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THE CATHOLIC ANSWER GAME Created by Ronald J. Evans, SFO PowerPoint Presentation
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THE CATHOLIC ANSWER GAME Created by Ronald J. Evans, SFO

THE CATHOLIC ANSWER GAME Created by Ronald J. Evans, SFO

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THE CATHOLIC ANSWER GAME Created by Ronald J. Evans, SFO

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  1. THE CATHOLIC ANSWER GAME Created by Ronald J. Evans, SFO A series of games for families, elementary, middle and, high school, adult education, RCIA, Sacramental preparation, that both teaches and reinforces the teachings found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Scripture and Apostolic Tradition. The source for the questions and answers come from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Bible, Apostolic Tradition and other Catholic religious materials.


  3. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR FAITH? # 1 The questions and answers in this game come the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture and other Catholic religious source material. This game and others games like it are an excellent source for use in reinforcing Catholic formation at home for parents, to teach their children about our Catholic Faith and what it means to be a Catholic; in grade school, high school, RCIA, adult education, and sacramental preparation.

  4. A.M.D.GALL FOR THE HONOR AND GLORY OF GOD Before we begin our game let us pray: Dear Father in heaven we thank you for sending your beloved Son Jesus to teach us your will and for offering up his life on the cross for our sins. As we play this game please send you Holy Spirit upon us to open our hearts and minds to understand what you desire us to know so that we may grow in our knowledge, love and service to you and to follow Jesus command: “Go forth and spread the good news.” We ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

  5. THE APOSTLE’S CREED GAME TWO HOW TO PLAY • 1. The purpose of this game is to review your knowledge of what you as a Catholic should know and believe about your Catholic Faith. • 2. The number of points for each question is found in the category box. (Slide 6) • 3. In slide 6 click on the points you want to answer, i.e.: column 1, 10 points • 4. Slide 9 will appear with the question . After the question has been answered verbally, click the picture in the lower right corner and the next slide 10 with the answer will appear. • Click on the picture in the answer slide and the points slide number 6 will reappear (BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE NUMBER IN THE COLUMN BOX • OTHER WISE YOU WILL RETURN TO SLIDE 7) • 7. Continue to follow steps above to continue game.


  7. Q 10 Who are you, first, last and always?

  8. A 10 A child of God, Gods creation

  9. Q 20 Do you belong to yourself? (_) yes (__) no (in other words does your body & soul belong to you?)

  10. A 20 NO

  11. Q 30 Who owns you or who's property are you?

  12. A 30 • God, He created you – in his image and likeness

  13. Q 40 Since God created you what does God expect of you?

  14. A 40 • To do his will

  15. Q 50 What is sin?

  16. A 50 An offense against God

  17. Q10 Why do we sin?

  18. A 10 Because we have a tendency toward sin as a result of the original sin, also the world, our flesh and the devil. We don’t have to sin, we have a free will

  19. Q 20 Is it okay to sin?

  20. A 20 NO

  21. Q 30 Does committing a sin make us an evil person?

  22. A 30 • no – if we commit venial sins we are still in God’s graces, and our weakness often cause us to fall in to sin. However if we continue to commit serious sin, and have no sorrow for our sins we can be evil. If we stay close to God we will never be evil, we will do evil things, (sin) but we will always turn back to God

  23. Q 40 What are the effects of sin?

  24. A 40 Misery, for all – ourselves, others, when we sin we turn away from God. All sin, both mortal and venial cause a gap between us and God

  25. Q 50 If we commit a sinful act, or have sinful thoughts and no one knows does it affect anyone?

  26. A 50 yes – ourselves because we have distanced ourselves from God.

  27. Q10 Are some sins more serious and dangerous than others are

  28. A 10 YES

  29. Q20 If some sins are more serious (i.e.: murder, rape, violent crimes) than others, than sins that are not grave/serious (i.e.: lying, disobedience, shop lifting, cheating) are no big deal?

  30. A 20 YES

  31. Q 30 Can we sin without knowing it?

  32. A 30 NO

  33. Q 40 Can we do evil without knowing it?

  34. A 40 YES

  35. Q 50 What kind of pleasure does sin give a person?

  36. A 50 Temporary Pleasure

  37. Q 10 When you sin do you enjoy the deed(s) you committing (____) yes (____) no

  38. A 10 yes – we would not commit it if it didn’t give us some sort of satisfaction

  39. Q 20 What does it mean to say something or someone is "evil"?

  40. A 20 That they seriously harm themselves and others by their words, actions and deeds on a continuing basis. They flaunt God’s laws of love.

  41. Q 30 When we sin are we doing something evil?

  42. A 30 yes – all sin is evil to varying degrees

  43. Q 40 Are all sins evil deed(s)?

  44. A 40 yes – anything we do that against God’s will is evil

  45. Q 50 When we sin are we evil?


  47. Q 10 Are there evil people in the world?

  48. A 10 • . yes – look around at people who hate and cause others to suffer greatly

  49. Q 20 How do we give our approval to the evil in the world?

  50. A 20 By our compliancy, we don’t try in someway to stop the evil. We watch evil, we read evil, we see other suffer through evil deeds and we do nothing. Buying pornography or magazines that degrade others, we give our approval to the evil