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USC Affiliates Code Counter Suite PowerPoint Presentation
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USC Affiliates Code Counter Suite

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USC Affiliates Code Counter Suite - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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USC Affiliates Code Counter Suite. Mathy Pandian - The Aerospace Corporation Lori Vaughan - Northrop Grumman. Agenda. Why Code Counters? Industry Collaboration Roles Code Counter Genesis Acceptance Process Status Diff Tool.

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Presentation Transcript

USC Affiliates

Code Counter Suite

Mathy Pandian - The Aerospace Corporation

Lori Vaughan - Northrop Grumman

  • Why Code Counters?
  • Industry Collaboration Roles
  • Code Counter Genesis
  • Acceptance Process
  • Status
  • Diff Tool

There are many cost related thoughts to manage in our Cost Brains…

  • Organizations
  • Academics
  • Models
  • exist to assist us with this complex construct.

No Duplication Rights

are we logical or physical
Are we Logical or Physical?
  • Two major types of SLOC (Source Line of Code)
    • Physical SLOC
      • Not Language specific
      • A count of line feeds or carriage returns (not blank or comment)
      • A count of "blank lines, comment lines" in the text of the program's source code
    • Logical SLOC
      • Language specific
      • Measures the number of "statements“ dependent on language syntax
      • A count of "blank lines, comment lines" in the text of the program's source code
  • Easier to create tools that measure physical SLOC
  • Logical SLOC measures are not sensitive to irrelevant formatting and style conventions
  • Physical SLOC is sensitive to formatting and style conventions
  • Logical SLOC can often be significantly different from physical SLOC
why industry requires a set of logical code counters
Why Industry Requires a Set of Logical Code Counters
  • Base Measure for key Software Intensive program metrics
    • Trends, Status
      • Example:
        • Software productivity
        • Software defect density

Provide Insight into:

        • Estimate at Complete
        • Are we ready for System Integration and Test?
  • Software Historical Data
    • Normalized, consistent and representative quantification of systems across industry
  • Industry-wide normalized counts
    • Benefit to customer, contractors and teammates for estimation and acquisition insight
  • Size Input for parametric models
    • Basis of COCOMO Tool Suite
  • University of Southern California
    • Dr. Barry Boehm: USC CSE Director
    • Winsor Brown – Mentor and Code Count Advisor
    • Vu Nguyen: Code Count Team Lead & Configuration Manager
    • Harley Green: USC Code Count Support
  • The Aerospace Corporation
    • Marilee Wheaton: Industry Facilitator
    • Mathy Pandian: IV&V and Software Engineer
  • Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
    • Lori Vaughan: Code Count Product Line usage expert


  • Limited public license – Copy Left agreement
    • George Kalb - Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems: 1994 original author
  • USC has been supporting code counters since 1998
  • NRO Cost Group (NCG) and Northrop Grumman Mission Systems donated additional Code Counter tools
  • USC provided students and requested Aerospace to do the IV&V
  • Aerospace approached Northrop Grumman Corporation for project collaboration
  • To incorporate NCG developed ‘Diff Tool’ into the code counter suite
  • To incorporate newly implemented code counters into USC code counter suite
    • NCG: MUL, Perl, SQL
    • Northrop Grumman: VBScript, Visual Basic, Excel, Various Assembler counters (Arm, dsp21020, ppc604, pss, ut69r000)
    • USC:
      • Software Engineering Class: XML
      • Directed Research Class: SQL, JavaScript
acceptance process
Acceptance Process
  • Conduct/participate in many stake holders’ meetings
  • Using ‘Directed Research’ and ‘Software Engineering’ students
    • Hold Change Control Board
    • Define set of IV& V criteria and process
    • Develop scheduling, lesson plans and assignments
    • Participate in many students’ reviews and meetings
    • Perform Testing
    • Document requirements, definitions, test cases, known issues, etc.
  • Publish the validated product to the USC CSE Code Counter website
      • Affiliate website
      • Public website
process status
Process Status
  • Process in place for USC to perform IV&V using students
  • Process in place to document all anomalies and issues identified
  • Defined requirements
  • Set of test cases were developed
  • Requirements Specification, Detail Design, User Manual
  • A link is provided for the users to communicate with USC Code Count team
  • Allocated and assigned a Code Count Team Lead and Configuration Manager
code counters status
Code Counters Status




Today +


Yesterday +



Diff Tool *



Excel **



VBScript **



Visual Basic **



CountSloc Script **



Various ASMs



Code Counter Redesign



* Est. Release Q4 2006

** Est. Release Q2 2007

Last updated in 2003

Last updated in Q2 2006

USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering (CSSE) CodeCount™suite supports many languages

diff tool
Diff Tool
  • Quantification of Reuse code has led NCG to develop Diff concept and tool
  • USC has agreed to adopt NCG diff tool
    • Performing USC Code Count Acceptance Process
  • Captures: New, Deleted, Modified, Swapped lines of code
    • Both Physical and Logical lines of code
    • Interfaces with USC Code Counter
    • More details in NCG presentation
  • Diff Tool Status
    • USC Directed Research IV&V in progress
  • USC Code Count Product Line being maintained and enhanced with industry collaborative efforts
  • Questions

CodeCount ™ (CoCo) Suite is at the center of all COCOMO products