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  1. ABBOTSFORD Family Medicine Program

  2. What makes a GREAT residency? The people you work with!

  3. Our People Site Director: Holden Chow • Family Doctor • Married, with 2 boys • Cyclist • Musician “I love our residents. They become our family. We love seeing them mature as people and physicians.” Elan Kai

  4. Our People Coordinator: Nancy • Used to work in the film industry • Now takes care of the world’s best actors: residents • The Maker of Schedules • The Grantor of Vacations • The Collector of Forms • The shoulder to lean on...

  5. Our People – a Family Album • Dr. Bernie Schopf • Gen surg, most likely to be found with feet up playing video games • Maureen • Collector and distributor of Evals • Dr. Elizabeth Watt • Youth clinic, prison med, distributor of chocolates • Dr. Reg Peters • ER, Sports med, most likely to let you do random injections.... • Dr. Andrew Park • ER and EBM medicine, most likely to teach you how to insert chest tube... • Dr. Husband • Behaviour medicine, best smile award!

  6. Our Family Docs • Full service FP’s with busy practices, lives & families • Some with new kids, some with teenagers & horses • Black belts, mountain bikers, skiers/boarders, photographers, national board members, hockey fans, great golfers, terrible golfers, tech geeks, avid travellers… • and ALL are dedicated to you becoming a great family physician! Dr. Vaish And Dr. Chow at our year-end bowling party!

  7. Our Resident Family Beth • Locally raised • Wellness rep • Knows all the best hikes around • Recently married!!! Christina • Social Media queen • Finder of cool cultural events • AHD coordinator • Owns a hedgehog! Gina • Fitness expert – least likely to need solar vinyl weight loss suit • Owner of adorable new cat • Runs Journal Club John • Our Tech Guru • Father to the most adorable baby girl • “I’ll design an app for that”

  8. Our Resident Family Kennedy • Raised out East and made the optimal choice to try West coast living • Can get the fastest answers to all your pharma Q’s • Our community liaison Raj • Locally grown • Often found offering interpretation services on the wards • Our resident advocate Shannon • Our resident Newfie • Always has a smile and a good story • Many frequent flyer points • Social rep extraordinaire

  9. Our Resident Family JESSE: our Resident advocate • Co-chief • Local (half) iron athlete • Currently doing elective in ER in South Africa! • R3 in emergency next year Iris: our Asian Betty Crocker • Recently did international elective in China • Study group/dinner club coordinator Maninder: our Disaster Master • Co-chief • Tennis star • Aspiring pilot

  10. Our Resident Family Shahana: our Human Petri Dish • Does important things and wins awards • TCBS Sandeep: our Canucks Fan • Locally raised • Lives on a berry farm but hasn’t brought us berries

  11. Our talented alumni • Oliver (Class 2011) – R3 in Sports Medicine • John (Class 2011) – fellowship in Addictions Medicine • Martha (Class 2011) – works in our ER after doing R3 in Emerg! • James (Class 2011) – Working in emergency and family practice clinic in Abbotsford and Mission • Leslie (Class 2012) – works in same clinic as Dr Chow • Kara (Class 2012) – works as part of Abby Maternity Group • Jon and Richard (Class 2012) – currently doing R3s in ER • Jenny (Class 2012) – working around the lower mainland

  12. Living In Abbotsford

  13. About Abbotsford • Population: 150,000 • In the Fraser Valley • 70km east of Vancouver • Multicultural community

  14. Our Location • Driving Distance • 1 hour from Vancouver • 3km from the US border • 2.5 hour drive to Seattle • 3 hours to Whistler • International Airport (YXX) • 1.5 hours to Calgary • 3 hours to Vegas

  15. For Practical Purposes • 40 minutes to Ikea • 1.5 hours from UBC • 1.5 hours to Seattle Premium Outlet Mall Easy access to lovely places to take your family photos!

  16. What is it like to live here? Best of both worlds! • Close to the city • Closer to the mountains • MINIMAL TRAFFIC Reasonable cost of living • ~$850/month for a new 1 bedroom apartment • Hospital gym membership for $20/month • Includes Zumba and other fitness classes!

  17. What is it like to live here? INCREDIBLE landscape! • Green grass year round • Gorgeous views of the mountains • Many outdoor hiking and biking trails

  18. Things to do • A-Z sports • Brand new sports center (Abbotsford Recreation Center) • Movie theatre with Toonie Tuesday and new Cineplex theatre with VIP Cinema • Tons of community activities: • Abbotsford Connect • Run for Water • Abbotsford Air Show • Summer Agrifair • Abbotsford Entertainment Center … AND MORE!!!

