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How to use PowerPoint 2007

How to use PowerPoint 2007. Windows. Mac. By Merle A. Branner. Open PowerPoint. Windows 7 Logo. PowerPoint Logo . New Blank Document. Insert Background. Save Your Document . Office Logo. Save As Dialogue Box. Create Additional Slides. Insert A Picture. Format > Add Borders.

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How to use PowerPoint 2007

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  1. How to use PowerPoint 2007 Windows Mac By Merle A. Branner

  2. Open PowerPoint Windows 7 Logo PowerPoint Logo New Blank Document

  3. Insert Background

  4. Save Your Document Office Logo Save As Dialogue Box

  5. Create Additional Slides

  6. Insert A Picture

  7. Format > Add Borders

  8. Insert Text Text Box

  9. Insert Video File

  10. Insert Video File

  11. Insert Audio File

  12. Place in Animation

  13. Create Handouts

  14. Play Slide Show Click to Play Slide Show

  15. Goals of a Good Presentation • Not too Wordy • One Clean Font That is Easy to Read • Good Visuals • Good Page Layout • Balance Positive & Negative Space • Good Delivery- Well Paced • Good Tone in Your Voice • Engage The Audience • Do Not Make It Too Long

  16. Remember the Help Menu if you have questions when you are working on your own. I hope this was helpful.

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