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4 v 4 Flag Football Information

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4 v 4 Flag Football Information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4 v 4 Flag Football Information. Rules Differences from 7 v 7 . Start new half, new series after score and OT from 10 yard line. Halves, Running clock until last minute of each half. 3 downs to gain 20 yard line or score. Cannot run the ball past line of scrimmage ever!

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rules differences from 7 v 7
Rules Differences from 7 v 7

Start new half, new series after score and OT from 10 yard line

Halves, Running clock until last minute of each half.

3 downs to gain 20 yard line or score

  • Cannot run the ball past line of scrimmage ever!
    • Even if you have a completed forward pass behind line you cannot advance it by running

No punting, you have to go for it on 3rd down

rules differences from 7 v 71
Rules Differences from 7 v 7

QB has 7 seconds to release the ball after receiving the snap, defense is still allowed to rush the passer

All penalties enforced the same as 7v7 flag football exception: 5 yard penalties = 3 yards, 10 yard penalties = 5 yards

  • Referee will count out verbally 1, 2, 3, etc.

If referee gets to 7, and pass has not been thrown, loss of down penalty will be awarded from the previous spot

No mercy rule

sportsmanship ratings
Sportsmanship Ratings
  • After each game the referees will rank both teams on sportsmanship
  • 10: perfect sportsmanship no complaining
  • 9: Very good, few complaints
  • 8: Good, some complaints
  • 7: Somewhat good, complaints, 1 unsportsmanlike penalty
  • 6: Poor, 1-2 unsportsmanlike penalty(ies), many complaints, highest rating with ejected player
  • 5: Poor, 1-2 unsportsmanlike penalty(ies), many complaints
  • 4: Very Poor,2 unsportsmanlike penalties, consistent complaining
  • 3: Very Poor, 2 unsportsmanlike penalties, consistent complaining
  • 1-2: Unacceptable, 2 unsportsmanlike penalties, will have to meet with Intramural Staff
  • 0: 3 unsportsmanlike penalties, forfeit
eligibility policies
Eligibility Policies

Must have an EKU ID or government issued ID to check in for game.

Participants must be eligible to use the F&W Center to participate

1 Men’s Team

1 Women’s Team

1 CoRec Team

equipment procedures
Equipment Procedures

Check out equipment from Intramural Field House

flag football field diagram
Flag Football Field Diagram

Team Zone




Start Point for new series

30 yds

Try for 1



Try for 3

Try for 2

60 yds

player equipment
Player Equipment


No Jewelry is allowed to be worn

Jewelry may not be taped over

Shirts must be tucked in

Metal cleats are not allowed to be worn

Flag Belts should be clipped on NOT TIED!

game length
Game Length
  • During last 1 minute of half clock stops on:
    • Out of bounds
    • Incomplete pass
    • Penalties
    • First downs (Starts on ready for play whistle)
    • Touchdowns (Does not run during PAT attempt)
    • Change of possession

Halves, Running clock until last minute of each half.

2 timeouts per team, per game


Overtime: 3 downs to score from the 10 yd line

  • Teams have even possessions (similar to college OT)
  • 1 timeout per team for all overtimes
  • No game clock, play clock only
  • Do not have to go for 2 beginning in 3rd Overtime
  • Interceptions during overtime are blown dead immediately
first downs
First Downs

To gain a first down the offensive team must cross or be even with the mid field line (20 yd. line) They may do so by passing only, yes you can run after catching a forward pass

You can also gain a first down by a defensive penalty

No punting, you have to go for it on 3rd down

Only 3 Downs to Gain the 20 or score.


