the life of taylor hershey n.
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The Life of Taylor Hershey PowerPoint Presentation
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The Life of Taylor Hershey

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The Life of Taylor Hershey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Life of Taylor Hershey. My background….

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The Life of Taylor Hershey

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    1. The Life of Taylor Hershey

    2. My background… I grew up in Lancaster County my whole life. I graduated from Lampeter- Strasburg which is the school I attended K-12. As pictured in the next slide I have an older sister Monica who is 23 and a brother Regan who is 17. My parents are Dale and Deb Hershey. I attend church at Willow Street Mennonite and have gone there almost my whole life. Throughout high school and middle school I was an active member in the youth group at my church. I love traveling and taking part in Missions Trips. In high school I took part in missions trips to Haiti, New York, The Dominican Republic, and Brazil!

    3. My Family (left-right) Tyler (my sister’s boyfriend), Monica, Regan, Mom, and Dad

    4. An entertaining physical therapy video that is sure to make you laugh! (JUST CLICK THE LINK) $PT UMass Lowell 2013 (parody of Ke$ha: TikTok) - YouTube

    5. My pets I have 2 pets, soon to be 3! I have a Golden Retriever, Mia and a cat, Taffy. In 2 weeks we will be bringing home a Golden Retriever puppy which will give us 3 pets. I am so excited for the new addition!

    6. The End