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“Ecovillage“ Communities for Maui County

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“Ecovillage“ Communities for Maui County - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Ecovillage“ Communities for Maui County . A creation of a new zoning category called ecovillage zoning . As an island we are in a unique place. Our environment is our economic base, our source of life and we want to protect it. Sustainable Living in Hawaii’s past.

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ecovillage communities for maui county

“Ecovillage“ Communities for Maui County

A creation of a new zoning category called ecovillage zoning

as an island we are in a unique place
As an island we are in a unique place

Our environment is our economic base, our source of life and we want to protect it

sustainable living in hawaii s past
Sustainable Living in Hawaii’s past
  • Ahupua’a were once ecologically sustainable communities from mountain to ocean with communal land ownership and a sharing subsistence economy
benefits of ecovillages
Benefits of Ecovillages

Well designed clustered housing with open space

Natural & regenerative building materials

Affordable tenure in perpetuity

Diversified agriculture

Encourages cooperation and mutual support

Common facilities reduce ecological footprint

Sustainable transportation

Renewable energy and alternative waste management

Decentralized governance and empowered citizenry

living machine wastewater treatment
“Living Machine: Wastewater Treatment

“Living Machine”

Wastewater Treatment

for 600 people


Movement Influences

Peace &







Ecovillages (1960s-now)

Global Ecovillage Network (1995)

our vision




-Balanced; local resources; little waste; water

Energy self-sufficiency

People Skills


Canada – Roots of Empathy;

Children/Youth -- Challenge Day;

Peaceful touch;

Non-violence Communication



Laughter Yoga

Cuddle Parties

Council of Inter-Eco Elders

Sharing – all kinds


Peripheral roads

Consolidated parking

Alternative transportation

Pedestrian friendly

Bike friendly

Pet and children friendly

Elderly friendly

Elder cohousing

Stores within walking distance

Community centers

Medical offices


Parks with play grounds in safe pedestrian friendly locations, with benches and shade

Tot parks

Recreational areas and sports centers that serve the people with in an easily reachable distance.

The Hawaiian Islands become a model for sustainable lifestyle for the world that visitors will come to know and love

Our Vision
models of ecovillages
Arcosanti community,

AZ; Auroville, India;

The Farm, Tennessee;

Lost Valley, Oregon;

Models of Ecovillages
  • Twin Oaks, VA;
  • Village Homes, Davis, CA;
  • Zapatista villages, Mexico

Our United Resource Ecovillage, Vancouver Island, WA

urban ecovillages eco neighborhoods ecohoods ecocities
Urban Ecovillages, Eco-Neighborhoods, Ecohoods, Ecocities
ecovillages with zoning
Ecovillages with zoning
  • O.U.R. (Our United Resource) Ecovillage
other ecovillages
Other Ecovillages
what is in ecovillage zoning
What is in Ecovillage Zoning
  • 4 sectors:
    • Woodlands/Wetlands Conservation
    • Agricultural
    • Residential
    • Ecological Education and Infrastructure
obstacles for ecovillages in maui nui
Obstacles for Ecovillages in Maui Nui
  • Lack of ecological education
  • Land zoning and building codes
  • Ineffectively enforced Environmental Impact Statements
  • Democratic deficit, weak social fabric
  • Unaffordable land tenure
  • Ecological education
  • Affordable housing
    • In perpetuity: Community Land Trusts that hold title to ecovillage lands
    • Land owners that donate lands towards affordable housing and rentals
  • Affordable sustainable farming
    • In perpetuity: Community Shared Agriculture Land Trust that holds title to farm lands
  • Possibly modeling after communal agriculture land zoning from other countries: Communal lands, Mexico, India, Russia; and Ejido lands, Mexico; Kingdom of Hawaii’s past communal lands
  • Affordable community gardens
    • In perpetuity: Community Gardens Land Trusts that hold title to garden lands
  • Building codes and land zoning that allow natural building and ecovillage development
how can this be implemented
How can this be implemented?
  • New groups planning sustainable communities
  • Community involvements
  • County Council legislate Ecovillage Zoning
  • Model and incorporate into these youth training programs to build Ecovillages in Maui Nui:;;;

  • A Community Gardens Land Trust be established to purchase land in food insecure neighborhoods
  • State legislate concurrent building codes for legal ecovillage housing:
  • County pay for a person to coordinate full time ecovillage formation meetings similar to Focus Maui Nui effort
  • Village building convergences
how we as a community can gather information for our ecovillage zoning needs
How we as a community can gather information for our ecovillage zoning needs
  • Get input from contributing groups
  • Find examples from other communities
  • Use the experts available locally
  • Join:

focus within ecovillages
Focus within ecovillages
  • Long transition time for learning sustainable lifestyle
  • Reinterpretation of hierarchy and rank
  • Mediators, co-counselors, NVC trainers
  • How to make money: retreats, festivals, events, conferences, forums, workshops, convergences, parties, vacation rentals, train the trainers, produce, plant nursery, various businesses that benefit local community
  • Community comprehension/understanding
  • Decision making processes: consensus, 2/3 majority
we as citizens can rally together to make a vision a reality
We as citizens can rally together to make a vision a reality

The future is ours to make

We are the ones to make a change. We live and work here and are making our island our own.

how hawaii tourism authority can help
How Hawaii Tourism Authority can help
  • Request for Proposals (RFPs) for Ecovillage Tourism and Village Building Convergences
  • Include ecovillages in ecotourism, edutourism, voluntourism marketing
  • Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Ecovillage Tourism:


sources of funding
Sources of Funding
  • USDA
  • Rural Economic Development
organizations and books
Organizations and Books
  • Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC):
  • Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) :
  • Urban Ecovillage Network (UEN) :
  • Transition Towns:;
  • Los Angeles Ecovillage:;
  • Hey Tanks:
  • Institute for Local Self Reliance:
  • New Rules Project:; Home Town Advantage e-news
  • Books: Creating A Life Together; Senior Cohousing; The Cohousing Handbook; Ecovillages: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Communities;; Ecovillage Living: Restoring the Earth and Her People; Ecovillages: New Frontiers for Sustainability; Sustainable Community: Learning from the Cohousing Model; Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves; EcoCities: Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature; Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design With Nature; Creating Sustainable Cities; Design Charrettes for Sustainable Communities; Designing Sustainable Communities: Learning From Village Homes;
  • Newsletters:
visions for communities
Visions for Communities
  • The Self-Reliant Cities:
  • Ecovillage Dream article:
  • An Urban Ecovillage of the Near-Future:
ecovillage education
Ecovillage Education
  • Ecovillage Design Education curriculum

  • BA &MA in Ecosocial Design:
  • Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Living and Learning Centers:
  • Conferences:;;
education in regenerative and natural building
Education in Regenerative and Natural Building
  • Village Building Convergences:;;
  • Natural Building Colloquiums:;;
  • Thank you to Karen Litfin for contributing slides – She is writing a book on the world history of ecovillages: