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FIELD PRACTICUM. Summer Block Fieldwork Placement 2012 BRIEFING FOR STUDENTS April 21, 2012. Meeting Schedule. FIELDWORK MODULES. Summer Block Placement SOWK 3001 BSWFT2 – 400 hours SOWK 6251 MSWFT1 – 450 hours. Summer Block Placement Duration. Duration:

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field practicum


Summer Block

Fieldwork Placement 2012


April 21, 2012

fieldwork modules
  • Summer Block Placement

SOWK 3001 BSWFT2 – 400 hours

SOWK 6251 MSWFT1 – 450 hours

summer block placement duration
Summer Block Placement Duration
  • Duration:

Jun 4 to Aug 10, 2012, 10 weeks

(local and overseas)

* Some adjustment with the schedule and period can be flexibly arranged with allowance of one week’s time subject to the consent of fieldwork and agency supervisors

the importance of fieldwork
The Importance of Fieldwork
  • An integral part of social work education with the emphasis on “ Learning through doing”;
  • Student works in a social work agency under the guidance of fieldwork supervisor as to incorporate theoretical knowledge into social work practice;
  • Student is expected to experience the real work setting, understand agency culture and requirement, to gain the practice wisdom from supervisor and agency staffs ;
  • An important process to train up a competent and independent social worker.
fieldwork objectives
Fieldwork Objectives

Students are given opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate social work principles, values in actions and attitudes;
  • Practice theories and models and develop skills;
  • Enhance self-understanding, maximize potentials and own capacity
  • Develop own style of work within the bounds of professional practice and development
learning activities
Learning Activities
  • Pre-placement orientation workshops
  • Orientation visits, community search and field visits
  • Library and literature study
  • Proposal and reports writing
  • Self-reflective logs
  • One-to-one weekly fieldwork supervision, live supervision (A-V tapes are welcome) and group supervision
  • Mid-term & final evaluation review
  • Mid-term sharing sessions
  • Training workshops
  • Agency meetings, staff development programs
roles and responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible to Agency/Clients:

  • “Student social worker” (實習社工)
  • Comply with agency policy, admin. procedures, office disciplines and proper documentation
  • Obtain approval before proceeding
  • Professional image, behaviors, appearance and dress code
  • Ensure confidentiality, privacy and code of ethnics (The record files should be stored in designated password protected electronic storage devices, revised Form A05, require to sign before fieldwork supervisor
  • Active participation and engagement
roles and responsibilities1
Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible to Supervisor/HKU

  • Agreement on learning goals
  • Responsible, active and reflective learner
  • Cooperative and mutual support
  • Paper submission on time
  • Well prepare for supervision
  • Open to share and question

A) Direct Services Guideline

  • Case only : at least 5
  • Cases + group/project : 2-3 cases + 1 group +1 programme
  • Group only : at least 2
  • Group, project and programme :1 group + 1 project + 1 programme
  • Community work project : 1-2

* The above is for reference only

* Workload will be decided by fieldwork supervisor and should match with agency expectation

* Each student should be in charge of at least 1 task


B) Written Work

  • Casework : Intake/Transfer/Termination Summary, Case recording (including process recordings)
  • Group work : Group proposal, Session plan, Session recording, Final Evaluation Report
  • Project/Programme : Project/Progrmme Proposal, Ongoing Process record, Evaluation report
  • Self-reflective Logs
  • Orientation Report, Learning Contract
  • Mid-placement and final evaluation report

* Exact workload and requirement will be decided by the respective fieldwork supervisor subject to student’s learning pace, but must fulfill both HKU and Agency requirements

working hours
Working Hours
  • Should follow the agreement made among the agency, fieldwork supervisor and student
  • Should consider the first benefits of service recipients and the agency than the student
  • Should try to fix the schedule on regular basis
  • 8 hours’ placement can entitle one hour lunch / dinner break
  • 3 sessions full day duties not allowed except some discretions
  • Orientation programs and sharing programs with approval can be counted as placement hours
leave entitlement
Leave Entitlement
  • Public holidays (no entitlement, have to make up)
  • Overtime duties with supervisor’s approval can be compensated but should not be accumulated (no more than one day on each claim)
  • Need to make up the missing hours on sick leave
  • Medical certificate for sick leave is required for two consecutive days
  • Discretion will be given to supervisor to manage the make up in following the rules of HKSWRB
  • A-15 Guideline on Placement Hours Calculation
assessment criteria form a10 under review will use new form in this block placement
Assessment Criteria (Form A10, under review, will use new form in this block placement)
  • Professional requirements

