be enforced
  • Assured Communication, Circulars, Office Orders, etc
    • Officer-employee, employee-officer, Office-Office, Intra-department and other Communication
  • Substantial reduction possible in
    • Large establishment for Personnel Administration
    • Expenditure on stationary and postage
  • Inculcates Discipline in Government System
  • Three Specialisations fields assigned to each Group A Officer can help administration to locate the needed Specialists and act swiftly and instantly during Disaster.
empowers heads of offices
Empowers Heads of Offices
  • At every Login
    • Employee Data Deficiency
    • Present Status of Staff
      • Sanctioned strength vis-à-vis vacancy,
      • transfer out vis-à-vis transferred in,
      • relieved and not yet reached destination etc
    • Change of Office Address and other contact details
  • e-File Quarterly Income Tax Return
  • Customised Report suited to the Requirement
  • Convenience of Transfer/ Relieving/ joining of an employee in his office at click of buttons
empowers each employee
Empowers Each Employee
  • Permitted to:
    • Change his personal contact details
    • Get his
      • monthly salary slip
      • annual Salary Statement
      • Income Tax Return (Saral and now being done Form 2F)
      • Own Personal data and also for other employees available in PIMS
    • Give online option for
      • Attending a training programme or a seminar
      • Rotational Transfer
    • Instantly notified
      • transfer,
      • relieving,
      • nomination for training, seminar, etc
    • Address Directory of Employees
    • Use PIMS Mailing system
    • Use PIMS Chat Room
empowers a citizen
Empowers a Citizen
  • With any known Criteria
    • Locate any Government office
    • Search any Government employee
    • Address Directory of Employees
    • Communicate with any Employee on PIMS Database
pims advantages contd
  • Instant accurate updating of Disposition on
    • Transfer,
    • Relieving and
    • Joining
  • Instant Availability of Personnel data
    • Online availability of vacancy position.
    • Monthly/Quarterly Returns of Staff redundant
    • Number of employees in each category
    • Accuracy of data assured
  • No need to maintain
    • Big Establishment of supporting staff for
      • Transfer/Posting
      • Incumbancy Register, Posting Cards
  • Direct Savings
    • Human resource & Energies,
    • Time,
    • Paper
contd pims advantages online salary bills for all
…ContdPIMS-AdvantagesOnline Salary Bills for all
  • Compulsorily Ensures
    • Online Operations of Transfer, Relieving and Joining
    • Reliability of Database
    • Centrallised planning and decisions
      • Statistical Information
        • Expenditure on Salaries
          • Depttwise, Groupwise, Designation-wise, Category-wise
        • GPF, Income Tax, License Fee Contribution,
    • Additional capacity generation for processing other bills.
    • Instant availability of related Information to each of the employees
  • Can ensure, if needed
    • Simultaneous updation of
      • GPF Accounts if integrated with PAO software
      • Disbursement and Recoveries of Loans, Advances, etc
      • License Fee Accounts of Govt Housing in Estate Office, if integrated
    • No missing entries in accounting of GPF, License Fee, Income Tax, etc
    • Income Tax Recovery from Salary and its crediting
    • Instant Submission of Periodical Returns to Income Tax Deptt
employees classifiable
Employees Classifiable
  • One or more of following:
    • Department/ Ministry/ State Govt, etc
    • Nature of Duty
      • Engineering, Ministerial, Group D, Accounts, Architectural, Administrative, etc
    • Group
      • Gr A, B, C, D and other Spl Classes [e.g. Work Charged Staff in PWD/CPWD, Industrial Workers in Ordnance /Telecom Factories, etc]
    • Service Cadre
      • IAS, IPS, CES, CE&MES, CPWD, etc
    • Designation
    • Station of Posting
    • Caste Categorisation
    • Gender
hurdles in implementation
Hurdles in Implementation
  • Commitment at Top
    • As Facilitator
    • Objectively set targets and monitor
  • Computer Phobia
    • Computer Exposure
      • ABC of Computer Hardware and Operating System
      • Day-to-day utility as office tool for Top Executive
    • Training
    • Hands on experience for executives
    • Training at operating level
  • Resistance to Change Habits
e governance
  • Finally results in
    • Superior Quality of decision based on unbiased and accurate data analysis, direct by the Executives with the convenience of
      • Easy Web-based Data Retrieval
        • Certified data available at click of a button
        • Files/ registers not needed
      • Variety of Scenarios could be seen beforehand
        • Fast Speed of Data Processing is helpful
        • Minimal dependence on subordinates
    • Appropriate Utilisation of Manpower
        • for decision making instead of data processing
  • PIMS can be used with advantage to bring in a uniforme-Governance practice in Personnel Administration for better governance.
  • With Right to Information Act-2005 in place, the PIMS can help in making Various Governments more efficient and transparent.
  • It will not only save on time, human resource and paper but also simultaneously make relevant information readily available to all those who matter to serve the general public.
  • An ‘Effective Tool’ to locate Specialists needed for Disaster Management
  • PIMS, an effective and accurate data analysis tool for Govt for its the employees, their salary components for long term planning.

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