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Mini-Proposal Divergent & Convergent Thinking PowerPoint Presentation
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Mini-Proposal Divergent & Convergent Thinking

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Mini-Proposal Divergent & Convergent Thinking
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Mini-Proposal Divergent & Convergent Thinking

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  1. Mini-ProposalDivergent & Convergent Thinking Group 5: Safaa Mohamed, Mina Halim, Yehia Said, Ahmed Alayoutiy, Ahmed Ahmed, Hadiel Zakaria.

  2. How can I spend my time in traffic on my way to AUC? Our problem:

  3. Step One, Divergent Thinking: • In this first step each one of us had a pack of sticky notes a pen and a time limit to write all the ideas we had in mind to answer the problem. • We had to write down any idea no matter how repetitive, silly, undeveloped, or un-implementable. • We have come up with a total of 87 ideas! • Picture

  4. Convergent Thinking:

  5. Step Two, Clustering: • picture • After coming up with all these ideas we had to converge them • To do so we eliminated repeated ideas and un-implementable ones. • We then combined all the similar ideas into groups that were linked mainly by theme/content. • We came up with 12 groups

  6. Step Three, Re-Clustering: • Our first clustering resulted in 12 groups, which was too much, we had to re-cluster these groups into four broader groups. • To do so we combined similar clusters, however some clusters could fit into more than one of these broad groups so we divided the ideas of that sub cluster to put in the correct main group.

  7. Picture

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  10. Picture

  11. Step Four, Prioritizing: Clustered Groups After re-clustering the twelve groups into four major one we decided to prioritize them. We argued about whether skill enhancing or having fun should be the first, we decided to vote. This resulted in skill enhancing being first since it is more beneficial, while having fun was second.

  12. Step Four, Filtering: Education & Skill Enhancing • After much deliberation, analyzing and pondering we have come to the conclusion that Skill Enhancing would be the best to focus on while on our way to AUC. • We have filtered anything related to this group so as to make our final solution statement

  13. Our Progress so Far: • Video

  14. Step Five, Refining: • picture • We re-eliminated more ideas from the chosen skill enhancing cluster. • We combined some of the ideas in this cluster into subgroups that had a common ground • E.g.: reading novel, reading the news  Reading

  15. Our refinement of the Skill Enhancing cluster has lead to us to choose skill enhancing as our solution to the problem with relevant sub-solutions that come under it.

  16. I can spend my time in traffic on my way to AUC by enhancing several skills. The solution statement: