A webquest adventure
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Funky Farming Then and Now. A Webquest Adventure. Home Page. Introduction Task Process Farm Stories Machinery Crops Communication Family Roles Evaluation. HOME. Introduction. Imagine your great-grandparents were pioneers in the early 1900’s.

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A webquest adventure

Funky Farming

Then and Now

A Webquest Adventure

A webquest adventure

Home Page

  • Introduction

  • Task

  • Process

    • Farm Stories

    • Machinery

    • Crops

    • Communication

    • Family Roles

  • Evaluation


A webquest adventure


Imagine your great-grandparents were pioneers in the early 1900’s.

Through your discussions with your great-grandparents, you learned about their life during that time.

You are going to compare life on a farm today with the life your great-grandparents experienced back then.


A webquest adventure


In this WebQuest, you will first take a look at life on a Saskatchewan farm in the present day.

You will then discover what the daily life of a farm family used to be like.

After researching the different areas of living, you will then compare these areas to present day farming in Saskatchewan.


A webquest adventure


To complete your farming adventure, you will compare these five areas:

  • Farming Stories

  • Machinery

  • Crops

  • Communication

  • Family Roles


A webquest adventure

Farm Stories

Step #1:

  • Listen to an interview with Helen, who lived on a farm from 1929-1959.

    Farm Podcasts

  • Read the following story about life in pioneer times. Remember to click on any underlined words. You must click on the 1900’s.

    Pioneer Story

    3. Finally, we will be participating in a blog with another classroom in rural Saskatchewan. This internet tool will allow us to ask questions and have conversations with students who are living on a farm today.

    Farms Then and Now Blog


A webquest adventure


1. Research the different kinds of machines and tools used on farms in the present day and the past.

Present Machinery

Past Machinery

2. Use the worksheet to compare machines used on present day farms and those used on pioneer farms.

Worksheet #1


A webquest adventure


  • Read the following site about crops on farms to find out about the kinds of crops and how they are used.

    Crops in Saskatchewan

  • Complete the graphic organizer on your worksheet.

    Worksheet #2


A webquest adventure


  • Go to the following site. Click on the words “Transportation and Communication”.

    Saskatchewan Settlement

    2. View the pictures for each section and read the captions.

  • Trails, Carts, Wagons

  • Telegraph

  • Newspapers

  • Postal Service

  • Telephone

  • Compare the types of communication then and now using the worksheet given.

    Worksheet #3


A webquest adventure

Family Roles

  • Read this chart to find out about the roles of pioneer farm families.

    Farm Family Roles

  • Choose one family member and use the worksheet to list their roles on a farm then compared to now.

    Worksheet #4


A webquest adventure


  • To end your farming adventure, think about what you have learned.

  • Complete your task evaluation and self-reflection sheets.

    Evaluation Sheet