- work attitude

- learning attitude

- professional development

  • Organizational requirements

- understand agency & service

- role performance & accountability

assessment criteria
Assessment Criteria
  • Practice competence

- theoretical knowledge application

- communication & relationship skills

- Problem identification & assessment

- Goal setting and contracting

- Planning, implementation and monitoring

- Skills in facilitating change

- Evaluation and termination

  • Written Assignment and Use of supervision (new item under review)
evaluation reports
Evaluation Reports
  • Mid-evaluation Form (A07)
  • Student’s Review (Form A08)
  • Agency Feedback Form (A09)
  • Final Evaluation Report (A10)
  • Student Feedback on Placement (A11)
  • Placement Hours Record Form (for part time students only (C01)
  • Travelling Expenses Claim Form (for full time students (C02)
  • Training Record Form (C05) (optional)
assessment evaluation
Assessment & Evaluation
  • On-going process evaluation
  • Keep record of any verbal / written warnings
  • Report to the coordinator (mid-term) on the early detection of failure cases
  • Keep all written work and comments in soft-copy
  • Students have to keep all hardcopies with anonymity for 3 months after placement ends
  • No need to hand in assignments to the Dept. except upon special request by internal/external examiners
  • Students have to declare proper handling of client’s data and information
grading system
Grading System
  • The grade given by the fieldwork supervisor is a RECOMMENDED MARK, reviewed by internal examiners and endorsed by BOE
  • “C” is the passing grade for MSW and “D” for BSW
  • A student who fails in a placement is required to re-take the placement
  • If he/she fails twice, then resulted with discontinuation
situations leading to failure
Situations Leading to Failure
  • Displays behaviors that damage to clients and agency
  • Recurrent series of irresponsible and/or inappropriate behaviors with no sign of improvement
  • Fails to hand in written assignments as required (24 hrs. before supervision and 2 weeks after placement ends)
special case handling and warning
Special Case Handling and Warning
  • Students should actively reflect own feelings and constraints with fieldwork supervisor and be open to accept advice
  • Students are encouraged to bring their difficulties to the attention of Deputy and/or Director of Field Instruction as early as possible
  • All verbal and written warnings should be documented to support those failure cases
appeal procedures
Appeal Procedures
  • Formal appeal to the Faculty - only for failure case or suspected marks calculation mistakes
  • Students may appeal to DDFI for a review before submitting marks to the Faculty, the request should be made within a week’s time after the evaluation
  • Appeal panel will be set up to review all written assignments and reports
  • Concerned personnel and the agency staff will be consulted
  • Final decision will be made by the Department’s appeal panel
orientation programs
Orientation Programs
  • Pre-placement training for all Students on May 19, 2012 at 9:30a.m.- 12:30p.m.
  • SWD Orientation Program on June 1, 2012 (SWD settings only)
  • The HK Federation of Youth Groups Orientation Program on May 14, 2012 (6 related students only)
  • Other orientation visits arranged by the agency and/or initiated by students or setting coordinators

* Please liaise actively with your fieldwork supervisor on the proper arrangement of orientation programs

good preparation for fieldwork placement
Good Preparation for Fieldwork Placement
  • Psychologically and Physically well prepared for the workloads of placement
  • Better to equip the knowledge and skills of the matched placement settings within this month
  • Good time management
  • Seek advice from teachers and previous students about the survival tips during placement
Knowledge and skills are vehicles…..

But the fuel is “PASSION”!

concurrent placement preference
Concurrent Placement Preference
  • Last deadline for changing preference choice through PMS on or before May 19, 2012
  • Should consult fieldwork supervisors /teachers views on your choice of next concurrent placement
  • Be cautious about your district preference and the setting requirement
concurrent placement
Concurrent Placement
  • Duration:

24 Sep 2012 to 15 Mar 2013 (BSW)

24 Sep 2012 to 5 Apr 2013 (MSW)

  • Concurrent Placement Briefing

Tentative Schedule on the afternoon session of 15, Sept 2012 (Sat)

enquiry and consultation
Enquiry and Consultation
  • Placement Website:

  • Placement Setting Coordinators

(Refer to List of Settings & Coordinators)

  • Skills Lab / Skills Training / PBL / other course work teachers / Classmates / Parents ……
central enquiry special request
Central Enquiry & Special Request

Contact Person:

Mrs. Eltha Wong (Deputy Director of Field Instruction)

( (2241-5549) (KKL1319)

Dr. Debbie Lam (Director of Field Instruction)

( (2859-2082) (KKL1312)

Mrs. Anna Lau (Secretary) (2859-2075) (KKL1304)

Fieldwork Placement Handbook and Forms