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Corporate Card Helpdesk Customer Satisfaction Survey PowerPoint Presentation
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Corporate Card Helpdesk Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Corporate Card Helpdesk Customer Satisfaction Survey
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Corporate Card Helpdesk Customer Satisfaction Survey

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  1. Corporate Card HelpdeskCustomer Satisfaction Survey 2005 Feedback Results

  2. Executive Summary • The aim of the customer satisfaction survey was to gain insight into the level of service provided by the Corporate Card Helpdesk and associated support systems, Of the 1,200 Corporate Card users, 238 of the users completed the survey • Overall, the feedback was promising, where 95.8% of the responses rated overall satisfaction with the Corporate Card Helpdesk between “moderate” to “excellent”, with 40% of the responses rating it “excellent” • Almost 90% of the survey participants are overall happy with the idea of using a Corporate Card • Feedback on areas of improvement includes the introduction of an ongoing online training module to assist in the use of the Corporate Card, especially for travel requisitions • Appropriate action plans have been identified to address the above and additional concerns

  3. Table of Results * Rating: 1=Poor; 4=Moderate; 7=Excellent

  4. Table of Results (continued) * Rating: 1=Poor; 4=Moderate; 7=Excellent

  5. Part 1 Q1. How would you rate the professionalism of the Corporate Card Helpdesk staff? Q2. How friendly and responsive is the Corporate Card Helpdesk in answering queries? Q3. Please indicate your view of Corporate Card Helpdesk staff proficiency at Spendvision. Q8. How would you rate the relevance and effectiveness of the training provided? Q9. Overall, how satisfied are you with the service that the Corporate Card Helpdesk provides?

  6. Part 2 Q1. How useful is the online documentation and online support in promoting self-service? Q2. What is your rating of the expense management system Spendvision to monitor expenses? Q4. Rate the value that the Corporate Card system has brought to the functional and operational aspects of your business unit.

  7. Service Efficiency

  8. Suggested Areas of Improvement • No. of Responses • Either completely satisfied or no suggestions for improvement 32 • Spendvision should be more user-friendly 11 • Improve training process (e.g.. should be concise and ongoing) 9 • Concise explanations on how to use the Corporate Card for travel requisitions 9 • More information on what codes to use 5 • Staff are great, but should hire more staff to meet the high volume of queries 4 • Inform people that Helpdesk exists 3 • A FAQs page 2 • Other suggestions 29 • No response 134

  9. Additional Comments • No. of Responses • Corporate Card is efficient and Helpdesk staff very helpful 35 • Corporate Card is complex and increases the workload 34 • Not enough use of Corporate Card and Helpdesk to comment 12 • Lack of information on statements and delay in the loading of transaction details 6 • Other comments 19 • No response 132

  10. Next: Q1 2006 Action Plan • Introduction of an online training module that is concise and easy to use, including that for travel requisitions • Enhance communication by creating a FAQs page and reiterating to users the presence of the Helpdesk • Promote planned Spendvision upgrade and highlight core improvement functionality to users • Communicate results of survey to Spendvision community to demonstrate proactive approach to user feedback • Develop dedicated section of new FSD website to be one-stop shop information portal for training materials, FAQs etc • Analyse the capacity of current Helpdesk resources