Games are played 4 v. 4

Minimum of 3 to Start

All players are eligible to receive passes

Substitutes may enter the game between downs and before the beginning of each half

line of scrimmage
Line of Scrimmage

Offense behind orange puck

Defense behind yellow puck




1 Player in parallel motion at snap.

QB 2 yds from Center

Only the snapper has to be even with the line of scrimmage on the snap

flag guarding
Flag Guarding
  • Player may not place arms or ball around or near flags thus preventing a defender from
  • de-flagging
  • This action includes the normal act of running
  • A “stiff arm” is consider flag guarding
  • Untucked shirts are considered flag guarding
  • Players should run with arms out in front of them instead of down at their sides
  • There are no fumbles so there is no need to protect the ball

Players arm and/or ball is placed on or around his/her flags preventing the defensive player from de-flagging


Blocking must be done in a screen format similar to basketball

Contact is not allowed

Hands should be kept down at the sides or behind the back

Contact will be assessed a penalty based upon the block/charge concept in basketball

Down Field

Blocking is allowed in a screen format

Players may move with the runner but may not deny a defensive player an attempt at pulling the flag with an illegal moving screen (similar to basketball)

the forward pass
The Forward Pass

The QB must receive the snap in shotgun formation at least 2 yds from the center, no snaps are allowed “under center”

The QB may throw the ball to any player provided both his/her feet are behind the offensive line of scrimmage (orange puck)

The QB may not cross the line of scrimmage with the ball in his/her possession

No contact can be made with the QB, including contact with the ball while in the hand of the QB

7 seconds to release the pass


Must catch the ball with at least 1 foot down inbounds and complete control of the ball

If falling to the ground the receiver must control the ball all the way through the contact with the ground

Must catch the ball even with the line of scrimmage or beyond

If they catch the ball behind the line of scrimmage they cannot advance the ball.


Cannot create excessive contact while playing the ball

A simultaneous catch will go to the offense

Deflagging a player prior them catching the ball is pass interference

Must look for the ball, cannot face guard the offensive player, face guarding called when waving hands in face of receiver or placing hands over receiver’s face.


To a score a touchdown the ball must be carried over the goal line or passed into the end zone.

The ball need only break the plane of the goal line to be ruled a touchdown.

A touchdown is worth 6 points in a mens/womens game

point after touchdown
Point After Touchdown




Try for 1



Try for 3

Try for 2

summary of penalties
Summary of Penalties

LOD = Loss of Down

DB = Dead Ball

(E) = Ejection

(F) = Automatic First Down

5 Yard

Illegal Equipment

Illegal Contact

Kick Catch Interference

Two or more consecutive encroachments

Offensive Pass Interference (LOD)

Defensive Pass Interference (F)

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Severe (E)

Batting the Ball from Runner

Roughing the Passer (F)

Flag Guarding

3 Yard

  • Delay of Game (DB)
  • False Start (DB)
  • Req. Equipment Worn Illegally
  • Illegal Motion
  • Illegal Formation
  • Illegal Snap (DB)
  • Illegal Procedure
  • Illegal Substitution
  • Illegal Shift
  • Encroachment (DB)
  • Illegal Forward Pass (LOD)
  • Intentional Grounding (LOD)
  • Advancing the ball with run
things to remember
Things to Remember

Tackling a player is an automatic ejection and a minimum 1 game suspension

It is illegal to push an opponent or create any excessive physical contact

Spiking the ball is prohibited and is an automatic 5 yard penalty

You may dive for a line to gain provided you do not dive into or over an opponent

corec rules
CoRec Rules

4 players on the field for each team

  • 2 guys and 2 girls
  • Female touchdowns (throwing, catching, running) worth 9 points

Open and closed rules apply as normal

Female cannot advance ball past line of scrimmage with run

corec open closed plays
CoRec Open/Closed Plays
  • All new series start with plays being “open”
  • After a male to male completed forward pass the next play is “closed”
  • During a “closed” play there cannot be a forward pass involving a male QB and a male receiver. Penalty: illegal forward pass
  • On a “closed” play there can only be a female run or a forward pass involving a female as QB or receiver
  • The only way to “open” a play is to have a completed forward pass involving a female that creates positive yardage.
  • Open/Closed status also applies to Point After Touchdown tries.
open closed examples
Open/Closed Examples
  • Team A throws a forward pass from a male QB to a male receiver for a touchdown. On the PAT try the play will be “closed”.
  • Team A throws a forward pass from a male QB to male receiver for a first down. The next play is “closed”.
  • The play is closed and there is an accepted defensive pass interference penalty. The next play is still closed.
  • A male catches a forward pass from a male QB and then tosses the ball backward to a female teammate who scores a touchdown. TD = 9 points, PAT try is closed.