Understanding gender differences
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Understanding Gender Differences. Have you ever wondered if men and women were not the same species? Well, stop scratching your head. There are indeed many differences between men and women. Understanding these differences may help you interact better with the opposite sex!. He: …… (silent).

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Understanding gender differences
Understanding Gender Differences

Have you ever wondered if men and women were not the same species? Well, stop scratching your head. There are indeed many differences between men and women. Understanding these differences may help you interact better with the opposite sex!

He: …… (silent)

She: I’m going to quit this summer job. I’m like a slave here!

After 2 months, she’s still working in the store.

As for him, he has already submitted his resignation letter without saying a word.

Gender differences in communication
Gender Differences in Communication

  • She : Use language to build bonding and relationship with people they care

  • He : Use language to express opinions, give instructions / advices

  • She : Talk emotively and extensively (express emotion)

  • He : Talk factually and with a purpose (pass information)

  • She : Think aloud to process information

  • He : Talk silently to self, think thoroughly before coming to an answer

  • She : Use indirect talk to avoid aggression, confrontation or discord

  • He : Use short, direct, solution-oriented, and to-the-point sentences

  • She : Has acute ability to notice small details and changes in others (e.g., facial expression, gesture,

  • tone, voice, use of word)

  • He : Insensitive to such details and small changes

  • She : Rely on facial expression, tone of voice, body language in communication

  • He : Little changes in facial expression, tone of voice, body language

Understanding gender differences

He: So, do I have your undivided attention, sweetie?

She: Oh of course! Well, despite that I’m painting my nails, watching a bit of TV and looking at my class schedule tomorrow, I’m listening with all ears!

Gender differences in attention
Gender Differences in Attention

  • She : Constantly receive and analyze information from their environment

  • He : Concentrate on one specific dedicated task at a time

  • She : Able to perform several activities simultaneously

  • He : Can only focus on one thing at a time

  • She : Can change attention / topic of discussion easily

  • He : When discussing a number of topics at the same time, they become completely lost

  • She : Attentive to details

  • He : Missing the details

Understanding gender differences

She: I’m depressed! My teacher blamed me for missing the deadline. But she had no idea how much bla bla bla…

He: Here’s the thing. You should try to explain to her and…

She: Stop! I don’t need your advice. Can’t you just say something comforting?!

Gender differences in emotions
Gender Differences in Emotions

  • She : Reveal emotions

  • He : Hide emotions (but more likely to express anger and pride)

  • She : Focus on emotional support

  • He : Focus on problem-solving

  • She : Under pressure, ventilate emotions through talking (before solving the problem)

  • He : Under stress, isolate themselves and concentrate on solving the problem

  • She : For her reminders mean love and care

  • He : For him reminder s suggest he is being controlled or not being trusted

Understanding gender differences

She: I love window shopping with the girls. It’s just so much fun!

He: Window shopping is totally against logic. What’s the purpose really if you end up buying nothing?

Gender differences in belief and value
Gender Differences in Belief and Value

  • She : Focus on communication, cooperation, harmony, love, sharing and relationships

  • He : Concerned with getting results, achieving goals, status and power, and beating the competition

  • She : Value relationships first

  • He : Tend to value things more (e.g., car, hi-tech products, model)

  • She : Ready to seek / offer help and advice

  • He : Solve problem by themselves (taking help/advice are perceived as weak)

  • She : Fear of being isolated, care much about others’ comments / impressions

  • He : Fear of failure

  • She : Need to be cared for/ supported/ understood

  • He : Need to be trusted / seen as capable / independent

Understanding gender differences

She: I’m lost. Help!

He: What? You’ve been to this place three times before and you still can’t find your way?! What about your GPS?

She: I’m looking at it now but I can’t read the map…

Gender differences in spatial ability
Gender Differences in Spatial Ability

  • She : Has wider side vision

  • He : Has long-distance tunnel vision

  • She : Has difficulty in directions; use landmarks to tell directions

  • He : Is good at estimating speed, distance, angles, and directions

  • She : Find it difficult to convert 2-dimension to 3-dimension (e.g. map reading)

  • He : Is good at 3-dimensional tasks, enjoy activities involving spatial ability (e.g., hitting / chasing a target)