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  1. Warnings Dealing with Diseases

  2. E~tasc Create a number of different warnings which could be used to make your school community more aware of preventing the spread of disease. Podcast these for a public address on your school’s public address system.

  3. Cover your mouth while sneezing. You should do this because if you don’t you could spread all your germs and get very sick and if it is a serious disease that could say ,kill only babies, you could sneeze on one of your friends and they could go and see their baby cousin, not realizing they have this disease and cough on them and then the baby is in serious strife.

  4. Wash your hands If you don’t wash your hands after you sneeze you can put the nasty germs back into your system or if you touch anybody, give the germs to them then they could eat their food with now germs on their hands, pick the sandwich up’ and eat it. Also always wash your hands before you eat or after you go to the toilet as you don’t know how many germs are on your hands.

  5. Get VaccinationsRing your doctorSee your nurse If you don’t get your needles you could get a disease much worse than you would if you had, had the needle. The vaccination puts a protection around your body. It does not mean you won’t get the disease, it just means that you body can fight against it easier. Say you got the swine flu, you would not get it as bad and maybe not die if you get the needle for it. Hurry time is running out!