  19. ABBOTSFORD The Hospital

  20. Abbotsford Regional Hospital & Cancer Center • Opened in 2008 • State of the art Tertiary Care Facility • 60,000 sq. meters • 300 beds • General surgery, nuclear medicine, renal dialysis, specialized obstetrics and nursery care, pediatric services and much, much more! • STARBUCKS 

  21. ABBOTSFORD The Program

  22. Program History • Short but proud history • 2 graduated cohorts – all passed licensing exams in 2012 and 2013 • A growing, involved faculty • Year 1: 83 GPs and specialists were involved in teaching • Year 2: just over 100 GP’s and specialists now involved in teaching • Years 3 & 4: Continuing to have more and more GP and specialist involvement

  23. Our Goals • We want you to have fun, enjoy life,and enjoy medicine! • Make life long friendships and relationships • Be part of a medical community

  24. Our Goals • New MDs who love family practice • Not afraid of full service, responsibility, commitment, office or hospital • Have the skills to take care of all ages • Have the skills to be future leaders • To create the BEST training program in the country! Dr. J demonstrating advocacy and piloting in our resident lounge

  25. Program Structure 1. FAMILY PRACTICE OFFICE • This is where you will become one of the staff, develop a cohort of patients, and establish your professional home • Each resident associated with a primary preceptor; all first year residents are at different clinics • When on family medicine block, work with that preceptor or another doc from their clinic

  26. Program Structure HORIZONTAL PROGRAM • 1 to 2 half days back in the Clinic • Keeps you grounded in Family Practice • Continuity of care – can book follow ups on days you will be back • Preceptor gets to know you and see your skills grow…

  27. …And sometimes, they let you practice on them too....

  28. Program Structure 2. ROTATIONS • Rotations are created to give you what you need in family practice • Emphasis on Education vs. Service • Plenty of volume, and you are only resident on so can choose your cases • All Residents START in Family Practice for the first month

  29. First Year Core Rotations OBSTETRICS! • Even residents who have come in with NO interest in Obstetrics have come out not only competent but would actually consider this is part of their future • Over 2000 deliveries per year • NO competing residents!

  30. First Year Core Rotations EMERGENCY! • Very busy ER where you are the only resident • Tons of hands on experience! • ER also is the interface of a lot of other rotations - so your experience doesn’t stop once your rotation is over • All ER Physicians are CCFP EM’s

  31. First Year Core Rotations PEDIATRICS! • Includes 2 weeks of NCN at BC Women’s Hospital • 3 weeks of Pediatric Ward • 3 weeks of Outpatient • Weekly Youth Clinic • Peds Call is only in ER • Designed to maximize exposure to sick kids

  32. First Year Core Rotations SURGERY! • Well you didn’t choose FP to be a surgeon but… • You will learn procedural skills • FP relevant surgical exposure such as the Lumps and Bumps clinic, Breast Health Clinic, Wound Care

  33. First Year Core Rotations INTERNAL MEDICINE! • 2 weeks CCU • 2 weeks Nephrology • 4 weeks of Ward Consults ONLY (No CTU!) • Dr. Min • Giant Internal Brain, Unknown how all that info fits in his head. Will teach you more than you ever want to know 

  34. First Year Core Rotations OTHER ROTATIONS: • Ortho / Sports Med! • Palliative Care • Family Practice Block Time • Vacations

  35. Second Year Overview • Family Practice Office • 4 weeks of Mental Health (including Addictions) • 2 Months Rural Family Practice • 2 weeks of Surgical Subspecialties • 2 weeks of Geriatrics • 2 weeks of Refresher Gyne • Electives

  36. And do all this and have time to hang out with kids :D

  37. Program Structure • You will meet the requirements of CCFP • 1 month of vacation per year, taken as 1-2 week blocks • Includes weekend before and after the week off • 3 months of electives - all in 2nd year 2012 graduation party!

  38. Being on Call • There will be on-call requirements with hospital based call • Most rotations: in house until 9-11pm, with no post-call day • Frequency : Usually 1 in 4

  39. Being on Call • First Year • Rotation Call • Hospital Call during Family Practice • Second Year • Hospital Call during Family Practice AND • Choose Your Own Adventure Call • eg. Youth Clinic, Fast Track, Sexual Assault Service

  40. Academic Core Curriculum • Thursday Academic Half Day • Specialist, family practice teaching • Weekly resident case presentation and discussion • Weekly “Therapeutics”, “Whipper Snappers” • Mock Code sessions • Monthly ECG rounds • Procedural days (airway management, complex suturing etc.) • Conference and Retreats • Monthly Journal Club • Behavioural Medicine

  41. Flexibility and Feedback • We are a new program • We are prepared to change and accommodate according to your feedback Dr. J tirelessly soliciting feedback from us whilst defending his foosball championship title

  42. Why Choose Abbotsford? • Completing residency in a community hospital will give you a strong foundation to practice anywhere • No competing residents • Program flexibility - common goal is to provide a useful educational experience • Less structure than you’re probably used to in medical school - tailor the program to areas you want/need experience in • Minimal overnight call BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY…

  43. We love our residents!

  44. We hope you come join us! Any questions?